Merge Plane: Unlock Every Plane


Still playing Merge Plane? Of course you are. This is one idle clicker that sinks its claws into you and doesn’t let go. Now you may have seen our previous Tips piece on the game (it’s right here) a month or so back, but could still be struggling with the game.

In particular how exactly what you have to do to unlock the top level biplanes. Stuff like the Imperial-C and back-S. Well worry no more, as our strategies and tips below will help you unlock these in no time at all. You’ll be soaring high in the leaderboard in no time.

  • Don’t get sentimental Once you start getting the higher level planes combining, the space on your strip can be limited. With that in mind you may well have to start throwing some planes in the bin, regardless of whether they are of a high level. Learning to know when to throw certain planes away is key to getting the top planes, and fast.
  • Stay patient Merge Plane is like any idle clicker game – playing it for too long can turn your mind into mush, and there’s really only so much you can achieve in every session. Watching videos online where they speed the gameplay up can only frustrate, so we’d recommend avoiding them too.

  • Set a schedule Following on from the tip above, it may be a good idea to set a schedule of when you play the game – even if it’s just to play for a few minutes every day. That way you can keep an eye on your planes and upgrade using the funds you’ve accrued while you’ve been inactive.
  • Act fast Once you boot up the game after being away the second highest unlocked plane will be free by watching an ad. We strongly advise you take that up, and you can even repeat this trick multiple times if you have the time on your hands.
  • Don’t let gem values distract you There are several planes that cost gems to buy, but don’t let that distract you into thinking you need to buy loads of the purple blighters via in-app purchases.

  • Ignore the rankings It’s easy to keep checking the Leaderboards to see where you rank next to other players, but they’re not always a good indication of where you actually are in the game. They’re also only for a small local area of players, not globally. So keep your eyes off them and simply focus on levelling up your planes – as high scores will soon follow.
  • Turn back time Now this is a bit of a cheat, but if you’re of questionable morals read on. You can really mess with the game by signing in to collect your offline income – and then set the time on your phone ahead by a few hours to gather it up again. If you do this make sure you stock up on all the offers the game offers too (see ‘Act fast’ above).

  • Make it not so There was a Star Trek update for the game recently, with special planes created specially for it – but that has now long gone. Whether for legal reasons or otherwise. So don’t get caught up by trying to unlock those now, as they aren’t around – at least for now.
  • Make sure you’ve updated And finally, a simple tip. Make sure you’re playing the latest version of Merge Plane. New planes are added in groups of ten and you could be missing out simply by not downloading the latest update. And you certainly don’t want that, do you. No. You don’t.

Go and unlock those top level planes for yourself right now by downloading Merge Plane via the App Store and Google Play. Also check out our first tips piece on the game right here.

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