Millionaire Boss Walkthrough

Millionaire Boss is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate. It’sthe ultimate game of power and control! You’re the boss and it’s your job to take a small, fledgling business and turn it into a financial empire! Gamezebo’s Millionaire Boss quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to get started and play your best game.

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Millionaire Boss – Game Introduction

Millionaire Boss is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate. It’sthe ultimate game of power and control! You’re the boss and it’s your job to take a small, fledgling business and turn it into a financial empire! Gamezebo’s Millionaire Boss quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to get started and play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Millionaire Boss
  • Millionaire Boss can be played by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  • You will need a current Facebook account in order to play. If you don’t have one you can get one here –
  • You will be prompted to give the developer permission to access your information, email address, and to post messages or notifications on your profile page.
  • The game has a brief tutorial that will show you how to move around the game screen and do a few basic tasks. This guide will explain those issues and many more in greater detail.
  • The game begins with your being fired from LootCo and the storyline builds from this.
  • When the game prompts you, you can change the look of your game avatar. There aren’t very many choices at this time but in order to complete the goal you will have to make a purchase. Be sure to purchase the least expensive item in the store to complete this early task. You will need to save your funds for other items.
  • You will be asked to purchase desks for interns. You can choose from art, law, accounting, business, writing, and programming interns at first and you will be given one science intern but you won’t be able to add one on your own until you reach level eight. Each desk represents the intern you will place there. It is a good idea to keep your office area as efficient and organized as possible. Keep each department together by placing the art interns with the art interns, business with business, and so on.
  • How you place the workers, managers, decor, and perks in your office is critical as how much money you can make and how fast you can upgrade the skill levels of your employees. Be sure to read through the “Optimal Office Layout” section of this guide.
  • Start working on getting your own office and completing goals right away. Do not make any purchases in the first few chapters unless a goal requires it of you. This will save you a lot of stress and money down the line.
  • This game is heavily dependent on neighbor help. You will have a much better game experience if you work on getting neighbors right away. Visit the Digital Chocolate forums and look for new friends there.
Millionaire Boss

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency used in the game.
  • Cash – This is the basic game currency and is used for most tasks. When you are rewarded you are usually given cash. You will start the game with 200,000 dollars.
  • Facebook Credits – This is the secondary game currency used for high end purchases as well as purchasing special advantages such as completing assignments instantly instead of waiting hours or days to complete them. Facebook Credits must be purchased with real currency and are offered in bundles which give you a better deal on cost if you purchase large amounts all at once.
  • Currency indicators – These are located along the top of the game screen. Clicking on these at any time will take you to a screen allowing you to purchase more.
  • How to obtain more currency if you run out – You can purchase additional currency by clicking on the currency indicators at the top of the screen or you can follow a prompt if the game offers one. If you do not wish to purchase additional currency you can participate in the free offers found at the bottom of the coin purchase screen. There are surveys and items you can purchase that will award you with free Facebook Credits.
  • To obtain more currency in the game you can give assignments to your workers, visit neighbors, or sell items back to the store. If you wait a while you should be able to build up enough funds to get back into the game.
  • You can play the game successfully without purchasing Facebook Credits; it will just take longer and you will need to have friends gift and visit you regularly, so focus your attention on getting the most neighbors you can. The best way to do this is to join the Digital Chocolate forum and post in the “Friends Wanted” section. This will allow you to connect with others looking for neighbors who are also very active in the game. You will need to request that this person become your Facebook friend first. After they or you have been accepted, an invitation can be sent from inside the game.
Millionaire Boss

Customizing Your Avatar

  • One of your first goals during the tutorial will involve customizing and updating your avatar.
  • You can also do this at any time by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen with the little person icon on it.
  • There are not too many items to choose from at this time but be sure to choose the least expensive one when you start out.
  • You can only change hair and skin tone as well as facial features and clothing at this time but it is expected this will be updated soon with more options to choose from.
Millionaire Boss

Employee Information

  • At this time the game will allow you to hire a maximum of 20 employees. You must purchase a desk first and once it is in place click on it to trigger the menu that allows you to hire employees.
  • Note – each desk only holds one type of employee so be careful which one you are purchasing.
  • You can see the maximum number of employees you are eligible to hire at the bottom left of the screen. If you have already met your maximum you will need to purchase and build perks before you can add more. (See “Perks” for more detailed information.)
  • Hiring new recruits – You will actually be able to hire from your own list of Facebook friends. This means you will see their image and name associated with a character in the game. They do not necessarily have to be playing the game to be one of your employees. If the friend you have chosen does not play the game you will be offered the chance to notify them that you chose them as an employee and send them an invitation so they can join in.
  • Hiring associates – If you want to hire a Facebook friend that is playing the game this is called hiring an associate. When you click on a desk to bring up the hire menu look for the associate tab along the top as shown in image above. When you hire an associate it will cost you $500. Associates also make much more money for you than hiring new recruits so it is well worth the investment.
  • Types of employees – You will start out with three employees already working at desks in your office and the game will prompt you to hire a fourth. The CEO boss character represents you.
  • Once you complete the tutorial hiring you can start out by placing desks, purchasing and building perks, then hiring interns in one of the following areas once unlocked:
    • Accounting
    • Art
    • Programming
    • Business
    • Law
    • Science
    • Writing
  • You will start out hiring interns and then you will also hire junior associates such as junior programmer, junior lawyer, etc.
  • Next you will hire lawyer, accountant, scientist, writer, artist, programmer and then you will move to senior lawyer, senior accountant, senior artist, etc.
  • Be sure to read about the optimal placement of employees, decorations, and management in this guide.
Millionaire Boss
  • Firing employees – If you wish to fire an employee click on the arrow button at the lower right corner and when the list expands click on the fire employee button and then on the person you wish to fire. You will have to immediately replace them with another employee before you proceed.
Millionaire Boss


  • You will start out with a junior manager and progress to manager, junior director, director, senior director, junior VP, VP, and then at last senior VP.
  • Managers earn funds for you every three minutes. The longer you stay in the game the more you can collect from managers.
  • Managers are directly responsible for influencing and raising the skill levels of the employees under their influence.
  • If you place your cursor over a manager’s desk you will see a blue square appear around it. If this blue area touches one of the worker desk then when the ability icons are tossed out these are the employees it will effect.
  • It is best to place employees around a managers desk and to place decorations around them for maximum payout and skill boosting benefits. (See “Optimal Office Layout” for more detailed information.)
  • Managers will throw out several ability icons instead of just one like the employees do.
  • Junior manager can throw out one of each type of ability icon and a manager will throw out up to two of each kind of ability icon. Senior managers can throw out up to three of each kind of ability icon.
  • Note – You will only see one icon but when you click on it you will see it counts as two or three.
  • Having managers allows you to level up your employees much faster.
  • As you click on these ability icons which are shown as:
    • Puzzle piece – Creative ability for artists and writers.
    • Gear – Technical ability for scientists and programmers.
    • Briefcase – Business ability for lawyers and accountants.
  • Each time you click on the ability icons that are released when you click on an employee to collect funds you will see a meter on the back of the employee’s chair. It will fill up just a little more each time and, once full, the employee will level up and earn more money for you.

Optimal Office Layout

Millionaire Boss
  • As you purchase items and start to place them you will realize there is a blue area highlighted around the item when you place your cursor on it. This blue area is the area of influence, meaning anything else located in this blue area is directly under its influence.
  • Manager influence – Managers have a field of influence around them and if you strategically place employees around them whenever they kick out ability boosting icons (See “Employee Abilities” for more information) the benefit of these will go to the employees situated in the blue field area.
  • Decoration influence – Before you purchase a decoration you can place your cursor over it for statistics. You will see a blue box which shows the size of the area of influence. When you place a decorative item next to employees anything in the area of influence will increase the profits times the amount listed on the decorative item. For example, if you purchase a leather chair it will have a 3 x 3 area of influence and (the smiley face icon indicates how much it influences profit) when you collect from your workers the amount will increase due to falling under the decorations area of influence.
  • The more decorations you place around the workers the better as it is a cumulative effect.
  • Tip – Place red leather chairs in between employees as shown in image above. This will place a chair on both sides doubling your profits!
Millionaire Boss
  • Placement – Place your junior manager in the center and as you purchase intern desks place them around the junior manager’s desk as shown in image above. You should place one of each type of desk around him so that when the ability icons are clicked on it will have something to be used on.
  • Place manager in center, workers on top, sides, and bottom. When you move up to the larger managers they will have a much larger area of influence and you will be able to place two workers on the sides, which will give you a much better return than just placing them spaced out around the office.
  • Place leather chairs and any decorative items you can afford around the employees. Try to cover as much as you can with the area of influence as your guide.
  • Note – Once you have expanded and your office has become quite large you can rearrange things so that you have one section for art, another for programming, writing, lawyers, and so on. Continue to place them within the manager’s field of influence whenever possible.
  • Use the image above as a guide for optimum placement. Also you can experiment by moving items around to see if you can come up with an even better layout.
Millionaire Boss

Assigning Tasks to Workers/Task Spoiling

  • Each worker will be assigned a specific type of desk and you will have to assign tasks to each worker.
  • These tasks each last a specific amount of time varying from as little as three minutes to up to a day at a time.
  • At the end of each task a money bag icon will appear over the worker’s head. You will then need to click on them to collect.
  • When you collect you will see several dollar bills shoot up in the air and fall down around the employee for a few seconds.
  • You will also see a star icon which represents experience points (XP) earned and one of three icons which represent skill points. It could be for technical, creative, or business skill depending on the skill of the employee and the work done.
  • How to assign a task – Click on an employee and a menu will appear. Choose the task you wish to assign by clicking on it and the worked will immediately begin working.
Millionaire Boss
  • Task spoiling – Once a task is completed and ready for collection you must collect the funds before the same amount of time it took to complete the task has gone by. For example, if a task takes 30 minutes to complete an assigned task, then at the end of that time you have 30 minutes to collect the money or the task will spoil. If a task spoils your employee will fall asleep and you will see a “ZZZ” thought bubble over their head in red. You will need to click on them and simply give them a new assignment to get them out of this mode. You will lose all money and time invested and will not be able to get the reward unless you are willing to pay with Facebook Credits to revive the job and collect on it.
  • Note – This is only advisable if you have given the employee a very long assignment. For short assignments it is best to save your Facebook Credits for other endeavors.
Millionaire Boss

Employee Skills

  • The different worker desks require different kinds of skills. These accumulate and increase with each job you assign to an employee.
  • After a job is completed and you collect you will see one of three small icons fly out in addition to XP and money. You will also see;
    • Technical skill – Gear, this represents technical skill and adds to the employee’s technical skill level. (Programmer and scientist.)
    • Business skill – Briefcase, this represents business skill and adds to the employee’s business skill level. (Lawyer and accountant.)
    • Creative skill – Puzzle piece, this represents creative skill and adds to the employee’s creative skill. (Artist and writer.)
  • As these little icons fly out during payouts click on them and you will notice a meter at the back of the chairs of the employees. Each time you add these you are adding to the skill level of these employees. Once the meter fills up the employees will move to the next level and will earn more money for you.
Millionaire Boss

Millionaire Boss

Collect Income/Rewards

  • Whenever you see a bag of money over a workers head you will need to click on it to collect the income from that worker.
  • You will also collect XP, represented by a star icon and a small icon that is either a briefcase, puzzle piece, or a gear representing an ability level. (See “Employee Skills” above for more information.)
  • Workers will throw out money, XP, and ability icons based on what kind of intern they are.
  • Managers will throw out multiple ability icons of all types every three minutes which make them very valuable in leveling up employees much faster.
Millionaire Boss

Millionaire Boss


  • A perk is an item placed in the office to give the employee a benefit of some sort, whether it is to make their job easier or to have fun and relax.
  • Perks directly control how many employees you can have at one time. You may buy a desk for an intern but if you do not have the correct number of perks the game will notify you that you must purchase a perk before you can hire.
  • At the bottom left of the game screen there is meter that shows how many employees you have on hand and the maximum you are allowed to have.
  • Perks can be found in the shopping area of the menu. Look for the “Perks” tab along the top.
  • The items are limited at first and you will have to wait until you reach the appropriate level to unlock them.
  • Once you purchase a perk you will now have to build it. You will need the help of your neighbors to do this so it is critical you work on getting neighbors in the game to help you right away. A good place to find others looking for neighbor is the Digital Chocolate forums.
  • To build the perk you will be asked to have at least one neighbor take the position listed. You can also opt to pay with Facebook credits to instantly build the perk. If you do not want to do this click on “Ask” and you will be taken to a menu that allows you to send requests for help. A neighbor will have to accept this, and if they do they will receive a reward for helping you out.
  • Tip – When you are at the point of sending out requests for help be sure to use the pull down menu at the top left of the menu. Choose “Millionaire Boss Friends” and you will see the list change to show only the names of those on your neighbor list. If you send out to any of the other choices you will be sending a request to those that do not play the game. If you think someone would like an invitation it is better to go to the “Invite” option at the top of the game screen and send them information this way versus asking for a favor and confusing your neighbor.
Millionaire Boss

Millionaire Boss


  • Decorations can be purchased in the shop under the “Decorations” tab.
  • Decorations will stay locked until you reach the appropriate level to unlock them.
  • You can purchase decorations with cash or Facebook Credits. Those purchased with Facebook Credits are the high end items and will cover a much larger area with the blue field of influence and will pay out higher rewards than those purchased with just game currency.
  • Decorations are very important as they can cause employees to earn much more money if they are placed within the blue field of influence, which, just like the managers, can be seen by placing your cursor over any decorative item. You will see a blue area surrounding the decor item.
  • As long as the field of influence touches the worker they are included in the benefit it gives. You do not have to completely cover them. Try to cover as many workers as possible when placing decor items.
  • Note – Perks are not decorative items and do not have these abilities. When you place your cursor over a perk you will see no blue field of influence.
  • Each decorative item should be placed so the blue field covers as many employees as possible.
  • When placed properly, each time you collect funds from workers it will be increased if decorations are placed where their blue field of influence is over the workers.
  • You can place several decorations over one area (if you can fit it in) and the rewards will be cumulative.
  • How to move items – To move items click on the arrow icon at the bottom right until the menu expands. Then click on the “X” made of arrows, which can be found at the very top of the menu. Click on the item you wish to move and then click on the area you want to move it to lock it into place. To get out of this mode is sometimes very tricky. Try clicking on the arrow again and if it still doesn’t let you out of move mode click on one of the goals and then exit out of the message.
Millionaire Boss

Completing Quests

  • Quests are a very important part of the game and you will be given tutorial quests when you begin to help you learn the basics of the game.
  • Quest icons are located along the left side of your screen and you can click on them at any time to read through them.
  • If you complete any part of a quest you will see the word “Progress” appear over the icon.
  • As soon as you complete one quest a new one will appear in its place.
  • Completion of a quest means a large cash reward, which is typically $10,000 awarded upon completion, as well as XP and bonus money for your neighbors if you choose to post on the live feeds.
Millionaire Boss

Visiting and Helping Out Your Neighbors

  • Neighbors can be found along the bottom of your screen listed in order of score from left to right.
  • You can visit each of your neighbors once every 24 hours.
  • Click on their icon to visit their business. You will earn an immediate bonus of $50,000 dollars and even more when you help out.
  • You will be able to see their office as well as how they have set it up and the various workers in it.
  • You will see a thumbs up symbol along with a “x5” to the left of the screen. Any employee that have a thumbs up symbol next to them are eligible to have you help them out by clicking on them to motivate them.
  • You will be allowed to motivate up to five of your neighbors workers, so long as they have that many available. Some players in the early levels may not have that many employees yet, but you can go ahead and earn as much as you can before you leave.
  • After you click on an employee to motivate them a dollar icon and a star icon will release and drop to the ground. When you click on the star you will be rewarded with one XP and when you click on the dollar icon you will be rewarded with $10,000 to reinvest in your office.
  • Be sure to do daily visits and your neighbors will return the favor.
  • When you are finished either click on another neighbor in the neighbor menu or on the house icon at the bottom right of the screen to go home.
Millionaire Boss

Millionaire Boss

Expanding Your Office

  • To expand your office you will need to go through multiple steps.
  • Click on the area outside of the office where you see the sign. There will be one on each side of your office and underneath it, but only the one that has the lit sign that says, “Expansion For Sale” will be available to you. The area will highlight green when you place your cursor on it.
  • Once you agree to purchase the expansion, click on it and you will now be asked to collect materials from your neighbors. As you level up, each expansion will require more materials to complete it.
  • To ask your neighbors for help you can click on the “Ask” button and will be taken to a screen to send requests. You will have to wait until your neighbors respond before you can complete the expansion.
  • If you do not want to wait you can purchase either one of the items using Facebook Credits or you can purchase the entire expansion with Facebook Credits, bypassing having to request them from your neighbors.
  • Once you have all the required materials you can click on the “Complete” button at the bottom of the menu.
  • Immediately you will see the white area of the office enlarge and you will have a lot more room to move around and place items in.
  • Be sure you know how to move items using the move feature in the arrow menu at the bottom right. (See “how to move items” above for more details.)
Millionaire Boss

Daily Free Gifts

  • Once every 24 hours you can send your neighbor a free gift from the free gift menu.
  • You can also have them send you a free gift once every 24 hours.
  • Send gift – Click on “Free Gifts” tab at the top left above the game screen.
  • You will be taken to the free gifts menu where you can choose a gift to send to your friends.
  • You can send one gift to all your friends at once or you can send different gifts to different friends one at a time.
  • Click on the gift you wish to send. As you level up more of these will unlock and become available to you to gift to others.
  • Choose the person you wish to send to and click on “Send.”
  • Receiving daily free gifts – When you or your neighbors log into the game you will be notified if any free gifts were sent to you since your last log in. You will be shown a list of messages showing who sent you what so you can return the favor. There is a button there that allows you to send a gift in return if you want to use it.
  • After you accept the gifts you will find them in your inventory for later use.
  • Inventory – Your inventory can be found by clicking on the crate icon at the lower right corner of the screen.


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Millionaire Boss by Digital Chocolate. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!