Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Mighty Battles is the latest title from Hothead Games, best known for its Kill Shot franchise. Playing out kind of like Clash Royale but with a few tricks up its sleeve, your mission is simple – destroy enemy bases and work your way up the rankings.

To do so, you need to build a squad of powerful and effective units before leading them into battle. It’s a straight forward enough premise but with a scattering of free to play elements and some other quirks, you’re going to need a helping hand.

Gamezebo’s Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies is that helping hand, guiding you through the basics of Mighty Battles, and ensuring you might yet be a Commander to be reckoned with one day.

Setting Up Your Squad

Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Your squad is made up of a series of units. You’re only able to have a deck of 8 cards/units at a time so you need to choose wisely what to make available.
  • Ideally, you want a mixture of unit strengths. If you solely have helicopters and tanks, you’ll have powerful units but very few of them. You need some cannon fodder too to balance things out.
  • I prefer to have a flamethrower unit over a bombing run card that inflicts instant damage, but it’s a fairly personal choice. Experiment early on and before you start upgrading cards too quickly.
  • Once you’ve gained a sufficient number of one card, you can upgrade that unit for a price. Bucks are quite hard to come by so you don’t want to upgrade units without thinking it through first.
  • Focus on solely upgrading your favorite units early on. You want to have a strong core pack before experimenting too far and wide.

Battling it Out

Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Pick what cards you’re going to use in battle wisely. There’s no point using an EMP style blast to slow vehicles down if there aren’t any vehicles to slow down. It’s a waste of your energy.
  • Don’t forget you have two lanes to defend. Keep your soldiers moving down each side in a quite balanced way. They can’t fire across the line meaning you have a problem if one lane is empty of allied troops but full of enemy units.
  • Don’t rely solely on the high energy units. Safety in numbers is paramount here.
  • Remember you have your own turret too. You simply tap on what you want to shoot at to inflict some damage. Early on, I focus on the enemy HQ before picking off stray soldiers that my units are overlooking. Your turret can’t inflict much damage to the enemy HQ but it adds up quite fast and can make all the difference.

Crates are Great

Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Crates contain a lot of fun and good stuff. You’re given them through a variety of different methods.
  • Crates offer a selection of cards and currency, each keen to help strengthen your squad.
  • A free crate is dished out to you every four hours, simply for existing. You can watch an advert to reduce the timer by an hour but mostly, you just want to be checking in regularly throughout the day.
  • Damage crates are earned through regular battles. You earn a few stars each time you fight someone with 16 unlocking the damage crate. Because they’re slightly trickier to gain, the rewards are generally better than a free crate.
  • You’re also given crates for winning battles. These take varying lengths of time to unlock. Some may take 10 hours or more but the longer you have to wait, the better the prize.
  • You’re given 4 crate slots so there’s plenty of room to leave them to unlock slowly. The downside is that only one can unlock at a time. You can always speed things up by watching adverts or using the gold currency to unlock them.

Unlocking New Content

Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Check out the achievements section frequently. There’ll be a number next to them once you’ve finished a few objectives but it’s down to you to check in to actually gain the bonus.
  • When you hit level 3, you’ll unlock the ability to create your own clan or join an existing one. There, you can share cards/units with others as well as work towards clan objectives together. It makes a substantial difference to your productivity.
  • Hitting level 4 unlocks events which further enhances the potential for gaining more useful stuff.
  • The problem with all this? The path to level 4 is a little rough going and slow. Expect to have a few units that you can’t adequately upgrade until you get fully invested into the game.

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