Megaplex Madness: Now Playing Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Megaplex Madness: Now Playing. GOALS There are 3 goals that you can achieve in this game. Target-This is the minimum amount of money that you can earn if you are to pass a level. Expert-When you reach the expert score you will be given an Arcade Token. Master-When you reach the Master level, you will be able to make a much needed repair to your theater. You can look at the bottom of the page and you will see a piece of film on the ground. As you score…

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  • There are 3 goals that you can achieve in this game.
  • Target-This is the minimum amount of money that you can earn if you are to pass a level.
  • Expert-When you reach the expert score you will be given an Arcade Token.
  • Master-When you reach the Master level, you will be able to make a much needed repair to your theater.
  • You can look at the bottom of the page and you will see a piece of film on the ground. As you score points the film will slowly turn red.
  • At certain intervals you will notice that there are certain markers that indicate how far you are away from each goal. If you see that you’re close to your goal and time is running out, work faster to get everyone through the line as fast as possible.
  • You can hover your mouse over the meter at the bottom of the page and it will tell you how much money is needed to win each ranking. Use this information to help you determine how much more you need to earn in order to complete a level.
  • On the map page, you will see a filled circle for every level that you completed. The levels that have a star, are the levels in which you just hit the target score. The ones that have the "E" are the ones in which you reached the Expert score and the ones with the "M" are the ones in which you reached the Master score.


  • If you restart a level in the middle of it, you will not be able to choose the upgrades over. If you fail a level, you can use that money to buy upgrades when you replay it.
  • At the beginning of the level it will tell you what the customer forecast is. It will tell you what type of customers you will have along with the colors that will be in for the day. Pay attention to the forecast since it will help you plan for the level ahead.
  • If you see that the male and female signs over the bathroom have a green tint going around it, it means that there is somebody in there and you have to wait until they are done before you place them.
  • The customers do not have to be served in a certain order, they will sometimes come in and ask to go straight to the bathroom or to buy some food. You have to give them their request as they ask for it. If you have not purchased an item that a customer is requesting you can grab them and shake them back and forth until they ask for something else.
  • When you start a new location you will have to buy your upgrades all over again.
  • An attendant will automatically move over to an empty station if a customer is waiting for them there.
  • You don’t have to buy your upgrades the moment they are presented, save your money for the next round so you can buy two of the same upgrades at once. You can also save your money for the next location. Whatever money you have at the end of one location will transfer on to the next theater.


  • You can grab people and place them as they are walking through the door, you do b=not have to wait for them to reach the end of the line. It will save you time if you place them as they are walking in. In this game every few seconds count so make the most of the little time you have.
  • Master the art of dropping the customers onto the pads, you don’t have to drop them exactly on the pad. If you hold them in front of the booth, they will usually land in place. you just have to make sure that the station is highlighted (has a white line around it) before you drop the person.
  • The game does not have too many types of customers and at times it can be hard to distinguish them but it is a good idea to take care of the most impatient people first since they lose hearts faster. The seniors can wait longer than most people since they have a lot of patience, leave them for last.
  • Get in the habit of placing people in the same spots all the time. From the beginning of the game, I got used to placing the people that are dressed in red in the first spot, the people in blue in the second and the people in green in the third spot. This way I didn’t have to think too hard about placing people. This method works best for the ticket booths. When it comes to the popcorn and pizza stations I would try to make as many color matches as possible since there wasn’t a booth available for each color.
  • In levels in which there are a lot of people coming in do not bother to match colors since waiting for a color to open up will make people in line impatient and leave. It is better to get people moving through stations as fast as possible so you can keep the lines moving. The best time to color match is in the earlier levels when you don’t have too many people coming through the door.
  • It can be tough to reach even the target score in this game at times if you don’t have the proper upgrades. That’s why sometimes it is better to fail a level just so you can make extra money to buy better upgrades. When you fail a level, it lets you keep the money you earned from the failed attempt. This can really help you along in the next level since you will be able to buy extra help or buy upgrades which will make your equipment move faster.
  • If you do decide to replay a level, make sure that you remember what station people were going to the most so you can make sure that you upgrade that particular station. Even  though each level plays out differently some of the dynamics stay the same. If you were getting a lot of people that wanted to buy pizza in a level, then make sure you either get an extra attendant or buy an extra station when you replay a level.
  • Prioritize your upgrades- You don’t want to buy upgrades just any kind of way, make sure you think of your choices before you make them. I would always upgrade the ticket booths first since I wanted to keep the people into the theater as fast as possible. The next thing I would upgrade were the ticket takers since you want to get people in the theatre as soon as possible.
  • When you upgrade your equipment try to make upgrades to 2 of the same station at once. That way you can keep people moving through a specific line at the same pace. For example, I would try to upgrade the ticket booths to run at the same speed so that people could move out of that line quickly allowing the people coming in faster access to the theater.
  • It’s important to upgrade your bathrooms at least once because you want to keep the bathroom line as short as possible. People are most impatient and lose hearts faster while waiting in line for the washroom, so it is always best to shorten their wait time for it.
  • If you upgrade to only 1 ticket booth that is faster, you want to place the people on there that have the same color coming in. In other words if you have more people dressed in red coming into the theater that day, place them on the faster ticket booth so that you can move through the line faster. You don’t want people waiting in line too long because you will earn less money.
  • As you get to the last couple of locations, you want to make sure that have the maximum amount of ticket booths and ticket takers because you will need them to handle the crowds
  • Color combos are very important in the early stages of the game, you want to make as many color matches as you can.
  • If you upgrade only one of your ticket booths to be faster, you want to place the groups of people on there that have the same color.
  • Change your color combo strategy if at the end of the game you find that a lot of people of the same color are coming in. You may want to designate two stations with the same color so you can keep the line moving.
  • When a person does not have a station to go, hold them up in the air until their station opens up. People that are held up in the air do not lose hearts until you put them back down.
  • Use the arcade machine in the theaters as much as possible because it helps to restore the hearts of the patrons and you earn extra points as well. It can be a pain at times to click on the buttons on the machine but it is worth the effort. The faster you complete the arcade machine the more points you will earn.
  • Swap customers between 2 stations as much as you can. When you swap two customers that are going to each other’s stations you get extra points for that and if you match their colors you get more points on top of that.
  • Don’t bother playing the games in the arcade room past the first time. You will earn more money the first time you play a new machine. When you go to replay it, it takes a longer amount of time to earn  a little bit of money. You can make more money from failing a level and replaying it. There are always exceptions to this rule so make sure that you look at how much money you can earn in the arcade before playing it.


  • You earn $1 for every heart a customer has when you drop them on any station.
  • If a customer walks in with 5 hearts, you will earn $5.00 when you drop them on a station. When you drop a customer onto a mat that has color multipliers on it, the amount of the multiplier is added to that money. In other words, if the multiplier on the pad says 4 and you place the person with the matching color with 5 hearts on it, you will earn 9 points.


  • Each station has "star pad" on the floor in front of it. Each time a customer stands on the pad, the pad will change colors to match the color of the outfit of the person that is standing on it.
  • Each time you place someone on the pad that matches their outfit you will earn a color bonus.
  • Once you’ve dropped 5 customers of the same color onto the matching pad , you will earn a token that you can use in the arcade. Once you reach that point, you will see a token spinning on top of the pad. The next person with that color that you place there will earn you the coin.
  • The color multiplier ends at 5, once you’ve matched 5 people on a pad, it will reset itself.


  • You can earn a swap bonus when 2 customers needs match each other’s station.
  • All you have to do is click on one of the customers and drag them to the other station that they need to go to and they will automatically swap places, allowing you to make more money.
  • You will earn additional money if at the time of the swap you happen to match the colors as well.


  • Showtime In-If you look on the top left side of the page you will see a sign that says "Showtime In" that sign is what tells you how long each level is. The timer will count down and once it gets to zero, it means that the movie is about to start.
  • Now Playing-When you see this sign it means that the movie has started and people are going to have a low level of patience because they are missing the movie. When the sign goes up you have to get the patrons into the theater quickly.
  • Click-When you see that a customer’s thought bubble has the words "click" above them, it means that you can click on that icon and you will be able to move them through the line faster. You don’t have to keep clicking on the circle constantly; it will not make the circle fill faster. As long as you hold your mouse down on the circle, it will fill up.


  • There are several reasons as to why you should replay a level in this game.
  • You can play a level over to increase your cash flow and to up your ranking. When you get a higher ranking you get added benefits. When you reach the Expert rank, you get a token that you can use in the arcade room. When you reach the Master Level you will get a repair credit that is good towards fixing something in your theater.
  • In order to replay a level from the main map,you have to have enough money to play that level or you will not be able to do it. You are essentially giving back the money you earned in hopes of making more than you had.
  • When you replay a level you do so with the same upgrades that you already owned at that point in the game.
  • You can purposely fail a level just so you can earn some extra money that will allow you to buy more upgrades for your theater. Please read the "Strategy Tips" section for more information on the benefits of failing a level.


  • There are several types of customers that will come in to the theater in a given day. They will each have an amount of patience as they walk in the door.
  • Patrons will lose patience if you let them wait too long and will eventually leave the theater if they waited too long. The best way to make sure they don’t lose too much patience is by taking care of them quickly.
  • If you think you’re about to lose a customer, you can pick them up and hold on to them until their station opens up. When you hold on to a customer, their patience will not decrease. Just click on the customer and hold on to them with your mouse, release them when you need to put them back down.
  • If a customer is about to leave the theater you can grab them on their way out and bring them back into the theater. It will give you one last chance to take care of them.
  • The seniors have a lot of patience so leave them for last when taking care of the customers since it takes them longer to get upset and lose hearts.


  • I like this part of the game. It tells you at the beginning of each level what you should expect. Make sure that you read this each time so you can have a better idea of what you need to do for that day.
  • The forecast will tell you what types of customers you will have and the colors that will be in use for that day. If you know that you’re only get 2 colors in for that day, make sure that you place people in such a manner that they will always be on the same color because that allows you to making color combos.
  • It will also give you advice on what upgrade to buy next. it will say something like:" Have you got an Arcade yet? It’s well worth the price." That means that you should probably buy an Arcade soon if you want to pass the next few levels.


  • There are a couple of things you can do in order to boost the happiness level of your patrons. Keeping their heart level up is essential to making them happy.
  • A customer will regain some hearts after you place them on the arcade or at the gum ball station.
  • If you take care of them quickly their hearts will remain full and you will earn more money.


  • When you purchase the first arcade machine, it will automatically unlock the map Arcade. In the arcade you will find 5 arcade retro games.
  • A customer will ask you to take them to the arcade station when you see an arcade icon in their thought bubble. Once you place them on the machine you will see the icon of a joystick next to them. You will also see a number that will count down, that number represents the amount of time left before your customer will be able to play a game.
  • You have to click on the red buttons in the order that you see the light go on.
  • The first button that lights up will always flash until you hit it for the first time. After you hit the initial button, other lights will start flashing, click on the lights as they show up. The number that you see in white represents the amount of times left to click on the button.
  • If you click on all the lights before time runs out, that customer will receive an extra heart.
  • A customer will not lose any hearts if you hold them up in the air. The whole time they are off the floor, the amount of hearts they have will stay the same.
  • You want to use this method when the station that the customer wants to go does not have an open station.


  • There will be times when a customer asks you for an item from a station that you do not own. If you pick up the customer and shake them back and forth repeatedly, they will change their mind and ask for something else.
  • Only use this method when you really do not have a station available for them because when you shake them, you make them lose a heart.
  • You can also use this method if you have too many people asking for the same station, especially if you only have 1 of those stations available, like the pizza stand or the arcade game. It’s better to let them lose a heart because you shook them then to let them lose all their hearts, which is what would happen if they waited too long.


  • You can play the arcade game for extra money that will go towards the purchase of some upgrades.
  • There are 5 arcade machines that you can unlock – one for each theater. Each machine will play a different game.
  • When you’re in the arcade playing a game, there is a meter that fills in red as you score points. Each time the meter reaches a certain number, the lower number will disappear and you will have to meet the next goal.
  • It takes a lot of points to fill those machines so unless you’re really good at them, I would not waste too much time playing it unless you really need the money.


  • If you have more than one booth and only one attendant, they will move around to an empty booth if there is a customer that is waiting by it.
  • As you progress through levels you will be able to hire extra workers to help you with the people you serve the crowd faster.
  • You can buy a booth an upgrade to make it serve customers faster. It is best to have as many attendants as you can afford since it helps to take care of the customers faster.


  • Customers will come in and they will want to go into the washroom. They can ask to go as soon as they walk in the door or at any given moment.
  • Men and women have to be dropped in the bathroom that belongs to their gender, otherwise you will not be able to drop them there.
  • Make sure that you take the people who are requesting the bathroom right away since they lose patience faster than all the other people in the theater


  • The tokens you earn will allow you to play some of the Arcade games. You can purchase these games and place them in your theater


  • You will get a Theater Repair Credit when you reach the Master score for any level. This credit allows you to spruce up your theater. You will get things, like new floors and walls. Repairs to the steps etc.
  • To use the credit, all you have to do is click on one of the many wrench icons that appear over the theater. When you hover your mouse over it, it will tell you what the repair is for. Look at all your choices and make the best one for you.


  • At the end of each level you will be taken to an upgrade screen in which you can buy items that will help you win the game faster.
  • You will have a certain amount of money at the end of each level, you can use that money to purchase upgrades in the game. If you don’t have enough money, you can play a video game at the arcade and earn some much needed extra cash.
  • Equipment-You will be able to tell which upgrades are available right away by just looking at the screen. The items or stations that are available will be completely visible. The items that are not available will not be totally filled in.
  • Attendants-You can hire extra workers to help you get people through the line faster but they are sometimes the most expensive upgrades that you can buy. It is best to have at least 2 workers at a station at one time so you can handle bigger crowds at once.
  • I would recommend getting the attendants as soon as you can afford them because they are vital in getting the people through a line.