Mega Run Walkthrough

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure is a platformer by Get Set Games in which Redford must find his kidnapped brother and sister by traveling through several worlds. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Mega Run

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure is a platformer by Get Set Games in which Redford must find his kidnapped brother and sister by traveling through several worlds. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will be asked if you want game notifications set when you begin the game. You can change these settings at any time in the permissions area of your device.
  • This game uses both Game Center and Open Feint services, where you can look up achievements and leaderboard scores for yourself and your friends.
Mega Run
  • Game Settings – Tap on the “Extras” button to reach the options menu. Here you can turn the game music and sound effects on or off as well as reach Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to earn free Mega points for your game. You can also access the Open Feint or Game Center leaderboards, check your personal achievements and read game news from the developers.

Game Character/Player

Mega Run

  • The players in the game are the same cast of characters from the popular game “Mega Jump” also by Get Set games.
  • Redford – Red guy that you start the game out with.
  • Bluto – Redford’s blue missing brother available at level 10 for 2000 gold coins.
  • Rosie – Pink girl with blue bow who is Redford’s feisty and fast sister.
  • Sheldon – Turtle available at level 24 or you may unlock early for 400 mega points.
  • Dizzy – Blue dragon available at level 41 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
  • Rolf – Brown wolf available at level 36 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
  • Gold Redford – Available at level 50 or you may unlock early for 1000 mega points.

Game Currency

Mega Run
  • There are two major types of currency used in the game as well as other coins which are explained below.
  • Gold Coins – Collecting coins is the primary goal in the game as any coin you collect at the end of a turn is added to your total and used to purchase power ups that appear randomly in each stage. Coins also represent the number of XP you earn during each turn which help you to level up in the game.
  • Mega points – When you begin the game you are given the opportunity to earn 40 free mega points by becoming a fan of the game on Facebook and on Twitter (20 each). Simply tap on the “Get Free MP” button and then on the buttons provided where you will sign into those accounts and the MP will be immediately credited to your game account. You can use MP to purchase more gold coins, save stars, open worlds early, and to purchase special power ups before they are unlocked by your score.
  • How to purchase additional currency – You can purchase additional MP using real currency for a minimum of $1.99 up to $19.99 as “in app” purchases that will be charged to your iTunes account.

Boost Coins

Mega Run
  • In addition to the gold coins you will be collecting which may be collected in amounts two to five times their normal value if you are using a power up you will be collecting coins with symbols and colors on them. The coins are listed below.
  • Gold coins with blue right arrow – This coin is a speed boost coin. When you collect one your character will start to move a little faster.
  • Gold coin with blue square – This is a coin that is worth twice the value of a regular coin.
  • Gold coin with red square – One coin like this is worth five times the value of a regular coin each time you collect it.
  • Collect these coins so that you can purchase power ups from the game store.


Mega Run
  • Mega Run currently has four worlds you will have to complete to finish the game and it is expected more will be added in future game updates. Each world has 16 stages you will need to clear.
  • Woodland Grove – Collect 16 maximum Forest Gems, and collect 48 maximum gold stars.
  • Tropic Shore – Collect 16 maximum Forest Gems, and collect 48 maximum gold stars.
  • Palm Cove – Collect 16 maximum Forest gems and collect 48 maximum gold stars.
  • Scary Woods – Collect 30 maximum Forest games and collect 80 maximum gold stars.
  • Note – All worlds can be unlocked for 250 mega points each or you can unlock them by completing the previous world’s stages.
Mega Run
  • Each game has levels or stages and you will need to run your character from start to finish without falling off and collecting as many coins as possible using power ups you have unlocked which are randomly placed along the platform and avoiding dangerous monsters that will knock you off the platform unless you bounce off the top of them.

How to Play

Mega Run
  • Your goal is to move your character along the platform by tapping on the game screen to make him jump and holding your finger on the screen a little longer or double tapping quickly to make him jump higher.
  • Keep your character on the platform at all times. If he falls off you have lost the turn unless you decide to use a save star to save him in which he will immediately be returned to the area he fell off and you will have to navigate him to the end of the stage to complete the level. (See “Save Stars” below)
  • As you play each stage you will encounter randomly placed power ups based on what you have paid to unlock in the game store. (See “Power ups” below)
  • Your character will collect any gold coin he touches as well as other coins which give different benefits. (See “Coins” below)
Mega Run
  • Bad Guys – There are several bad guys on the platform and some are walking and others stand still. You can either jump over a bad guy or for more points and coins you can pounce on top of a bad guy to get rid of him. Sometimes a bad guy has to be jumped on to reach a platform. If you bump into a bad guy your character will be thrown off the platform.

Special Platform Features

  • Special features – As you play through the worlds you will encounter different features on the platform.
  • Bricks – You will have to jump over bricks unless you have the Embiggenate power up which allows you to enlarge and smash through them for a few seconds.
  • Lift platforms – There are small areas with red arrows where you must tap on the screen the moment your character walks on them. This will cause your character to be launched up in the air and hopefully you can keep him on the platform when he lands.
  • Moving Platforms – Some platforms move up and down and you will see tiny wheels on them. Be sure to time your jumps carefully when you see these.
Mega Run
  • Cannons – There are cannons that can shoot your character either up or down the platform based on the direction it is aimed. You do not have to tap when your character reaches the cannon, as he will launch as soon as he touches it.
  • Yellow bad guys – These are seen often as stairs or free hanging. You must pounce on these to get to the platforms.
  • Orange bad guys – These monsters are embedded in the platform and you can only see the tops of their heads. If you jump on their heads your character will be launched up in the air.
  • Blue bad guys – Blue bad guys are always walking from right to left along the platforms. You can either jump over them or on them to get rid of them. If you miss and bump straight into them you will be knocked off the platform.
Mega Run
  • Forest Gems – There are three gems in each stage of the game and it is very difficult to get all three. These gems are red, blue and green. If you collect a gem you will earn a lot of coins and XP.
Mega Run
  • Stars – These are small stars found on the platform in either gold, green, or blue and these stars will give you short advantages such as causing you to break through bricks, speed up, or double jump. It is always an advantage to get stars when you can.
Mega Run
  • Scoring – As you collect coins this adds to your XP (Experience Point) total which causes you to level up. Leveling up is what unlocks the different power ups you can purchase from the game store. Your score shows at the top right corner of the game screen.
  • Coins add up for you to use in the store for power ups.
  • Star ratings are important as it takes a certain number of stars to unlock the next world location.
Mega Run
  • Once you finish a stage you will be rewarded with one, two or three gold stars and this is shown to you at the end of each stage. There are a maximum of 48 stars for the first three worlds and 80 for the last world. Each world has a minimum level of stars needed to unlock the next world and you will be notified if you reach it.
  • In the stage menu at the top left you can see the number of stars you have earned. You can always go back and play and unlocked stage for a better score and more stars.
  • You also earn a score for the number of gold coins you collect during your turn.
Mega Run
  • End of Stage – You know you are at the end of the level when you see the row of balloons. Be sure to try and get the time bonus coin at the end of every level which is a large coin floating at the end of the platform.

Power Ups

Mega Run
  • Mega run has 28 different power ups which can be purchased in the game store once it is unlocked by earning the required number of XP and reaching the required level. You will be notified each time a new power up is available for you to purchase.
  • Each power up has four different levels giving better advantages as you move up through the worlds and stages.
  • Note that each power up is purchased with coins and can be unlocked early with mega points if you wish.
  • To use a power up simply run your character into it and you will see the power up at the top center of the screen when it is active.
  • Most power ups last five to twelve seconds at the most.
Mega Run
  • Magnet 1 – (Blue magnet) This magnet pulls in all the coins near you and lasts for six seconds.
  • Magnet 2 – (Green magnet) This turbo magnet has a stronger pull to get all the coins near you and lasts for eight seconds.
  • Magnet 3 – (Purple magnet) This is the super magnet and it will not only pull in the coins near you, it will double all the value of coins by converting all coins and bad guys into 2 times the coins normal value. This lasts for ten seconds. Available at level 26 or you may unlock for 400 Mega Points early.
  • Magnet 4 – (Red magnet) Five times the coins and everything is turned into five times their value. Available at level 38 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Embiggenate 1 – (Blue round bottle) Grow to twice your size and bash through anything in your way. This will bust through bricks, monsters and any other obstacle but you still must make sure you stay on the platform.
  • Embiggenate 2 – (Green round bottle) Go on a turbo rampage at three times your size busting through everything in your way. This potion lasts a little longer than the first one.
  • Embiggenate 3 – (Purple round bottle) Get super-sized at four times your regular size. This potion lasts the longest of the three.
  • Embiggenate 4 – (Red round bottle) Five times bigger and potion lasts the longest of all. Available at level 40 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Fireball 1 – (Blue flame) Become an unstoppable speeding fireball! Double jump anytime while under the blue flame.
  • Fireball 2 – (Green flame) Upgrade the fireball to turbo speed.
  • Fireball 3 – (Purple flame) This power up gives you super speed and also adds a magnet to pull in coins. Available at level 28 or you may unlock early for 400 mega points.
  • Fireball 4 – (Red flame) Insane mega speed when you use this power up. Magnet power doubles coin value. This is available at level 42 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Lucky Blast 1 – (Blue Question mark) Blasts all coins into golden stars and twice the coins. Lasts for three seconds.
  • Lucky Blast 2 – (Green question mark) All coins turn into blazing blue stars and two times the coins. Lasts for four seconds.
  • Lucky Blast 3 – (Purple question mark) Blast enemies into great green stars and two times the coins. Lasts for five seconds. Available at level 31 or 400 Mega Points to unlock early.
  • Lucky Blast 4 – (Red question mark) Blasts everything into five times the coins and red stars. Lasts for six seconds. Available at level 43 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Blazo 1 – (Blue with gold circle) Turn into a fireworks fanatic and get bad guys from across the screen.
  • Blazo 2 – (Green with gold circle) Bigger explosions! Blast the bad guys into coins. This level increases to six seconds.
  • Blazo 3 – (Purple with gold circle) Super-fire turns bad guys and spike blocks into two times the coins and lasts for eight seconds. Available at level 33 or you may unlock early for 400 mega points.
  • Blazo 4 – (Red with gold circle) Now blasts all blocks. Converts bad guys into five times the coins and last for ten seconds. This is available at level 45 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Freezo 1 – (Blue snow flake) Freeze the bad guys into blocks of ice and get bonus points when you pounce on them.
  • Freezo 2 – (Green snow flake) Get more bad guys and extend your freeze to eight seconds.
  • Freezo 3 – (Purple snow flake) Adds ability to freeze and smash blocks. This level lasts for ten seconds. Available at level 34 or you may unlock early for 400 mega points.
  • Freezo 4 – (Red snow flake) Destroy spike blocks and ice blast the bad guys for twelve seconds. Available at level 46 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.
Mega Run
  • Jetpack 1 – (Blue jetpack) Take a jetpack ride over the danger. Hold down jump to float over the world.
  • Jetpack 2 – (Green jetpack) Turbo boost your speed! Stronger coin pull and will blast the bad guys under you. This is available at level 22 or you may unlock early for 250 mega points.
  • Jetpack 3 – (Purple jetpack) Get super speed! Turn bad guys into coins. Lasts longer than other jetpacks. Available at level 37 or you may unlock early for 400 mega points.
  • Jetpack 4 – (Red jetpack) Mega jetpack speed which converts coins to two times their normal value and also gives you the best control out of all of the jetpack power ups. Available at level 48 or you may unlock early for 500 mega points.

Save Stars

Mega Run
  • Save stars are very important parts of the game as it allows you to save your character from death if he falls off of the platform and also increases your score as it pulls in all coins near your character as the magnet power up does.
  • Immediately after he falls off the platform, the save star button will appear at the bottom of the game screen and you have just a few seconds to tap it or the turn will end and you will not be offered another chance.
  • Save stars can only be purchased with mega points and they are offered in bundles which are cheaper the more you purchase.
Mega Run
  • 1 Save star for 10 mega points.
  • 5 Save stars for 40 mega points.
  • 10 Save stars for 70 mega points.
  • 25 Save stars for 150 mega points.
  • Tip – It is best to only use your save stars if you really need them and you are very close to the end of the stage or have done something difficult such as collect all the gems at once.
  • When you use the save star your character will immediately rise up to the platform at the point he fell off and will now have super speed.
  • Note – You can still lose again once you use a save star if you fall off the platform again so be very careful. You may need to spend two save stars if you fall off a second time.

Game Tips

  • When running on the platform wait until you are on the very edge before you tap to jump.
  • When on the tricky screens it is sometimes easier to jump over bad guys than to jump on them unless you need them for a double tap and height.
  • If you upgrade your power ups you can go back to earlier levels and play them for better scores with better power ups.
  • Avoid the orange color monster he will catapult you into unsteady areas.
  • Go for the stars and the forest gems whenever you can.
  • The jet pack power up is very unstable in the early levels. Level four is the easiest to control.
  • Only use your save stars when you are past the halfway point of a level which means you should have a score of at least 1000 points. Your odds of finishing the level are much better if you make this a rule and you will save money.
  • Using a save star does not guarantee you will win the level. You can fall off the platform a second time. Since the star gives you super speed you will have to be ready for the abrupt changes.
  • You can go back and play any unlocked level as many times as you wish to try and improve your scores and star ratings.


Mega Run
  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!