Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Mini DAYZ – Survival Game is the miniaturised version of the PC game of a very similar name. DayZ had you trying with all your might to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and guess what? So does Mini DAYZ. The only difference here is that the world is animated via pixel art this time round.

Such pixel art may look distinctly charming but there’s little else pleasant going on here. Mini DAYZ – Survival Game is a harsh game to adapt to.

Fortunately, Gamezebo’s Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies will all do all it can to help you survive a little longer.

Starting Out

Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Plan where you’re going to try to get to. As soon as you start, take a look at your map. Find a nearby town and make your way towards it. A house icon means a small neighborhood is near, while two houses represent a city. Factory icons mean there’s a facility of some sort.
  • Staying in the wilderness is pretty useless. You won’t find any good loot, and you’ll mostly just get pursued by wolves.
  • Found a road? Stay close to it. You can check any abandoned cars along the way, plus all roads are going to lead somewhere, right?
  • The downside to moving towards civilization is there are more zombies around cities, towns, and roads. Listen out for them. They make loud growls when they’ve spotted you.
  • Don’t rush. This is about survival, not rushing to a new island, despite what the game might have you think. Take your time, and plot things out. Be prepared for anything.

Surviving the basics

Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Simply getting hungry can be dangerous. Look out for rice. It’s fairly commonplace and it’ll restore about 80% of your hunger gauge.
  • Other food is worth grabbing but rice is the big one.
  • If you keep your hunger and thirst levels high, you slowly regenerate blood over time, meaning you’ll live longer.

Don’t Fight

Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Running is a far better option than fighting a zombie. Melee combat just isn’t worth it because you can end up bleeding or, worse, infected.
  • Run around obstacles to outwit zombies and even get them stuck. They run in a straight line, no matter what, so use this to your advantage.
  • Ok, so you can fight but only if you have guns. Your accuracy improves if you stay still for a while with a red crosshair indicating a high chance of missing, while green means you should be good to go.


Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Clothes don’t seem like they’d help much in a zombie wasteland but they actually can help significantly.
  • T-shirts can be used as bandages if you rip them up. Bandages stop you bleeding and bleeding is what’s going to kill you fast. Always have a steady stock of bandages.
  • Look out for heavy items of clothing such as jackets. They have more slots which mean you can carry more things. They keep you warm too. Think about it logically, like if this were real life. Mini DAYZ – Survival Game follows quite similar rules.
  • Slots are everything as lack of storage space means you can’t carry much. What you carry can help you drastically.


Mini DAYZ Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You can build your own little makeshift base with some relevant bits and pieces.
  • Build a campfire, along with a fence to keep you safe. All you need is a hatchet or fire axe to chop down trees, before crafting them into something useful.
  • Crafting also enables you to make a backpack via rope and a burlap sack. Expect to find a backpack randomly though. You’ll be pretty unlucky not to.
  • Remember – you can stack a number of the same items into a single slot. That’s a huge help when you’re dealing with multiple bandages or the same type of food.

Don’t rely on perks

  • Perks are great. The Sprinter perk is a massive advantage, boosting your movement speed by 10%. Aim to use your points on that one first.
  • However, perks come very slowly so don’t expect to see many of the different perks particularly fast. It’s a slow old process, this surviving thing.

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