Millennium: A New Hope Walkthrough

By Moumita Paul |

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Millenium: A New Hope.

In the interest of not giving you spoilers, I’m leaving out as much of the story as possible in the guide since you’ll get the most enjoyment from the game if you enjoy the story as you play.

Maps have been taken with permission from the Aldorlea games forums.


  • If you are new to RPG gaming, then play with tutorials turned on at the beginning as it would give useful information about the game play. Also you may select the very easy mode while playing for the first time as it would help you gain an understanding about the game play. There are 4 types of game modes to choose from: Very Easy, Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • The mode you pick will determine the number of Animal Kings you will have a chance to fight with at the end of the game (4 in Very Easy or Easy, 6 on Normal and 8 on Hard). Also the number of quests will differ depending on game modes, with 40 quests for hard mode.
  • When using the mouse for game play, small icons will give you hints as to what you can get from it- The glove icon indicates you can grab an item,

         The bubble icon means you can speak to a character,

         The eyes icon means you can read an item,

         The magnifying glass icon to inspect something

         The boots icon signifies spots where you can jump.

  • Press the ‘escape’ key to pull up the game menu. Here you can use items, use or see character skills (e.g. heal), change character equipments, see the character status to find out how much experience they need in fighting to achieve the next level. The journal can be found by pressing the ‘s’ key; it’s very helpful as it reminds you of what needs to be done next or what are the side quests. It also lists number of quests completed, secret rooms found and animal kings killed.
  • Make sure that you save your game often so that you don’t lose your progress due to a power cut or by accidental game shutdown.
  • This game has monsters which doesn’t drop gold. But the items they leave behind can be sold at shops in exchange of gold. You can adjust the number of monster encounters by using Marine’s Hide or fight skill. Use her talk skills often to get updated.
  • There are four orbs (red, green, yellow, blue) that you’ll find scattered through out the game. On collecting a certain number of these orbs will increase some particular stats of your party members.
  • Talk to everyone in the village; they’ll give you quests or hints. Search in every nook and corner of the every place, barrels, well etc as you never know what you may discover. There are 24 secret rooms to discover. I’ll not discuss all the items or chests, etc because it would spoil the fun of playing the game.
  • Fighting strategies can vary from dungeon to dungeon and is also different for difficult monsters. I may recommend some strategies for the extremely difficult ones, but in general you should practice planning your own battler team and tactics. The armor, accessories and weapons also play an important part to decide how good you can defend/offend the enemy. Status effects are also important aspects to take care of as they can be killer some times.
  • Use the ‘ctrl’ and ‘f’ key together on your keyboard to find things that you are particularly looking for in the walkthrough in a hurry. Make sure that the spelling of the word you type is correct or else the keyword you are searching for may not be found highlighted.
  • Each area that you enter will be also referred as ‘screen’ or I may put a marker to refer it for future reference. For convenience sometime I may refer like "go back by three screens", etc. this means that starting from the current area (screen) you go back to the previous area and then to the previous of this area and then to the previous of the latter again through the passages you have followed.

THE BEGINNING: the game beings with an overview of the Myst. Watch the conversation that follows. The history of Myst will be unveiled. When your main character is ready to move on, rummage the cup boards on both side for a potion and some gold. For her first quest, go to the house on the right with a old woman inside. Talk to the little girl there, she’ll give you a quest.

  • Explore Green grass thoroughly. Look into the barrels to find items and gold. To the lower right of Chloe’s house, you’ll find a globule with a hammer sign on it. Pick it up and move on.
  •  Visit Dahl’s shop to buy Broken Paladin helmet and some other items for restorative purposes. Equip the helmet on Marine. Whenever you buy new equipments for your character, don’t forget to equip them.
  • Go to the south from Marine’s house and then to extreme right. You’ll see an old man standing there; there is a green colored orb to his south. Pick it up. To the left side is a chest containing potion.
  • Exit to the Green grass field

  • Let us mark this region as ‘first screen’ for future reference. Refer to the screenshot to find another green orb.

  • There’s another further up to the left.

  • The basket to the top right of that fence has a basket that will increase experience points of your party members. Discover some more items in the spots marked here.

  •  If you click on the the blocked cave, go in to fight musk rats and get mandragore dust. You’ll find a wood stick lying near the cow, collect it. You’ll have another red ball to retrieve.

  • Now from the entrance, go to your right.

  • Here are some more orbs, baskets, chests and items to collect, find them on your own while exploring. To your extreme right you’ll see a bridge.

  •  Explore that area too. Keep on jumping the small green isles down the bridge.

  • On the bridge, face the second pillar on the front side of the bridge.

  • Marine will jump to get all the orbs which appeared inaccessible. This is the first secret room.
  • Return and then walk up onto the next screen. There is a series of red orbs on the top left corner along with a chest, grab them.
  • Go further up to the next screen, gather the items and orbs you find, you’ll see Green grass temple. Click on it to receive a quest-finding the missing item.


  • Return to the ‘first screen’ of green grass fields. Go left from the entrance. You’ll find the teddy bear.

  • To the left is guy named Sabor, he’ll give you a quest. Collect the items, etc from that area and go one screen right along the fences below Sabor.
  • Collect all the frogs in this area, you’ll need them later. Return to Florette when you’re done retrieving items here. Give her the teddy bear, quest complete.
  • Heal at the bed in Marines house, go to the ‘first screen’ of the green grass field and then go left. From there go up into the green grass exit. Across the bridge, you’ll see something sparkling; save and heal before moving on. Your number of party member will increase, but this cute member will come only when summoned during fights. Collect the orbs, items, etc you find here and move on.
  • Enter the house like structure you come across, the cup board has items, you may rest on the plank to your right. Get outside the shelter and keep going north and then right. You’ll come across another hut. Talk to the inmate Florian, he’ll give you a quest-to kill all animal kings. Carry on the through the northern passage.
  • MIDLANDS OF MISTS: Now you are on the world map

  • Visit all the houses you see. I’ll not describe them individually unless they have something important. There are two hidden locations- queen bee and thieves den. You’ll find them later. In the fighter’s guild, you can trade strength points for increase of stats for strength. You can also learn spell for 1000 gold. I would suggest avoiding it for now till you have some more party members. You’ll receive a quest from Steiner here. The Forge gets some new items at regular intervals; be sure to check it at the following events if you want to have all new items:

At the beginning of the game.

After Benoit joins your party of characters.

After you heard about the Rebel.

After Karine joins your party of characters.

After you find The Monastery.

After Hirado joins your party of characters.

  • Enter the gray cave and explore it thoroughly. Jump to your right from the first bridge to collect the orbs. There is a secret room here, press enter to find it.

  • Exit the gray caves, you are back to the world map. You may increase your reflexes or speed at the guild of speed, but it is recommended that you do so when there are more party members in your team.
  • DELIVER PACKAGE TO GRANDPA: Visit Pinerocks. From the first area move up to the next region while picking up some items on your way. Visit the inn to buy some items from the man. On the upper floor Marshal will give you a quest to find the thief’s guild. Visit Grandpa to the house on the left of the inn. Deliver the package, quest complete.
  • You’ll observe a short cut scene. Then after visit the house beside the item shop. Talk to Thomas, he’ll give you a quest to catch ten snakes for an armor. Go up the stairs and talk to Frank, he’ll also give another quest to collect 10 purple grapes.
  • Rest at the inn, buy alchemy balms and other restorative items, save and go down by one screen till you come across Jack and James quarrelling. After a conversation with them, they will challenge you for a quest and take you to Chantefleur Woods.

Chantefleur Woods:

From the entrance, walk up the bridge to get suddenly ambushed by green ants. Then go to your right first.

Explore that region and find the ghost. Let Jeanne attack, you may defend, the ghosts heals by 15 hp at every turn. It’ll drop a chantefleur tear after the fight. Quest complete. Return to Jack (on the left side) for a thick leather coat.

  • QUEST 4-FIND Jack’s purse-Now go up the screen this time.

  • When you reach the statues go to your right and at the end, look down and jump into the water.

  • You’ll discover secret room 2. Go up and before picking up the purse save and heal. You’ll face another monster, just call Jeanne and watch her attack. It’ll drop a mandragore dust after defeat. Quest complete. Click on the rock beside you, a group of ants will attack you five times in a row. Fight them, they’ll drop an ant gem after that. Return to Pinerock.
  • Proceed to the village exit, you’ll have to return to Benoit at Grandpa’s residence. He’ll join you. Equip him and set off to the world map.
  • Visit the guild of speed and pick up the blue flame, visit the forge for new weapon. Then go to the eastern lands.

  • Collect ebony stick from here.

  •  Visit the guild of mind and talk to Samus to receive another quest. Talk to Nathaneal, he’ll reward you once you have collected 70 orbs in total. Enter the secret room.

  • It has the pillar of mind. Come here later to increase mind points or trade mind points. Visit the general stores to buy scale gloves (to catch snakes) and other items. See the screenshot to find the secret room.

  • If you are playing on normal or hard mode Thomas will give you a piece of armor. You can also visit Mystrock armor shop if you’ve got enough gold, you’ll also find noble ring at the shield to the top left corner, it would help you sell items at better rates. Now make your way to the scarlet river.


  • Explore this place and go down the path first.

  • You’ll find purple grapes scattered all over Scarlet River, collect them whenever you find them. After collecting all items, go up to the extreme left side of the area to find a chest and barrel. Return from there by two screens. Then go to the right.

  • Go down from there first.

  • After gathering collectibles from there go back and take the right path. Before going down save and heal, you’ll be facing the scary beast of the scarlet river. Don’t forget to summon. Benoit’s wind hand will be helpful. It will drop a mandragore dust. Go down and then to the southern right side.

  •  Then again to the right to exit Scarlet River.


FESTINA: enter the small village marked Festina on the world map.

QUEST 6-FIND FRESH INGREDIENTS FOR JOEY-Talk to Joey, the cook roaming, you can offer the fat frogs to him, another quest complete. He’ll give you ‘exquisite dinner’ in return. The old man named Tibor in the weapons shop will give you a quest. The little girl to the extreme right, Nanette, will also give you a quest. Leon will also give a quest to find his goat with blue collars. Albert will ask you to find the House of Alchemy. Talk to the blue robed man roaming around, he is Benoit’s father; quest complete.

  • Talk to the clown. Try the strategy skill from Marine’s skill list and choose anyone. You may change it later. Now buy and sell items (equip noble ring while selling) an equipments and go to the Rocky path in the eastern Midlands of Myst.


  • Go to your right, equip mountain cane to avoid vertigo. From there go right again onto the next screen.

  • Here in the cave you can fight the king of ants. Go south onto the next screen first from there and collect the items. Go back and head east, you’ll find Leon’s goat, if you try to catch it, it will escape. Leave it, we’ll do that later. Carry on to the next screen on your right.

  • Find the secret room as shown in the map. Move on to the next area

  • You may rest at the wind mill. Go upstairs and inspect the picture to find secret room. There’s another secret room at the spot.

  • Go right onto the next screen.

  • Go down the fork,  right fork first to find Bokden, talk to him. Keep walking on to the right for the next area.

  • You’ll see a fire, remember this fire here and return to the previous screen. Go up the northern fork this time. Jump across the chasm with the fountain, you’ll discover pillars. Put the blue fire on the top left pillar. Jump again across the chasm to your right. Keep walking eastward onto the next screen.

  • You’ll find a kid with a rainbow umbrella, go up the fork and jump from here.

  • Then jump again from there, where you’ll discover a secret room with pillar of strength. Proceed eastwards and exit the mountains.


  • Enter the guild of resistance.


  • Talk to Janine and she will give you a quest. On the world map, see the screenshot to find Janine’s ring.

  • She’ll give you an autumn bud; quest complete. Go to The Refuge on the world map. You may heal at the inn on the right. You’ll find the map for house of alchemy.

  • Pick up the yummy cheese from southern corner of the house, partly hidden. Now head to Bogobaka. On your way visit the crypt, the ghost will let you enter only if you have a genuine cracked mirror!


  • Talk to Tamara in her house. Ask her about the rebel. If you pray at the alter, you’ll be enchanted. Exit Bogobaka, we’ll return there later.
  • In the rocky mountains, use the yummy cheese to capture the festina goat. Visit the forge to buy magical key. With this key you can unlock all locked chests. Visit the Green grass fields and talk to Florian, the hut near the entrance from the world map, to get the quest for hunting down animal kings. Wear the scale gloves and catch the green snakes there. The locked chests were in green grass field (reflex gloves), chantefleur woods (dark gloves) and scarlet river (seal of oak). Make sure you equip the gloves to open the locked chests.


  • If you’ve found all the ten snakes by now, bring them to Thomas at Pinerock, he will craft a snake coat. Quest complete.


  • If you’ve collected 10 purple grapes, bring it to him at Pinerocks, he’ll give 400 gold. Quest complete.


  • Bring the goat of Festina to Leon at Festina, he’ll give you dab’le’don bell. Quest complete.


  • Show the map of alchemy to Albert, quest complete. You can access the house of alchemy by pressing enter on the map in your inventory in the eastern lands of Mysts.


  • Then return to Bogobaka and talk to Karine in one of the houses. Quest complete. Rest at her place at the rolled blankets marked by the blue arrow. Use her craft skill to convert the broken paladin helmet into paladin helmet and the ebony stick to defensive trident. Search the corner of her house to find the cute dress.

  • Go towards the center of the swamp and collect the Shamfrouil beside the ghost. To the right end of the red vegetation there is swamp pimento.


  • Go to the altar in the swamp, you’ll find a girl selling items. To the north of her is a ghost. Give him the chantefleur tear, quest complete. All party members will receive an increase in levels by one.
  • Use Karine’s crafting skills, she’ll convert the following-

Broken paladin helmet-paladin helmet

Ebony stick- defensive trident


  • THE SWAMP: Pile up on restoratives and then use Karine’s crocodile hunt skill to visit the edge of the swamp. Jump on the crystals to free the fairies.

  • Always make sure to touch all the shining crystals you find along the way. They contain a magical firefly and give 1MP to Marine and Karine, plus a random amount of gold and XP to all party members. Hit the green bell to call a ghost with a boat. It will take you to the swamp or randomly to a secret room.

  • Make your way into the swamp. There are two secret areas you can discover but they are difficult to find. Find a secret room, but I can’t recall where the spot was.

  • One is here:

  • It has crystals and mesmer salad. Keep going left and then up until you see a boat.

  • Go up from there to the next area. There is another region to the left, but it does not have much items. Keep walking westward and then north in the current area to reach the next zone. From there again northward. To the top left there is another region to explore if you wish. From the current area go north to enter Rogue’s territory.

  • ROGUE’S TERRITORY- The Rogue won’t attack you right away so you have to look for him in 3 different places before you can fight him.

1) Head east straightaway first from the entrance onto the next area. To the left side, inspect the boat.

That’s your first expedition.

2) Go back one screen and walk north onto the next area. From there go east onto the next region. Then north again. Keep searching till you reach this altar:

Click on it.

3) Go back one screen and go east. Go east again onto the next screen. Visit the top right of the area till reach here. Heal and save and then click on the altar.

  • Go back to the first spot where we looked for it at the boat. Then go to the second spot, you’ll find a dead pigeon on the center of the platform, click on it and you’ll face The Rogue. If you’ve reached level 20-21 then it shouldn’t be difficult. Quest complete. Now retrace your steps back to Bogobaka. Exit to the world map.
  • Look for Bokden here.

  • When you’re going back through the rocky path, Karine will point a forgotten path below the windmill area.

  • Ignore the path for now and visit the Forge and buy the new item, the Splash Box.
  • On the world map, above the Guild of mind, enter the house of alchemy. By talking to Heptitus you can participate in the contest of alchemy, but don’t do it now as you don’t have all the ingrediants. The autumn bud, mesmer salad, shamfroil along with twin mandragore and another ingredient is important to win the contest. We’ll come back here later.


  • Give the cute dress to Nannette in Festina, she’ll take you to a toy hall. Quest complete. But you need a lollipop to enter it.
  • Enter the Grey Cave and have Karine pick up the Black Fire.

  • Visit the Shrine of Myst to get promoted to 100 gold if you’ve attained level 20. You’ll have three options to choose from for Marine-shiva (increase resistance), Wild goose (increases speed) and spirited soul(increase mind); for Karine-baroness (you can get this rank if you have the seal of oak) and bounty hunter (increase strength). You may also remove cursed items (e.g. terra locust) if you’ve equipped on any character for 100 gold here. Use Karine’s craft skill to convert titan skin to titan corset.
  • Go to the empty house in Green Grass and talk to Bokden.

  • Go to the Midlands of Myst, on the upper left corner of  the map, to find a secret item: Canopy Bracelet.

  • Go down the forgotten path in the Rocky path and you’ll find thieves threatening a man. Fight them and go up till you reach the monastery. Enter and go upstairs; talk to Alcalcythe to learn JunTsu ka for 200 gold. Click on the lamp to reach a secret room.

  • Upstairs you’ll find the orb of valor in the chest. Talk to Sanaris and rest at Gabrielle. Click on the first wardrobe to the left to find a Secret Room.

  • Buy the twin mandragore and dragon coat from the shop keeper monk. Visit the Forge and buy the new item, the Morning Star.


  • Then go to the place where you first met Balnerd and jump down from beside the fountain.

  • You’ll find a secret room. Go right from there and you’ll be in another part of the rocky path. Here you’ll be encountering thieves, one of them may drop map to thieves den. Go to the top left path first. From there go down the fork first and then return to the fork; the eastern path will lead to where you found Balnerd. So return back by one screen to the new rocky path. Go east this time, you’ll find air sandals in a chest; they will help you jump to higher places.

  • Go back to the screen from where you just returned and go south again. Wear the air sandals and jump here to reach the other side of the mountains.

  • On your way will be another secret room. You’ll land up on the world map. Enter the southernmost cave to encounter a dinosaur.

  • You’ll reach a new place-Old lach Bragn. Enter this cave.

  • Keep going east and then south. In the next screen, heal and save and move on. You’ll encounter a Draken. Go down and then east to sapphire cave.

  • Explore the place; you’ll find a red fire there.

  • There’s a secret room here.

  • Go down from here to proceed further.

  • In one of the rooms you will find Bokden. Go back one screen and keep going till you reach this place.

  • Follow the screenshots to make your way to Hirado.





  • Go up and talk to Hirado, quest complete.
  • Now you may rest at this point.

  • Retrace your steps back to the sapphire cave at this spot.

  • Keep moving north to the ancient temple. You’ll find a secret room on your way.



  • The Metal Guardians here are immune to white attacks, the laser cannon of Hirado can be useful; all other attacks do little damage. They have an 80% chance of being paralyzed so make use of Hirado’s paralyzing abilities. Heal at the pillars marked by the blue arrow. Explore the Ancient Temple and activate the 6 pillars of energy. Find a secret room here.


  • Explore these areas to find the pillars.



  • Now the main gate will be open.

  • Go through it, heal and save, then talk to the blue ghost.

  • It’s going to be a tough fight as the Djinn will call a arch zombie and eternal warrior to help it and they will keep coming back even when killed. Hirado’s white orb and barrier spell, Jeanne and Benoit’s Slash hand is going to be helpful. Quest complete. Exit the place.
  • After exiting the caves onto the world map, Hirado will point out a cave.

  • If you visit it, it will end the game, so complete the side quests before you do so.


  • Promote Hirado either to holy vicar or body master in the nova shrine. Exit to the rocky mountains from where you had come. Keep moving east from the windmills till you come across the fire.

  • It’s the white fire; take it to the four pillars at Rocky path. Put all the four fires you’ve collected so far on the respective pillars and a chest will appear. It contains cloud hat. Quest complete.


  • The mode you pick will determine the number of Animal Kings you will have a chance to fight with at the end of the game (4 in Very Easy or Easy, 6 on Normal and 8 on Hard). The locations of animal kings are as follows-

Animal king



Twin Tiger

world map-Marshland of Myst

hatchet of ancient

Queen bee

world map, Midlands of Myst

perfect honey

King of ants

Rocky path cave

Rat King

Stairs going doen from ancient temple

elder mandragore

living root

scarlet river area, resembles like an item. Pick it up to fight

earth heart

croc king

Randomly attacks while you’re exploring Rogue’s Territory

king croc mail

Bear King

Cave area of ancient civilization before entering sapphire cave

royal acorn

Golem King

the ugly statue (white armor) that stares at Marine in the Gray Cave

hero key

1)      Tiger:

2)      Queen bee:

3)      King of ants:

4)      Rat King :

Report to Florian at Green grass fields. Quest complete.


  • Go to the guild of mind and talk to Nathaneal and show him you’ve got more than 69 orbs. He’ll give you fractal headphone. Quest complete.
  • Use the map of thieves den on the Midlands of Myst world map to get transported to the thieves den. Explore it thoroughly, you’ll find a secret room.


  • Now visit Martial at the Pinerocks and talk to him. Quest complete, he’ll give you 15 gold L!


  • Put the orb of valor in the shrine, quest complete. All party members will gain 20 HP permanently.


  • You’ll find it on the world map of midlands of Mysts near Pinerocks at the pond

  • He’ll give you seal of strength.


  • Go to Green grass city and you’ll find him wandering. Talk to him, quest complete. He’ll give you gold, adult mandragore, mana shower, royal acorn, Dam’bl’don bell, ant gem, sheep’s wonder food. The sheep’s wonder food can be used to feed the sheeps of the bald man near Grandpa’s house at Pinerocks. They will let you space to get the blue orb behind them.


  • Visit the general stores at the eastern midlands of Mysts; talk to this lady.

  • Unequip any item that protects Marine from anger and use an item from the inventory that inflicts anger on her. Then talk to the lady and annoy her till the mirror cracks. After you obtain the cracked mirror, visit the crypt, the ghost will allow you to pass. Quest complete.


  • The locations of the four pillars are-

1)      Pillar of mind= Secret room 23 in guild of mind

2)      Pillar of Strength= In secret room in rocky path

3)      Pillar of speed= In rogue crocodile territory (right side of amber colored diamond shaped statue)

4)      Pillar of Resistance-Sapphire Cave in the Lava area


  • You need the following items and their locations are marked:

1) Papatapio root (found in the very last part of the Scarlet river area before going towards Festina, check the little bridge going down and look in the shrubs) = 120 points

2) Granite Petal (Found in the lower paths in the first part of Rocky paths in a shrub beside some water) = 80 points

3) Autumn bud (Given as a reward after you find Janines ring)= 90 points

4) Mesmer Salad (Found in secret room 10 in the swamp) = 80 points

5) Twin mandragore (purchased from monastery)

6) Shamfrouil (beside a ghost at Bogoboka)

On winning the contest you’ll get Great alchemy hat. Quest complete.


  • First of all you need to equip the myst bag, which you will find in Sapphire Caves, then you need to go:

1) In Green Grass on the first screen you get coming from the world map area- it’s on the top left side.

2) In Scarlet River on a bush near a locked chest – you find it to the right of the main path shortly after the place where the fight with the octopus was held

3) In the Merchant’s Shop Secret Room

4) In Rocky Path on a rock in the small lake with the boat in it

5), 6) and 7) In the secret church the ghost boat driver takes us sometimes

8 ) In the Rogue territory towards the right – on top of a tree 1 screen left from place where Rogue was heard.

9) In lower section of Rocky Path just as you climb down

10) In Sapphire Cave in between two blue lights 1 screen left of where Red flame was.

11) In Ancient Temple to the Northeast in a room with two golden statues.

Quest Complete!


  • Find Youth wine in the sapphire cave.


  • Kill the queen bee (animal king, not available in easy mode), she’ll drop perfect honey. Give it to Sabor, he’ll give you a lollipop. Quest complete.


  • Give the lollipop to the clown at the toy hall saying you have a gift for him. He’ll allow you to enter. Quest complete.
  • After you are done with all the side quests, visit the cave which Hirado had pointed and save the game for the next episode of Millennium.


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