Mighty Pirates Walkthrough

Mighty Pirates is a Facebook game developed by CrowdStar. Explore the high seas, fight with other pirates to steal treasure maps, fill up your treasure room, upgrade your ship and go on quests to become the best pirate. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Mighty Pirates by referring to this quick start guide.

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Mighty Pirates – Game Introduction

Mighty Pirates is a Facebook game developed by CrowdStar. Explore the high seas, fight with other pirates to steal treasure maps, fill up your treasure room, upgrade your ship and go on quests to become the best pirate. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Mighty Pirates by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Pirate Currencies

There are several currencies that are used in the game to progress. As a pirate you need resources and the energy to explore and continue on with your adventure. There are two types of energy points you need.

  • Island Energy
  • This is needed when you explore an island and gather resources. You can regain energy by either waiting for it to be replenished every 5 minutes, buy it from the store with Facebook credits, ask friends to help or collect fruit snacks when gathering resources.
  • Battle Energy
  • You need battle energy when you fight other pirates to gain treasure maps. Each battle will cost you 3 points. You regain points by waiting for it to be replenished or ask friends to give you some.
Mighty Pirates

To upgrade your ship, you need several resources.

  • Coins – You gain coins when you go into battle, fight off pirates in islands and digging up holes in the sand.
  • Wood – Explore an island cut down trees to gain more wood.
  • Iron, Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Titanium – you can collect these from rocks and skeletons
Mighty Pirates

Explore Islands for Resources

Each territory will have several islands which you can explore. In the main screen, you can pick an island and click on it to travel there. Remember to scroll around or switch to full screen mode to see all the islands.

Mousing over each island will show its name and how much of the island you’ve explored. Your goal is to gather all the resources available on that island. You’ll notice that some islands have a black flag. This means you’ve already traveled to that island. Those that don’t have flags means you haven’t explored that piece of land yet.

Mighty Pirates

Take note that not all islands have the same available resources except wood. Start collecting by chopping trees, digging holes in the sand and skeletons, opening up barrels, chipping through stones and cutting grass. Mousing over each item will indicate how many island energy points you need to collect the resource.

Mighty Pirates

Once you’ve explored all the islands in a territory, you can set sail to another one by clicking on steering wheel. You can do this every 24 hours. Important: Once you’ve moved to another territory, you can’t go back to the previous one so make sure to explore all islands first.

Improve your Ship at the Shipyard

Constantly upgrade your ship to make sure you’re always victorious in your battles. As you progress through the game and gain more resources, you’ll be able to purchase higher upgrades in your shipyard.

At the store, you can purchase the following:


When picking cannons, look at the best available item that is needs the lowest number of crew members, the highest damage and accuracy. In the example below, the Fierce Cannon 9 is better than the Cannon 8, having 83-125 damage points, 81% accuracy when hitting enemy ships and only needs 1 crew member.

Mighty Pirates

Take note that the Fierce Cannon is more expensive since you need 3 pieces of steel to purchase it. Check your resources and decide whether you’d like to invest in this cannon. Special items which are expected to have high hit rates can be purchased with Facebook credits.


Upgrading them will increase your ship’s health points. Most can be purchased with coins and wood, both being the basic resources you need and easiest to collect.


Having hulls that can accommodate more cannons are beneficial and a must. Pick one that have high health points and more cannon space. Special items purchased with Facebook credits are usually fire resistant.

Mighty Pirates


Purchasing bows will help increase your health points.

For decorative purposes to make your ship unique, you can purchase ornaments, portholes, sails, decorative items and change the paint of your ship. No battle benefits for these items since they are purely for aesthetics.

Man the Ship with Crew Members

Before going into battle, you need to add crew members to your ship. As you level up, more crew members will be unlocked and a vacancy will be available. It’s recommended that you choose from your neighbors and add them to your crew.

Click on the green plus sign to add a crew member and a window will show you a list of neighbors that are playing the game. Choose someone who has better stats in terms of damage, accuracy and defense points.

Mighty Pirates

Once you’ve hired them, their avatar will be added to your crew list. Mouse over each one and see if they’re active. You can opt to fire them and have them “walk the plank” and choose another friend to be part of your crew or “wake them up” to make them active. You’ll notice that when a crew member is inactive, their stats drop to 1 point each.

Mighty Pirates

The benefit of having more crew members is that you have more actions available to you during a battle. You can then have several fire cannon shots, 1 to repair your ship and even 1 to improve the accuracy of your cannons. If you only have 1 or just yourself manning the ship, it will take more turns to defeat your enemy.

Go into Battle for Treasure Maps

Any pirate’s goal is gather as many treasures and fill up their treasure room. There are many pirates wanting the same treasure and the maps are owned by several. To get a piece of each map, you have to go into battle.

In the main screen, check the maps that you still need. Scout for a ship that has the map and click on it to start the attack. Mousing over each ship will indicate the map number they own and required battle points.

Mighty Pirates

Here’s a tip: Look at the size of the ship and how it is customized. The bigger they are, the chances are that they have more cannons and health points. Prepare and upgrade your ship first or else you will be defeated. Prioritize smaller ships first to get the maps.

When you succeed in sinking the enemy ship, you’ll get a map piece to help complete it.

Take note that you need to complete the pieces as soon as you can. There is a chance that you’ll be attacked by another player and lose map pieces. This will affect your progress.

Mighty Pirates

Your Stats as Captain

Every time you level up, you’ll be given a certain number of points to distribute. Increase damage, defense and accuracy points to help you in your battles. You can redistribute the points at any time but you’ll also need to purchase with some credits.

Mighty Pirates

Click on your name at the upper right corner and it will open a window showing the number of battles you’ve won and lost. You can opt to reset your record at any time but you’ll have to spend Facebook credits to do so.

The number of treasures you’ve found will also be shown.

Duel with Neighbors

Instead of visiting neighbor’s ships, you can add more experience points if you duel with them. This is good to do when you need extra experience points to level up faster without the cost of battle points. This adds up to your wins and losses but will not gain any map pieces.

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