Miitomo Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Miitomo is a social app / game experience from Nintendo. In Miitomo, you and your friends earn in-game rewards by answering silly questions about each other, and by sharing edited photos called “Miifotos.” Gamezebo’s Miitomo tips, cheats and strategies will help you earn big money by sharing pictures of your unholy cat / Mii hybrid.

Make lots of friends

Well, obviously. After all, Miitomo is a social app, and social apps don’t work unless you have friends who use it alongside you. But there’s more to the story with Nintendo’s network. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, it’s quite impersonal, and contains a degree of anonymity because it uses Miis and nicknames in lieu of real photos and real names. Moreover, the questions the app asks you are light-hearted and fun, so you’re not likely to reveal any horrible secrets about your personal life, unless you really try. You can also opt out of any question.


All that said, the more friends you have on Miitomo, the more rewards you earn, and the more fun you get out of the app. So don’t be shy about selecting the friends the app suggests to you. Just make sure to link up your Twitter and Facebook accounts for maximum efficiency.

Log in every day and check your daily rewards

Miitomo is an app that’s meant to be checked every day, several times a day. Make sure you log in at least once a day to collect rewards like gold coins and game tickets.

Check out the “My Nintendo Missions” for My Nintendo Points

Miitomo is linked directly to My Nintendo, Nintendo’s new rewards program (and a replacement for Club Nintendo). Make sure to check out the “My Nintendo Missions” via the app’s main menu to start earning platinum coins. Performing simple actions in Miitomo, like answering a certain number of questions or sharing a certain number of photos, will pay off in the near future!


When you first boot up the app, tap on your thought bubble to get personalized thoughts from friends

If you want to feel special, tap your thought bubble as soon as you boot up your app. You’ll see the one-on-one answers from friends that list your special qualities, and what they like best about you. It’s a nice little morale boost!

Participate with Miitomo at a steady pace to earn lots of coins and game tickets

Use Miitomo often to earn a small but steady trickle of coins. Coins go back into buying clothing and accessories for your Mii, plus you can use them to play the Miitomo Drop game for special limited edition outfits.


If you’re particularly popular and you interact with a lot of people, your level will go up. When you ascend, you’re granted free tickets for the Miitomo Drop game. This is a great way to save your coins for other pursuits.

Check the shop every day for deals. The inventory changes every day

If you played Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo 3DS, then you’re already familiar with Miitomo’s shifting wardrobe. The in-game shop switches its inventory every day, so check in to make sure you’re not missing something you love!

Changing at least one article of clothing per day will earn you rewards, too.

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