Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster Walkthrough

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Making movies is not as easy as watching them.  Check out our strategy guide and walkthrough for Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster.


Relaxed: There is no timer, so you play until you reach goal. Because of this, there is no way to achieve an expert or master score, and you can’t use “madness” mode or rapid clicks to speed up customers after the movie starts.

Normal: This is the main game play mode. You are timed, but the customers have higher patience.

Hard: Locked until you beat the game on normal. The customers are “cranky” with less patience.

Insane: Locked until you beat the game on normal. Total insanity!


As the tutorial begins, you have 5 theaters inside your brand new Megaplex. The place isn’t finished yet, so that means you need to do some shopping! You have $500 to spend.

In the upgrade screen, you can buy a second box office station to serve more than one customer at a time. 

You can also buy a second theater entrance to serve more customers. 

Once you’ve finished shopping, it’s time to play! Your first customer comes into the theater, and she wants a movie ticket. You can move her to the ticket station by clicking on her, and dragging her over the target, and releasing the mouse. Once she’s at the station, the attendant will automatically take care of her, and you’ll have to wait a few seconds.

Over her head in a thought bubble, you’ll see a movie camera icon, which lets you know what she needs next. Once she has her ticket, she’s ready to go see the movie. Like before, you need to click and drag the customer to the next station, and wait for the attendant to assist her.

Underneath each customer’s thought bubble, you’ll see a bunch of red hearts. The more hearts a customer has, the more cash you will earn for serving him. Each heart is worth $1.

You can use the cash earned in the game to buy and upgrade new stations for your megaplex, and to meet the daily income goal.

In order to advance, you need to meet the target income goal, shown at the bottom of the screen. In normal mode, this needs to happen before the day runs out.

Some customers are more patient than others.

Characters become frustrated if they lose 2 hearts in a row. When this happens, they will make a horrible grunting noise and try to walk out!

You can grab the furious customer before he leaves, and drag him back to the appropriate service station.

Customers do NOT lose hearts when you are holding onto them.

Sometimes, nature calls… You can drag your customers to the gender-appropriate restroom to take care of that.

Customers might want a tub of buttery popcorn before the film. They can get this at the popcorn station.

Customers each have an associated color, which matches the color of their clothing. When you place a customer onto a station, her clothing color is left behind as a marker.

You earn extra cash for making color combos. This is done by having customers with the same color clothing use the same stations consecutively. Each time you chain a customer of the same color type, you earn an extra $1.

If you can do this 5 times in a row, you can also earn a free arcade token. To collect it, place a customer over the station.

In the beginning, you can only gain up to 5 customers in a row, but with upgrades you can later increase this to 10.

You don’t have to play the advanced tutorial, but completing it can earn you $400 in free upgrades for your theater. Now that’s a nice incentive.

If a customer asks for something you don’t have, like pizza if you haven’t bought a pizza station, you can…erm…make him change his mind by picking him up and violently shaking him back and forth. Whether it’s persuasion or brain damage, I don’t know, but he’ll forget what he wanted and pick something else.

Like the original, you can swap customers with opposite needs in order to earn a swap combo. If Jane wants pizza and John wants a ticket, and each is standing in the opposite spot, you can drag one customer on top of the other and release. Each is now happy, and you earn even more cash.

Customers also have favorite stations. Grampy and Granny, for example, like the restrooms. The Nerd likes arcade games. The Cowgirl likes popcorn, and Cletus, well…we’re not sure what he likes because he changes his mind so frequently. Jack and Jill are impatient kids with a candy addiction.

As in the first game, you can play the arcade game to earn an extra heart for your customer (note that this is different from the token arcade game). You can earn as many as 6. To play, click the blinking light over the console. Repeat three times, and the game is over. You don’t need to play if you are busy, but you won’t earn the heart.

The gumball station is another place to earn an extra heart. Drag the handle downwards, and then make a complete rotation.

You have a limited amount of time each day until the movie starts. This is shown by the NOW PLAYING sign in the left hand corner. Once the movie has started, you can click on customers for a speed boost.

If you’ve met your target daily goal, you can still keep playing to try for the expert or master goals.

If you reach the expert goal on any level, you’ll earn arcade tokens. These can be used to play the arcade minigames.

If you can reach the master goal on any level, you’ll unlock neat theater decorations later in the game. These decorations attract more customers to your theater.


You can play the arcade minigame from the map screen, if you have earned any tokens. Click the PLAY button in the arcade area

There are 5 to unlock. For all of the arcade games, the goal is to fill up the scoring meter.

In Bubble Blast, you play a version of a marble popper, where you must shoot out balls, hitting others and matching 3 or more of the same color. You can right click or hit the space bar to swap to the next ball.

In Spring Jumper, you move the mouse left and right to control the kangaroo. Try to land on different springs to make the kangaroo jump. Sometimes you need to bounce on the same spring more than once to get maximum height. You can try to jump high enough to skip springs for more points.

Dancing Star is a spoof on Dance Dance Revolution. Click the arrows when they pass over the blue bar.  You will earn more if the arrow is in the center of the blue bar when clicked. If arrows go past the blue bar, you’ll lose the game.

Krazy Kangaroo is a simple platformer. You move the mouse left and right to guide the kangaroo. Click and hold the mouse button, and then release to jump. The longer you hold the mouse, the higher the jump. Look out for birds and tall trees!

In Stack Attack, you play a basic match 3. Click on balls which are grouped in 3 or more of the same color. If the balls reach the top of the screen, you will lose the game. You can try to watch which balls are coming up from the bottom to see if you can pop are larger group. This will earn you the most points.

Once you’ve started playing the arcade games, it’s a bit awkward to get back to the main game. You have to select MENU > MAP, and then you can go back to wherever you left off. You can play these games from the main screen as well, under Arcade.

You can earn money towards upgrades by playing arcade games, and hitting the targets on the score meter. To earn the most money, you want to continually hit new targets.


You can grab the furious customer before he leaves, and drag him back to the appropriate service station.

Customers do NOT lose hearts when you are holding onto them. This means you can hold a customer to keep him happy while you’re busy with other people. However, you’ll still need to put him down in order to grab onto others.

If you reach the expert goal on any level, you’ll earn arcade tokens. Playing arcade games can help you earn upgrades.

If you can reach the master goal on any level, you’ll unlock neat theater decorations later in the game. These decorations attract more customers to your theater.

Keep your eye on the customer forecast to spend your money wisely, picking upgrades that will be most helpful.

Once the movie has started, you can click on the bullseye above a customer’s head for a speed boost.

If you want to prioritize, you will earn the highest income of you work on keeping customer hearts high first, making color combos second, making swap combos third, and keeping the most customers in your theater fourth.

Sometimes it’s more important to keep you color combos going than to lose a single heart on a customer.


If you get stuck, try to buy all available upgrades.

Remember, you get to keep the money you’ve earned, even if you fail a level.

Look at the customer forecast, and give priority to those stations most required.

Try to take advantage of all combos.

Alternately, there is always Relaxed Mode! This game is TOUGH.


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