Merge Plane Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Merge Plane is another idle game. You know the drill – it’s effectively a management sim, but with bright colours and stacks of achievements that mask gameplay that is almost horrendously addictive.

Make no mistake though, being good at Merge Plane is not all plane (sic) sailing. Here are our top ten tips on how you can help see your score soar to new heights.

  • Don’t spend gems on planes The game tempts you into using hard-earned gems on new planes, but don’t be fooled. Your money is much better spent on speed upgrades (to, obviously, increase the speed your planes go around the track) or spins on the wheel. The latter are expensive, but the rewards they dish out – such as coin increases are almost always worth it.
  • Do the math The amount planes cost you to place on your landing strip do not stay the same. In fact they increase with every single one you purchase. So keep an eye on how much they cost, as buying two level one planes may be far more cost effective than buying a single level two flying machine.
  • Keep the planes running It’s tempting to spend all your time buying new planes and combining them to create better machines on the parking apron, but it’s all too easy to leave your track empty as a result. So make sure you have some planes running, otherwise valuable cash is simply slipping through your fingers.
  • Focus on keeping higher-ranked planes So keep your planes running, but be watchful of what you have on the track too. Try to keep a higher number going round than you do on the parking apron. So if, for example, you have 6 planes on your track it’s best to have a 4-4-4-4-2-1 combination than a 6-6-3-1-1-1.

  • Pay notice to the air controller That guy isn’t in the bottom left corner just for decoration. He can offer you quests in game, and there are stacks of achievements that help keep your gems topped up that you probably haven’t even realised you’ve completed. Trust us, go and check now. Go!
  • Keep watching the skies Every now and then a UFO turns up and scampers across the top of the screen. It only offers a speed boost via watching an ad, but this is marginally better than many of the rewards offered by watching an advert.
  • Watch out for free planes Keep an eye on the shop, as – like the UFO – a sign will start dancing in front of the shop. All you have to do it watch a short video for a new jet. The longer you’ve been playing the better the plane too.
  • Beware the bin Bit of an odd one this, but it can be easy to accidentally dump planes into the bin at the bottom of the screen by accident. So watch out, as there’s no undo function.
  • Avoid the tournaments A recent update added in-game tournaments, but there have been many cases of winners not receiving their rewards – so it’s best to avoid this mode. At least until a future update patches things up.
  • Watch the adverts It may sound obvious, but it’s a simple fact – game developers want you to watch video ads in their games, and they make it more than worthwhile to do so. You can get free planes, spins, gems, and much more besides from watching a terrible ad – and you don’t even have to watch it really. Just put your phone down and take a sip of drink while it plays out.

You can use these tips for yourself right now by downloading Merge Plane via the App Store and Google Play.

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