Millionaire City Walkthrough

Millionaire City – Game Introduction

Millionaire City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate that lets players fulfill their dreams of becoming a millionaire in a virtual city. You get to plan what your city is going to look like, strategically place commercial buildings, add decorations and decide what contracts to fulfill to increase your net worth. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Millionaire City.

A Millionaire’s Tool

A businessman’s day is busy and this game makes it easy for you to manage your city. You can use the screenshot below as reference as we go through each element within the interface.

Millionaire City

Your progress bars are all on top, starting with the orange one at the left that indicates what level you are at and how many experience points you still need to reach the next one. Your wealth bars are on the right side. The green bar shows how much liquid you are in terms of millionaire dollars. Beside it is the number of millionaire gold you currently have. Your net worth is indicated in the top middle and if you click on your headquarters, it will show a run down of your company’s value. Take note that everything (your buildings, land, gold and money) is translated into millionaire dollars for you.

Millionaire City

There are five tools that you will be using throughout the game: Multi-Tool, Plots, Shop, Road and Destroy.

To do most of the activities, your multi-tool will be used to collect rent and earnings from your houses and commercial buildings; click through the other tools; and find out more information on your other buildings.

The Plot tool is needed to buy new land for you to build your structures. The Shop tool will let you purchase more buildings, decorations and wonders. The Road tool is self explanatory and good thing it is free so you can use this as much as you like. Lastly, the Destroy tool will remove anything you don’t want to be seen in your city (except your headquarters). As of this writing you can’t move things around so this tool is to be used when you need to organize your city.

Building Houses and Commercial Buildings

It is your goal to build your city from the ground up. Building houses and adding commercial buildings will fuel your business. Go to your shop and choose a house that has been unlocked at your current level. Mousing over each one will indicate how long it will take to build your house and the plot size needed to construct it.

Millionaire City

For commercial buildings, the area of “influence” is added to serve as a guide for you to plan ahead and decide where to build it. It is recommended that you construct it in the middle of an area and leave space around it for houses.

Take note that building each structure will reward you corresponding experience points to help you level up.

Rent out your Real Estate

Your houses need to be rented out to people who would like to stay in your city. Having a variety of houses built will be beneficial in the long run.

There are several contracts available for each house that you can choose from. An image will appear that looks like a contract above your house and this means it is empty and the house is ready to be rented. Clicking on it will open the contracts window.

Millionaire City

Mousing over each contract will show your potential income based on the collection time, experience points you will get after collection and number of tenants. Each contract you sign will cost you dollars as shown on the window. You have the option to cancel a contract if needed at any point, which will refund you 50% of the contract price.

Take note that each house will not have the same unlocked contracts at your current level. For example, the bungalow can accept students and athletes at level 5 but a luxurious townhouse can only do this at level 7 and 8.

During collection time, an image showing dollars will appear at the top of your house. Clicking on it will reward you experience points and the rental income. Remember to come back as soon as possible since these contracts expire at a certain time. Your tenants will leave and you will not get anything if this happens.

Millionaire City

Help Neighbors Upgrade Buildings

Your friends will continuously build their city and you can help them increase their net worth. By visiting them, you have the chance to upgrade 5 buildings a day. Look for houses that are not sparkling and a green star will appear to indicate you’re good to go to upgrade.

Millionaire City

Since houses can only be upgraded once a day, if another friend has upgraded them within 24 hours, you can’t upgrade them further. You have to wait for the opportunity it resets and visit them again. Some of your friend’s houses can’t be upgraded if there is no contract associated with it.

You are rewarded 10 experience points and 100 dollars for every house you upgrade.

City Expansion

You can expand your city and buy more land as you progress through the game. You can expand on each side based on your preference. As you add more expansions, each purchase will increase in price. Buying land is expensive at this point amounting to close to 3 million dollars.

Millionaire City

Advisor Missions

Any businessman needs an advisor to help them run the business. Ronald Goldtooth or Cindy Jewels are available. Click on their picture at the bottom to open up the missions window. Each level will provide you a number of missions to fulfill and will reward you millionaire dollars or gold. Fulfilling them will help in your cash flow.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Millionaire City. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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