Mighty Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Mighty Match is a new hybrid Match-3/adventure game from Gigataur Corporation. While it’s fairly simple to pick up and play, there’s always room to learn more. Gamezebo’s Mighty Match Tips, Tricks and Strategies guide is here to get you started on your path to heroism.

Knowing the Basics

Mighty Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mighty Match works a lot like regular Match-3 games, but it also really doesn’t. You swipe to move around, with your bird hero moving tiles as he travels. That means you need to plan each move carefully.

Three or more matching tiles are collected and immediately vanish, causing all tiles above them to drop lower. Sometimes this is advantageous, while other times it causes a group of enemies to drop right in front of you.

There’s no rush to make a move, so take it easy and look ahead to see what could happen.

Gaining experience and gold

Mighty Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Experience and gold are crucial to your overall success. Experience means you level up faster, gaining some bonuses along the way, while gold helps you buy upgrades.

Both are best earned through completing each level’s objective. On the left side of the screen, you can tap on the icons to see what’s expected of you. Aim to complete as many of these as possible. Some are easier than others, but you can usually scratch a couple of the list easily enough.


You also earn experience for defeating enemies.

You don’t have to battle every enemy in front of you. Sure, it’s helpful but sometimes, you’re better off rushing to the exit if your health bar is a little low. Learn when to escape. Enemies won’t follow you, so you’ve got the advantage here.

Remember – magic helps a lot. Early on, you have a fireball spell and a healing spell. The former inflicts some damage on your enemies, while the healing spell, well, heals you a little.

As you earn more money, you can unlock new spells such as a more powerful fireball, a spell that moves tiles around, a freeze attack and so forth. A lot of this depends on how you like to play. Focus on what works best for you.


Mighty Match Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You want to upgrade on a regular basis. Mighty Match offers plenty of options so it can be confusing to know what to aim for.

In terms of equipment, you’ve got three choices. You can upgrade your sword, boosting your physical strength, your shield boosting defense, and your mana holding capabilities for magic. Each of these offers 5 levels before you have to pay extra to unlock the next best piece of gear. It’s simply laid out, so it’ll take you seconds to make that call.

Don’t forget the new magic spells also available. They’re on a separate screen, offering plenty of cool options as detailed above. Some are only available once you upgrade your mana to a certain level, though.

No one’s going to blame you for focusing your money on being physically stronger. It’s just down to personal taste. However, do try to be somewhat balanced in what you upgrade. Generally, offering a strong physical attack isn’t much use if you get knocked out in the space of a few attacks. Keep it balanced.

Easy coin

Want to gain some gold quickly and with little effort? At regular points, you can choose to watch an ad in exchange for some gold. On the top right of the level select screen is the option.

You can do it repeatedly too, making for an effective if slightly dull way of gaining some fast money. It’s particularly great to do early on when you’ve got plenty of upgrades to choose from. I went from 40ish coins to over 700 in the space of a couple of minutes of watching videos. Do so while doing other things, and the time goes faster.

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