Millennium 2: Take Me Higher Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's strategy guide for Millennium 2 – Take Me Higher.All maps were created by SurferGranny, and are used with permission.This is the second chapter in the Millennium saga. You need to help Marine, a young girl from the poorer parts of the country of Myst, find twelve warriors so she can participate in the elections and overthrow the rich, elitist government. In chapter 1 she already found two: Karine and Hirado. Will she manage to complete her list this tim…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Millennium 2 – Take Me Higher.

All maps were created by SurferGranny, and are used with permission.

This is the second chapter in the Millennium saga. You need to help Marine, a young girl from the poorer parts of the country of Myst, find twelve warriors so she can participate in the elections and overthrow the rich, elitist government. In chapter 1 she already found two: Karine and Hirado. Will she manage to complete her list this time?

General Gameplay

Millennium 2 is a game you shouldn’t rush. The more time you take to explore everything, the more secrets you will uncover! You can walk around using either your mouse or your keyboard, but if you’re a keyboard player you might want to take some time to scan each new map with your cursor to find objects of interest or secret rooms. For example, sometimes places where you can jump are hard to see, and with the cursor you can find jump spots more easily. In other places the cursor may change into a gloved hand to grab things or a magnifying glass to inspect things.

Not all secrets are visible this way! Often it pays to just try running into objects or blind walls – you never know what you may find! There are 32 secret rooms scattered throughout the game, which often contain some very useful goodies. Some rooms are even required for completing side quests.

Character Stats

Always equip everyone with the best armor and weapons you can find. Also pay attention to the bonus qualities items have, such as protection against a particular color magic or afflictions such as fatigue and blindness. Some items may be cursed, however. These items generally are very good, but the problem is that you can’t unequip them. To get them off you need to go to one of the shrines on the world map and ask for exorcism.

Regularly swap the orbs you’ve collected at the various guilds for stats increases, and when you have some money to spare go to the guilds to buy more increases (they’re all 1000G per person per guild). Finally, get everyone in your party promoted in the shrines on the world maps. Each different promotion will give different stats increases. Don’t forget these as the extra stats will make you much stronger in battle!

Difficulty Modes

There are 4 difficulty levels at which you can play this game: very easy, easy, normal and hard. The difference between those levels is mainly that fights are much harder when the difficulty level increases. Additionally, only in hard mode can you find all 8 animal kings; in normal mode you can only find 6 (not the Zombie King or the Trickster King, meaning you can complete 38 quests in total) and in the easy modes you can only find 4 (only the Imp, Queen Twin, Scorpion and Gorilla, meaning you can complete 36 quests in total). In very easy mode you also get some helpful arrows to help you find your way around.


There are 3 main menu keys. They are:

  • ESC – the main menu with items and equipment lists etc. You can also save here.
  • S – the quests menu. The open quests are listed on the first window. Click arrow left from the quest with the highest number to get your completed quests list.
  • A – the party list. Here you can change active members of your party by moving them from one side of the screen to the other

Useful Skills

Marine has a few useful skills you should know about. Going into Marine’s SKILL menu from the ESC menu (when you’re not in battle) you can select the following options:

  • Strategy -Here you can pick one of three battle options, which are
    — COUNTER – This is a good strategy but can be tricky if you meet an opponent who also counters. In that case Marine and the opponent will keep hitting each other until one of them is dead.
    — REGEN – Marine regenerates some HP each round.
    — ATTACK FIRST – I personally like this one, as you can get a hit in (and often eliminate one of the opponents) before anyone else.
  • Hide or Flight – Change the random encounter rate. This sets the minimum number of steps to take before you encounter any opponents. You can set it to low when you’ve found a good place to do some leveling up or high when you just want to make it through a map as quickly as possible
  • Talk – When you’ve forgotten where you are going, select Marine’s Talk skill from the SKILL menu for a reminder.

Also, during battle, Marine can summon her fairy helper Jeanne, who can throw extra spells or heal and cure during the fight.

Making Money and Selling Items

You start out with 1000G. At the start of the game making money is slow. Most monsters don’t drop gold when you defeat them, but they may drop items you can sell. Only the thieves you may encounter in Mystrock Territory drop decent sums of gold. In general I think it pays off to stomp around Mystrock Territory with the encounter rate set to 0 for a while to gather some good meats and gold.

When you sell items (which is possible in all item shops), make sure you equip Marine with the Noble Ring (one of them can be found in secret room #4 and one in the Grand Hotel of Myst) to get a better deal. Jarkko in Frozam House buys diamond nuggets for 2777G a piece!

Be VERY careful with selling any other items than animal drops, because they may be necessary to complete quests. All items required for quests will be mentioned in this walkthrough.

How Not to Get Lost

The maps of Millennium 2 may seem daunting and big, but actually they’re relatively easy to navigate. There are no circular routes anywhere, so you either make your way through something in a linear way, or you go to a dead end and then have to retrace your steps. Most maps only have one or two exits – one exit taking you through to the end, the other just giving a side map or two.

The routes through the maps to the exits are usually indicated with the remains of a path. So whenever you are stuck on a map and don’t know how to find the exit, find something that looks like a path and follow it. Full maps are provided for the more complex areas of the game.

Differences between playing a new game or a game you’ve saved from MM 1:

If you’re playing a game from a saved file from MM1 you will start with a cut scene in which Lord Borgon pays a hooded man 2000G to find out more about our heroine, Marine. They have heard she is planning to challenge the elections and want to put a stop to it. The hooded man goes off to spy on Marine and her little party.

Regardless of where you’re starting, your party is all at level 20 and you own 1000G. However, if you’re playing on from MM1 you will still have all the items you collected in your items list. The advantage of this is that you will start off with better weapons and you will have the Magical Key to open the chests and the Air Sandals to get to high places at the start of the game. Don’t panic if you don’t have those items, you will get them at some point during the game. You will only miss out on two locked chests in areas you can’t access again when you have the key.

On the other hand, if you’re starting a new game, the Green Grass area will still have all its goodies scattered around, including quite a bit of money and even a few magic orbs. So you don’t have a lot of catching up to do. (If you’ve started a new game, don’t worry about the light at Green Grass Temple not being lit – this was a quest in the previous chapter.)


1. Open a List

Cut to Marine in a little room in Green Grass. She is practicing a speech by the mirror, in which she explains that she is looking for 12 warriors to enroll in the elections and confront the government of Myst. She tells her friends, Karine, Benoit and Hirado, who are waiting outside, that they have to go to the city of Mystrock to start her government list. Jeanne, the little fairy in her earring, is coming with them too.

First of all, you need to go north. Enter the world map and walk straight north until you reach the next map. Enter the turquoise cave. There are two secret rooms here, one in one of the holes in the ground (#3), and one by some rubble coming from the wall north of the bridge (#2). Don’t forget to pick up the orbs on the way.

Mystrock Territory

Exit the cave onto the world map of the Mystrock Territory. The old volcano in southeast contains a lava ring. There is a lone tree in the east with another secret room (#5). Enter it a few times from different directions to get to all the ladders. Carefully scan this room with your cursor as it contains an item that will be important for a later quest! You can ignore all the other locations for now and go straight to Mystrock.

In the southwest corner of Mystrock you will find Bokden. Talk to him and he will disappear. There is a quest about this that will be triggered later (quest 29). But don’t miss him here as you won’t be able to go back to Mystrock after you’ve started your list!

There is nothing else to do on this map, so exit to the east part of town. The only things to do here are to find secret room #4 (behind a window on the north end. It contains a locked chest that you can’t open if you’re playing a new game. The chest only contains some gold. The room also has the Noble Ring) and to talk to Clarence by the church entrance for a bit of fun.

Now go to the Town Hall in the southeast. Lord Borgon is waiting for you, but he will let you get on with your business. Talk to Regis behind the table and he will explain the procedure of challenging the elections. You need to sign up thirteen people (including yourself) and submit the list for approval. The completed list will then be sent to a Sage for approval. When you have an approved list you can invoke the Martial Law and contest the government. Benoit still can’t see it happen, but he’ll go along with your for now.

Once you leave Mystrock, Hirado will leave you. He’s going back to his monastery to train for the elections.

Now explore the rest of Mystrock Territory. There is a shrine where you can get healed, revived or promoted, and you can also have cursed objects exorcised. At the Guild of Martial Arts in the east Marine can get promoted once she’s level 30, 40 and 50 (this will give you quest 30).

2. Ugly Girl?

The house in the center of the map is the Traveller’s Acolyte. On the first floor is a girl looking in a mirror. She complains she is too ugly. You want to help her, but don’t know how. You won’t be able to solve this quest until you’ve finished quest 11, in which you will find an item to give to this girl.

3. Bits of a Map?

In the northwest corner of the top floor of the Traveller’s Acolyte you will find the first piece of a map. There are 3 more scattered throughout the game. They are:

  • in the underground alley after you sink through the quicksand in Toad Swamp
  • in the house in the middle of Shumen Forest
  • in the Ju-Ju house (get Abu to sleep with a snore pea)

Once you have all 4 pieces, a large treasure chest will appear on the central world map. It contains a lot of gold!

4. Missing Book

In the Guild of Mind in Mystrock Territory is a bookshelf that’s missing the Book of Winter. You will find this book very late in the game. Don’t exchange any magic points in the Guild of Mind until you’ve finished quest 6! Once you have found the book you first need to finish quest 12 before taking the book back to the guild. See quest 12 for more info. Once you’ve finished quest 4, you will be taken to the Pillar of Experience (which is part of quest 39).

5. Collect the Rain

This quest will be triggered once you’re in Eternal Autumn. See quest 8 for the description.

6. Collect 30 Red Orbs

In the Guild of Magic you’re told to collect 30 Orbs of Magic. I recommend coming back as soon as you have your 30 orbs, because after this you will get a new quest (quest 27) for which you have to collect 10 charms that can be anywhere (including places you’ve already been) and you won’t be able to see them until you’ve been promoted at the Guild. Also remember that the girl in the top left corner can enchant very specific objects…

7. Get out of the Underground Mine

Go back to the Turquoise Cave. You will be startled by earthquakes, and when you keep going and cross the bridge, you will fall through it. You meet Norman, his sidekick Piu-Piu and a robot named Gravitron – who happens to be the robot that asked for tungstene in the Ancient Temple in Millennium 1.

Secret room #1 is under the tile in the floor behind Norman.

Flick the switch ON to open the gate, and walk south onto the next map. Jump for all the orbs. There is a locked chest – unfortunately you won’t be able to get back to this one if you don’t have the Magical Key (it contains an elder mandragore). Keep going, jumping for orbs as you go, until you get to your first boss fight! Gravitron’s laser works well on him. Don’t forget to summon Jeanne for some additional power and healing.

After that, Karine will leave your party, as will Norman and his little gang of misfits. Now you have to go back to Green Grass.

8. Find Who Sent the Letter

Go back to Green Grass (back to the little hut where you started and then two screens straight south from there – those of you who played MM1 will notice that the Green Grass Fields have been rearranged a bit. They’re more logical and easier to navigate this time). Talk to Marine’s little sister. Marine’s dad, who was injured in the previous chapter, is still ill and sleeping. Go into the house and find a letter saying someone has important news and wants to meet you at Poet’s Lake in Eternal Autumn, which is in the west.

Cut to Lord Dragon and Lord Borgon. Dragon thinks it may be a good thing that Marine is trying to summon the Martial Law because it would increase their own popularity when they defeat Marine’s party. So they let her continue on her mission.

Westlands of Myst

Now go back to the central world map and exit west (you can’t go east from this map in this chapter). You will be ambushed on the Old Branachwinn Bridge and Autumn Bridge. Go into Eternal Autumn.

Eternal Autumn, Southeast Entrance

Talk to the guy there and he will tell you there is a giant spider in Eternal Autumn. Benoit wants to go home but Marine soldiers on. First take the path east.

Eternal Autumn East

One screen east you will find secret room #9 behind the sparkles. Now go north.

Eternal Autumn East, North

On this map you will find more sparkles, which hide room #8. You will also find Theos the Guru, who can cure you when you’re ill. However, he will only cure you when you’re VERY ill.

Go back to the first map of the forest, where you met the scared guy, and now go west.

Eternal Autumn West

This map is quite big, but if you follow the paths you should be fine. On the south edge of this map you will find Sandjak, who will ask you to find a vessel to collect the rain. You’ll find this (a pan) in the building one screen to the north from here (quest 5). Take it back to him and he’ll give you a kiss and an Intuition Pendant.

In the northwest corner of the map, near the northwest exit is a cave with an animal king (the Imp King – quest 38). Come back to this one once you’ve got more members in your party. Exit northeast from this map and you’ll get to a temple like the one in Green Grass.

Eternal Autumn West, Northeast

The temple has a sign you can’t read (Quest 26). Walk into the left pillar of the temple and find secret room #6. This room has a lot of magic orbs (probably enough for you to go back to the Guild of Magic and get your next quest) and a chest with an Ancient Extra Gem, which gives Jeanne her Omega spell.

Go back to the west map and then take the northwest exit. Make sure you’ve got your stats up when you do because you’ll have to fight a giant spider right away. Jeanne’s Omega works well on the spider.

Eternal Autumn West, Northwest

On this map is a house where you can sleep to heal up. The house also has the "deep receptacle" for Sandjak. There is a secret room (#9) in a lone tree directly north of where the spider was.

To finish quest #8, take the west exit from this map. It’s kind of hard to see but it is just southwest of the house.

Eternal Autumn, Poet’s Lake (West, Northwest, West)

You’re now in the Poet’s Lake area. In the northwest you’ll meet our friend Bokden again, who once again vanishes when you talk to him. Make your way to the middle of the lake, jumping for orbs on the way (you can’t get to them all). You will be ambushed by a giant owl. He’s quite hard to beat. I had Benoit breaking its armor with his Slash Hand spell, and then I had Benoit healing. Marine summoned Jeanne and with Jeanne’s blue sparkles I defeated the owl and all the imps it spawned.

Heal up and go to the center of the lake. There is a hooded man who tells you your mother is not dead, but he saw her in Toad Swamp (Quest 20). When he vanishes you’re attacked by another hooded man. You can heal up right there by the blue arrow.

On your way out you will be attacked by the owl again. Now rather than exiting from this map, go back one map and take the north exit. This gets you back to the world map near the Grand Hotel of Myst. Enter the hotel.

9. Teddy Bear

The little girl by the west stairs lost her teddy bear. Go up the stairs and find it.

10. Tricky Imp

Upstairs is a woman who was tricked by an imp in Eternal Autumn. It stole all her money. You won’t be able to finish this quest until later in the game when you’ve collected a lot of money (a good point is after you’ve found the treasure chest when you have the 4 map pieces). As soon as you’ve collected the money from the chest, go back to the Poet’s Lake area and the imp should attack you.

11. Be a Princess

In the northeast on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel a woman, Anna, wants to be a princess for a day. You need to show her a princess gown (there was one in one of the secret rooms but you can also buy them in the Traveller’s Acolyte near Mystrock for 1500G). Unfortunately, it’s not good enough for her. Take the dress to the enchantress in the northwest corner of the Guild of Magic (also near Mystrock) to have it enchanted for 1000G. Then take the dress back to Anna. She will take you to a magical place.

Make sure to pick up the mirror that’s lying around there before you talk to Anna again – you will need to give this to the Ugly Girl and it’s your only chance to get it!

12. Book of Winter

At the top of the east stairs in the Grand Hotel of Myst is Beatrice, who lost her Book of Winter. She last saw it in a very cold place called Crystal Crown. You will find the book inside secret room #25. Once you have it, first take it back to Beatrice and give it to her. Then you need to go back to the Guild of Mind near Mystrock and check the bookshelves there again (nothing visibly happens). Then go back to Beatrice – the book will now be in the chest of drawers in the room behind her. Now you can take it to the Guild of Mind to finish quest 4.

Go back to Poet’s Lake and exit west.

Go into Shumen, the town right outside Eternal Autumn. In Shumen there is more talk of spiders! And a whole slew of new quests.

13. Clean the Warehouse

In the northwest of Shumen village is a warehouse. Orzabal, the owner, tells you that the warehouse downstairs is infested with spiders. You’re better of attempting this when you have more party members, although in normal mode and with the weapons left over from MM1 I found it doable with just Marine, Benoit and Jeanne. Kill all spiders running around and interact with all objects, killing spiders until you get a message that you’ve killed them all.

14. The Tavern of Spirits

Among the trees to the left of the Shumen items shop is Ayden. He’s heard about a magical tavern in Shumen Forest called the Tavern of Spirits. He will have a reward for you if you can tell him where it is. The tavern is in Shumen Forest, very near the exit to Shumen Cave. Once you’re in Shumen Forest, find the map with the building in the center, then go one map north from there. The entrance to the Tavern is in the trees to the west of the cave entrance on the north side.

After you’ve been to the Tavern, go back to Ayden to complete the quest and get a young mandragore as a reward.

15. Hyper Son

In the house on the south side of Shumen is a woman, Clemence, whose son, Jerry, is completely hyperactive. She wishes he would calm down. To help her calm him down you need to give him a boring game to play. You will find the game inside the Tavern of Spirits.

16. Bryan

Go into Shumen items shop (and get some exquisite monkey meat while you’re there for a later quest). Dinara, who lives on the top floor of the shop, has lost her son Bryan. He went out to play in the woods to the west of Shumen and she hasn’t seen him since. You will find him later in the game in Gigantine’s Lair (west wing of the lair). Take him back to his mother and get the Hero Key as a reward.

17. Tough Illness

On the top floor of Shumen Inn is a girl, Sarah, who is very ill. You need to find her a cure. You only have one chance of doing this – miss it and you won’t be able to finish the quest. Later on in the game you need to kill a giant spider, Gigantine (quest 18). When you defeat her, Marine will have the pox.

The pox will wear off when you sleep in an inn, but in order to treat Sarah you need to go and see Theos the Guru in Eternal Autumn while Marine is still sick (he lives northeast from the east entrance). He will only sell you treatment (inbred mandragore) if you’re very ill, and he only considers the pox to be severe enough. You will probably lose Marine on the way to see him, but you’ll just have to revive her again. Take the cure back to Sarah.

18. Kill Gigantine

Go into the Shumen Inn and talk to the Chief’s wife, who is the innkeeper. She will tell you there is a giant spider, Gigantine, which lives on the other side of the mountains to the west. Her offspring are invading everything. She will give you 1000G if you kill it. Gigantine is the big spider scurrying around on the Spider Territory world map – you will get there later. She is VERY hard to beat. I’d leave it till very late in the game when Jeanne has some good boost options and Marine has her Solar Bomb (apparently, having Gravitron in your party is useful too). I found that having Marine equipped with the Virtuoso Belt also worked very well. Keep healing and reviving as much as you can!

Before you leave Shumen to go to Toad Swamp, check out the secret room in the well (#19). Also buy some exquisite monkey meat, as you will need this for quest 19.

Now leave the village and go north. Check out the Guilds of Resistance and Speed on your way, if you like, but they don’t have anything too interesting. Also ignore the cave in the northeast. It has one of the Animal Kings in it (Queen Twin) but you’re better off fighting it with more people and better equipment. Go to the northwest to the cave flanked by trees and go in. You’re now in Toad Swamp, where Marine’s mother was last seen.

You get a cut scene in which Lord Borgon and his spy are having a giggle about Marine having gone to look for her mother.

19. Offerings

Toad Swamp Entrance

Talk to the fairy, Dee. She’s pesky and fairylike and won’t let you get into the swamp without her. So she joins your group. Jeanne is a bit miffed but what can you do! You have to find Abu, the Swamp Guardian, who may know something about Marine’s mother.

While in the swamp, keep checking the vegetable patches for goodies. Scan them with your cursor until it changes into a magnifying glass. There are a lot of goodies scattered throughout the swamp and some of them come in handy later on. Also touch all the lit crystals because they give everyone in the party +1SP.

Ignore the east exit for now and keep going north. You’ll encounter a few ambushes, but nothing to serious.

Toad Swamp North

The route onwards on the second map is quite hard to see, but there are two jump spots to the other side – one is by the yellow flowers. Keep going north onto the next map.

Toad Swamp North, North

When you reach a small wooden sign, look east and find secret room #12 by the sparkles. Keep going north until you can go no further and then exit east.

Toad Swamp North, North, East

On the east side of this map you can jump to an island if you have the Air Sandals. On this island you can find snore peas, which you will need for a quest later. Keep going north (jump at the blue arrows) until you reach a boat. Just north of the boat is a large tree behind which you’ll find secret room #11. On the east side there is another jump spot to the east to some glowing crystals.

The boat belongs to Abu, the Swamp Guardian. Interact with it a few times. You need to give him an offering before he arrives. He won’t like normal monkey meat, but he does like the exquisite monkey meat you bought in the items shop in Shumen. Offer it and he’ll appear. Abu has indeed seen Marine’s mother in the swamp. Follow him to the island.

20. No Hope for My Mum

Toad Swamp Island

Carefully explore Toad Swamp Island while you’re there, as you have no chance to come back here later. Make sure you find the snore peas in the vegetable patches. There is also a secret room by the boat off to the right (#13). Go one screen north and inspect the tomb. Marine’s mother is dead – she fell through the quicksand. Marine is devastated. She asks Abu to come with them, but he refuses. Dee is coming, though! Abu takes you back to the boat.

In a cut scene we see Abu talk to a woman, Claryssa. It appears that she is Marine’s mother! She asks Abu to watch over Marine. Make your way back to the entrance of the swamp and Abu will catch up with you. He will join your team after all. Now go back to the first map of the swamp and go east.

Toad Swamp East

When you jump to the chest in the south of the first map, you will get stuck in quicksand. See quest 28 for a description. On this map you can go east again. If you’re playing hard mode, the Zombie King will be wandering around by the trees on the far east map. He’s quite tough – I’d come back to him later.

Toad Swamp East, East

21. Becoming a Poet

As soon as you leave the swamp, Abu will tell you he wants to learn your language better and become a poet. You need to find him a dictionary. You will find the dictionary in secret room #21.

22. Clean the Gallery

Now you need to go back to Shumen and find more fighters to go on your list. Three down, nine to go! Go into the inn and read the sign on the wall. Jezabel is looking for people to help her find her lost gripphin. Jezabel is in the middle of town, standing by the fence. Go talk to her. She will join you once you’ve helped her find her gripphin.

To do this, the chief needs to open the gate to the west for you. Go talk to him in the inn. Before he will open the gate, he wants you to clear out the spiders from his basement. He doesn’t really feel like letting you do this, but Jezabel convinces him to let you try. Go into the hole covered by the grate behind him and clear the space of spiders, just like you did in the warehouse. There is also a secret room down there, behind the sparkles (#17).

Once you’re done, go back to the chief. He will award you by teaching Marine more advanced Martial Arts techniques, using an… umbrella! Go back to Jezabel and she will join your party. She will join your list too, if you find her gripphin. Go to the east side of Shumen and you will see that the entrance to the mines is now open.

23. Find the Gripphin

Jezabel’s gripphin is in Gripphin Cave on Crystal Crown, very near the end of the game.

24. Repair Gravitron

This quest won’t be triggered until after you’ve finished quest 25. Check below for the locations of the three tech parts.

25. Go through Gigantine’s Lair.

Go into the mines on the east side of Shumen Village. Make your way through the cave and the first two forest maps (if you follow the path there really only is one way to go).

Shumen Forest 1

Shumen Forest 2

On the second map go all the way to the east and find a secret room (#19) in the dead end. The tree inside the room will give Marine +3Lv/50ST when her MP is higher than 500. Leave the room and make your way into the cave in the center of the map.

In the cave, in the east room, you’ll find secret room #15. On the other side of the water is the Pillar of Health, which gives all party members +10HP (and is part of quest 39). The blue orbs in the center can be reached once you have the air sandals. Exit south.

Shumen Forest 3

In the center of the next map is a house with the third map piece. The window on the left hand side hides another exquisite banana, if you didn’t get the one from room #5. Don’t use or sell this, as you need it for the Gorilla King later on. In the center of the map is a cave that has the Trickster King if you’re playing in hard mode. To find the exit you need to go east from the north side of the house.

Shumen Forest 4

The next map is where the Tavern of Spirits is hidden. It’s in the patch of trees east of the entrance to Shumen Cave (see image under quest 14).

Shumen Cave 1

Inside the cave you’ll find secret room #14 in one of the holes in the ground.

Shumen Cave 2

In the next cave, go south from the man who warns you not to go south and then just before you exit the cave at the next blue arrow, jump east to find secret room #18. Then exit at the blue arrow and you will find yourself back on the world map of the Westlands of Myst.

On this world map is another secret room (#21), at the north end between some mountains. However, if you go in and you’re carrying the exquisite banana, you will be attacked by the Gorilla King, who hits VERY hard! You may want to wait a little. Secret room #21 has a dictionary for Abu, and Themostlecle’s letters 1, 2 and 4. Use them on someone to give them extra mind (as far as I know there is no letter 3).

Go into the cave on the west side. It’s Gigantine’s Cave. You will meet Piu Piu again, who will join your team. I haven’t found any particular use for him yet. Exit north into Gigantine’s Lair.

Gigantine’s Lair 1

Keep going west until you can go to the next screen.

Gigantine’s Lair 2

Just west of the entrance there is a crack in the wall, which has secret room #20 behind it. A bit further down you will find Bryan hiding behind a stack of crates. He will join you. You need to take him back to his mother in Shumen (quest 16).

Go back to map 1 and then go south.

Gigantine’s Lair 3

Keep going south until you can go down the stairs. You’re in Gigantine Cave again. Jump to the right as soon as you get there to get to secret room #22. The chest there has the Virtuoso Belt (very good!!). Leave the secret room and go west. At the end of the big platform in the next room, jump straight west and you’ll meet Bokden again. Say hi. Keep going west, even when you’re on the ladder, until you’re out of the cave. Jump onto the little platform to the left of the cave exit to get a whole lot more orbs!

Spider Territory

The house in the spider territory right outside the cave is Frozam house. It has some nice weapons and armor. Upstairs you can find the Magical Key (finally!), which opens the locked chests for you. Jarkko will buy any diamond nuggets (which you can find on Crystal Crown) from you for 2777G a piece.

All the way in the north of the grassy area of Spider Territory is a house that Abu doesn’t want to go into because there is Ju-Ju there. Give him one of the snore peas you found in the swamp to get him to sleep and you’ll be able to get inside. In the north room you’ll find the final map piece. Touch the red pillar and the whole party gains 2 levels!

The house west of Ju-Ju is Lone Rock. You’ll find Bokden there again. All the way in the southeast of Spider Territory is a cave with the Lion King. Ignore the spider scurrying around until you feel ready to face it. It’s Gigantine herself, and she is VERY difficult to beat. Make your way around to the west and enter the cave there.

24. (continued) Repair Gravitron

In the frozen cave, go all the way north. Just after the big jump there is a secret room (#32) in the little alcove. Make your way through the cave and you’ll end up in the Ancient Temple. Touch the yellow pillar and you’re teleported to Norman’s HQ. He needs you to find 3 tech parts inside the Ancient Temple to repair Gravitron again. Check the teleportation device and find a 1500V orb. Talk to Norman and ask to go back to the northern exit to get into the temple.

Ancient Temple North

Go north one screen and walk to the second alcove with the big black pillars. The south side of the left pillar and the west side of the right pillar hide entrances to secret rooms (#28 and #29). Now go all the way north and west.

Ancient Temple West

Keep going west. In the wall with the 4 blue circles, one circle is brighter than the others. This is a secret room (#30). Now go west and north and find tech part #1 in a yellow chest.

Go back to the north map and then go east and instantly south. Tech part #2 is in a yellow chest there. Go back north and then east onto the next screen.

Ancient Temple East

Ancient Temple East East

Ancient Temple East South

You can explore this area at leisure, in the East East and East South sections of the temple you will find 2 pillars that you can’t light right now. To find the last piece (and the way out of the temple) you need to make your way around, go east and then instantly north again. Keep going north until you’re in a big room with many yellow chests (mainly on the west side of the room).

Ancient Temple East, North

Tech part #3 is in one of those chests. Ignore the exit on the north side for now but go back to the entrance to get teleported back to Norman. Give him the 3 tech parts and Gravitron will join your party.

Put Gravitron in your active party and make your way back through the temple and light the two pillars that you previously couldn’t light. Gravitron will light them and he gets some nice goodies. Now go back to the big room with all the yellow chests and take the north exit. Go through the ancient cave and you’re now on the last piece of the world map.

In the cave in the middle you’ll find the Ooze King (quest 35). In the northeast, the northernmost point of the map, next to the trees, you’ll find secret room #31. Inside this secret room you’ll meet Bokden again. Say hi to him, as usual.

Go back to the world map and enter the north cave. If you hadn’t killed the Gorilla King before, but you’re carrying the exquisite banana, you’re going to have to fight him now! So be prepared. By now he should be beatable, though.

Crystal Crown

The cave to the west of where you came in goes to a map with a locked house.

Crystal Crown Northwest

Other than some goodies scattered around there (on Crystal Crown you can find some nice weapons and armor, but this melts after you leave Crystal Crown), there is nothing to do on that map. Go back to where you came in and make your way around to the southeast and from there as far northeast as you can go to go to the next map.

Crystal Crown North

From this map first take the north exit.

Crystal Crown North, North

In the middle is a house with two chests and a cave. One of the chests contains the air sandals! Yay! You can now go back to all those hard to reach places you couldn’t get to before (equip the sandals on Marine). Inside the cave is Lisette, who will give you an unnumbered bonus quest! She wants you to light the Northern Lamp (see bonus quest below).

Go one screen back south. In the southeast corner jump to the lower platform and go east to the next map. There you need to jump east onto the pillars in the water.
Crystal Crown North, East

On the platform where you land, jump south for secret room #26. You can also jump north to a small area with lots of goodies. To continue with the main quest, go to the north end of the platform and exit east (the orbs can be accessed from the next map).

Crystal Crown North, East, East

At the start of this map, if you jump south twice and then go east east, you’ll get to the Northern Lamp. However, to continue with the quest, go east along the north side and exit north by the snowman that sells avalanche seeds.

Crystal Crown North, East, East, North

On the next map, enter the cave to get to Crystal Cave. Make your way through and find a secluded area of Crystal Cave. Jump into the little gap all the way in the south to find secret room #23. One of the chests holds the Boreal Light, which gives Jeanne the Mega Boost skill. To leave this area and go back to your main quest you need to jump across the platforms in the water. Go back to Crystal Crown.

Make your way up the first set of stairs and toward the second. To the left of the second set jump west to find secret room #24. In the chest there you find the Book of Winter! Yay! On the right hand side is a little crevice, jump across it from the south side and enter secret room #25. You can exit this room on the east side to get back to Crystal Crown.

Now make your way up the stairs and exit north, where you have to jump a series of pillars. You’ll be ambushed a few times on your way, but nothing too major. Keep going until you reach a lone cave. Jump to the right from the cave entrance to find secret room #27, then go into the cave and make your way through.

Crystal Crown Summit

On the next map you’ll find Gripphin Cave. First go past it to make your way to the top for some goodies and the Pillar of Magic (quest 39). Then go into the cave and approach the gripphin. It’s a long fight, but not particularly hard. I had the Virtuoso Belt on Marine, and made sure that everyone’s stats were kept up with Jeanne’s Mega Boost. When you’re done, Jezabel’s gripphin arrives and takes Marine and Jezabel to a high peak. After that you’re taken back to Green Grass.

When you get back to Green Grass, you apparently only have Marine and Jezabel in your party. You can get your other quest members back by going into the A menu. The game will end once you speak to the people outside Marine’s house, and then you will get the opportunity to save your game for Millennium 3. But you can continue with your side quests before you do that.

Enjoy your side quests!

26. Read the Sign

The temple in Eternal Autumn (from the west antrance go one map west, one south and one northeast) has a sign that Marine and Benoit can’t read. Go back once you have Abu in your party. All party members get +10HP/MP as a reward.

27. Find the 10 Charms

Once you’ve collected 30 red orbs for Mariah in the Guild of Magic near Mystrock, she will give you a new quest, which is to find 10 "charms" – which are bright purple and red signs like the one behind her on the wall. You couldn’t see them before, so you will have to go back to places you’ve already been to find them. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Turquoise cave
  • Guild of Speed (near Shumen)
  • Toad Swamp (two screens east from entrance)
  • Toad Swamp (near Abu’s boat)
  • Shumen village (house walls)
  • Eternal Autumn (northeast from east entrance, near healer)
  • Green Grass Pond
  • Guild of Mind (outside Mystrock)
  • Shrine of Myst in Midlands
  • On the wall in the Guild of Magic itself

Once you have the first 9 charms, go back to the Guild of Magic and tell Mariah that you have them all. She will concede that you’ve finished the quest, as the last one is behind her.

As a reward she will give you the Magical Orb of Truth and either more MP or a new spell for Marine (Solar Bomb). Have Marine equip the Magical Orb of Truth and you will be able to see 7 new items to collect: magical gates.

28. Escape the Underground Gallery

In Toad Swamp go one map east from the entrance. Instantly after the entrance you can jump north to an island with a pillar to find secret room #10. In the south of that map is a chest. Jump toward it and you will fall through quicksand! You’re under the ground and need to get out. To do this you need to find the dynamite, which is in the vase next to where you came in. Also pick up the second map piece – you won’t be able to come back here! Go east and you’ll meet Bokden again. Keep going east (all green orbs are accessible) until you reach a dead end. Use the dynamite on the wall and you’re out!

29. Find Bokden

Those of you who have played MM1 will remember Bokden, the elusive guy who keeps turning up in the most unexpected places only to disappear again as soon as you find him. In this game Bokden can be found in 7 different places, but the quest won’t be triggered until very close to the end of the game. You can find him in the following places:

  • Mystrock – southwest corner, behind a tree
  • Eternal Autumn – north of Poet’s Lake
  • Underground Gallery in Toad Swamp – when you sink through the quicksand
  • Gigantesse’s Cave – in the area with the huge pillars
  • Lone Rock – northwest in Spider Territory
  • Secret Room #31 – last world map, east of the entrance to Crystal Cave

If you’ve spoken to him in all these places the quest will be triggered when you get back to Green Grass after finding Jezabel’s gripphin. Talk to the little girl who is skipping around outside the items shop in the northwest. She will tell you Bokden is lost again somewhere in Green Grass. After this he will be found in:

  • Green Grass Temple (north, west and then twice north from Green Grass) – northwest corner of the map, in the water.

30. Martial Arts Lessons

Once Marine is level 30 go back to the Guild of Martial Art to get her promoted and get some better resistance etc. You can go back for more promotions at levels 40 and 50 (NB: in some older versions of the game this quest isn’t triggered when you go to the guild after reaching level 40).

31. Scorpion King

The Scorpion King lives near the lake in the southwest of the Mystrock territory world map. I played the game twice, once in normal mode with my weapons from MM1, and I beat the Scorpion King on my way to Mystrock with Karine and Hirado. In a new game in hard mode I beat the Scorpion King at around level 35, using Jeanne’s red Omega several times. As a reward you get the miracle key (which is NOT used to open chests).

32. Trickster King

The trickster king lives in Shumen Forest, in the cave east of the house (see image under quest 25). He can only be found when playing in hard mode. He doesn’t have too many HP, but it’s very hard to get a hit in! Use Jeanne’s mega boost so that at least the hits can be as hard as possible and keep reviving and curing everyone (I usually have Benoit do this). You get a lot of monkey meat and gorilla meat as a reward.

33. Queen Twin

Queen Twin is one of the animal kings. She lives in the cave on the world map to the northeast of Shumen. She hits hard but doesn’t have that many HP herself. I tried her in hard mode at level 35 and didn’t find her too hard to beat.

34. Zombie King

The Zombie King can only be found in hard mode. He lives two screens east from the entrance to Toad Swamp. Marine’s Solar Bomb works well on him. He has some spells that can kill someone in one blow, so make sure you have plenty of mandragores before attacking him. I killed him at level 48.

35. Ooze King

The Ooze King lives on the last world map (the one after the Ancient Temple) in the middle cave. Once you get here, he’s not too bad. Just unleash the strongest spells you have on him, like Marine’s Solar Power, Jeanne’s Omega and Gravitron’s Laser. This one is not available in easy mode.

36. Lion King

The Lion King lives in a cave in the far southeast corner of the grassy area of Spider Territory. Marine’s Solar Bomb works great on him. He hits hard, though, so you have to hit him hard back. The reward for killing him is the Spider Diadema. This one is not available in easy mode.

37. Gorilla King

The Gorilla King will attack you when you carry an exquisite banana (there are two in the game – one in secret room #5 and one in the window of the house in Shumen Forest). He will attack either when you’re trying to get into secret room #21 or when you get to Crystal Crown. By the time I got to Crystal Crown (level 40/45) I found him quite easy to beat.

38. Imp King

The Imp King lives in Eternal Autumn, in a cave one map west from the east entrance (near the northwest exit). In hard mode at level 35 he was very easy to beat. As a reward you get a Baccarah Bell, 1046G and Dam’bl’don Bell.

39. The Three Pillars of Power

Find and touch the three magical pillars scattered throughout the game. They are:

  • Pillar of Health – Shumen Cave (before map with house) – +10HP
  • Pillar of Magic – north of Gripphin Cave – +???
  • Pillar of Experience – behind the bookcase in the Guild of Mind, after you’ve returned the Book of Winter – +10,000XP

(NB: in some older versions of the game this quest isn’t triggered)

40. Find All 7 Magical Gates

Once you’ve found all the charms for the Guild of Magic, you will be asked to find 7 Magical Gates. You’re only able to see them when Marine has the Magical Orb of Truth equipped. The gates can be found in the following locations:

  • Shrine of Myst in Mystrock Territory (NB: in some older versions this one is missing)
  • Grand Hotel of Myst, upstairs
  • Shumen Forest, cave entrance on second map
  • Shumen Cave, second to last cave before world map
  • Entrance to Gigantine Lair
  • Ju-Ju, north room
  • Crystal Crown, inside secret room #26

Bonus Quest: Northern Lamp

Equip Marine with the air sandals and go one screen south from where you met Lisette (who gave you the quest). In the southeast corner jump to the lower platform, then go east to the next map (see image Crystal Crown North). There you need to jump east onto the pillars in the water. Then go to the north end of the platform and exit east, and on the next map jump south twice (see image Crystal Crown North, East, East). Then keep going straight east as far as you possibly can, paying close attention to jump points. On the next screen you’ll see an enormous pillar. Marine can jump to the top with the air sandals. At the top is the northern light. Light it and go back to Lisette for your reward.

With many thanks to the people on the Aldorlea forum for helping me find 3 of the secret rooms on Crystal Crown, and figure out how to solve both Book of Winter quests, trigger the Bokden quest and how to get into Ju-Ju!

Secret rooms

01 – Under floor tile after you’ve fallen through the bridge in the turquoise cave

02 – Rubble falling from wall in turquoise cave, just north of bridge (check the inside of the room carefully, there are many hidden items within the room)

03 – Hole in the ground in turquoise cave

04 – in Mystrock East, behind window at north end of map. Has locked chest.

05 – World map, Mystrock area. Enter a few times to get all ladders. Check vines.

06 – Eternal Autumn shrine

07 – Eternal Autumn, lone tree north of big spider

08 – in Eternal Autumn, northeast (sparkles)

09 – in Eternal Autumn, east (sparkles)

10 – Toad Swamp, in pillar on island near quicksand

11 – Toad Swamp, behind tree near Abu’s boat

12 – Toad Swamp (sparkles)

13 – Toad Isle, in little boat

14 – Shumen cave, hole in ground

15 – Shumen cave, sparkles

16 – Shumen Forest, dead end on third map

17 – Shumen, spider area below chief’s house (sparkles)

18 – Shumen Cave, pillars near exit

19 – Shumen, giant barrel

20 – Gigantine Lair, crack in wall west

21 – Westlands of Myst world map – between the blue mountains in the north

22 – Gigantine Cave, jump right after coming down the stairs

23 – Crystal Crown, through cave on way to summit

24 – Crystal Crown, west of steps

25 – Crystal Crown, inside room #24

26 – Crystal Crown, south of Lisette and before going east (see image Crystal Crown North, East)

27 – Crystal Crown, just before entering lone cave on summit

28 – Ancient Temple, black column left

29 – Ancient Temple, black column right

30 – Ancient Temple West (west wing) – light behind circle on wall

31 – Spider Territory world map – northernmost point

32 – Frozen Cave (Order of the White Gripphin in chest)