Matches & Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale Walkthrough

Matches & Matrimony – Game Introduction

Welcome to the walkthrough for Matches & Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale on Gamezebo. Matches & Matrimony is a visual novel role-playing game played on the PC created by Reflexive Entertainment. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete Matches & Matrimony.

In Matches & Matrimony there are six suitors that you can marry and nine different endings to uncover. This guide will help with whichever ending you choose to pursue.

At the beginning of each week you will choose five activities to perform for the week. Each of these activities will affect the attributes of your character. These attributes will determine the choices you are given throughout the game. Be sure to watch your energy level. If it gets to low it will cause your attributes to drop.









Activities & Affect on Attributes:

Study the Arts – Talent (+4), Sensibility (+4), Energy (-6)

Read a Book – Willpower (+2), Wit (+4), Sensibility (+2)

Go Visiting – Kindness (+6), Propriety (+4), Energy (-10)

Go Outside – Willpower (+6), Propriety (-2), Energy (-10)

Do Needlework – Talent (+2), Propriety (+6), Energy (-4)

Rest – Energy +40


Mr. Collins

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Bingley

Mr. Wickeby

Colonel Brandon

Mr. Wentworth

Other Important Characters

Charlotte Lucas

Bingley’s Sisters

Jane Bennet

Lady Lucas

Mr. Mr. Denny

Lady Catherine

General Tips

Match & Matrimony allows you to save at anytime. It is recommended that you save prior to making choices in the game so that you can go back and try again as needed. If you forget to save the game autosaves in slot 14 at the beginning of each chapter.

The game also features a back button that will allow you to reread the previous text and also to undo previous choices. You can only go back so far so it’s still recommended that you save your game regularly.

Once you have finished the game once you will be given the option of getting hints for winning each of the suitors (minus Mr. Collins). You will also be given the option of fast forwarding each storyline to chapter ten where the storylines diverge. If you take this option you will start chapter ten with your attributes and relationships in line to successfully complete that storyline.

With the exception of Mr. Darcy the game will tell you if the choice you made negatively or positively affected your relationship with the other characters.


Ending #1 – Mrs Collins

Mr. Collins will be the first proposal you will receive and it cannot be avoided. If you wish to continue on beyond this point make sure you have built up your willpower so that you can successfully decline him. He will ask three times and you will need to reject him each time or the game will end here

Ending #2 – Miss Bennet (1)

You will reach this ending by not succeeding in the pursuit of a suitor. This ending can also be reached if you make it to London without having strong relationships with other characters that are there.

Ending #3 – Mrs. Wickeby

To become Mrs. Wickeby you will need to be kind to Mr. Denny when you meet him. If Mr. Denny doesn’t like you he will not introduce you to Mr. Wickeby. You will also want to be on good terms with Lady Lucas or certain opportunities won’t present themselves.

Focus on increasing your willpower, talent, kindness and sensibility. You also want to pay attention to propriety, but you want to make sure it is low. If your propriety is too high you will not be able to complete this plot. When given a choice make sure the choice you make is the most emotionally charged and positive choice possible.

Ending #4 – Mrs. Darcy (1)

To reach this ending you will want to follow the tips for Ending #9 but instead of rejecting Mr. Darcy’s first proposal you will want to accept it.

Ending #5 – Mrs. Bingley

To become Mrs. Bingley, you will need to steal Mr. Bingley from your sister Jane. This will definitely damage you relationship with your sister but you can rectify that later in the game. Also, if you play your cards right, both you and Jane can have a happy ending.

Mr. Bingley is only interested in one attribute and that is kindness. Focus on building up your kindness and you should have little trouble winning his affections. Be sure that you always interact with Mr. Bingley in a positive manner. When presented with a choice always choose the option that is upbeat. Also, make sure that you do not pursue anyone else.

You will need to have a strong relationship with Lady Lucas so that you are invited to London later in the game. You will also need to have a strong relationship with Mr. Bingley’s sisters so that you have contacts in London.

Ending #6 – Mrs. Brandon

To win Colonel Brandon you will want to focus on sensibility, talent and willpower. Be sure to focus on talent early on in the game so that you can be introduced to the Colonel. You will also want to pay attention to the in game text when completing the activity reading a book as you will need to complete a line of poetry later in the storyline.

You will want to be on good terms with Lady Lucas as she will present opportunities that would not otherwise arise.

There are two points in the game where you can marry Colonel Brandon (Ch. 14 & Ch. 17) but both endings are the same.

Ending #7 – Miss Bennet (2)

Reach this ending by rejecting Mr. Wickeby when he comes crawling back to you after he betrayed you.

Ending #8 – Mrs. Wentworth

To become Mrs. Wentworth you will want to focus on willpower, kindness and propriety. Most importantly, you will want to remain unattached. If you have been pursuing someone else prior to meeting Mr. Wentworth (in Chapter 10) this storyline will be over before it begins.

Ending #9 – Mrs. Darcy (2)

This is the most challenging ending to reach in the game. You will want to focus on raising your willpower, talent, wit and kindness. You do not need to focus on sensibility and if you have too much propriety you will have problems later on in the plot.

Do not directly pursue Mr. Darcy. If you pursue him you will lose him. Unlike the other suitors in the game you will not know if the choice you made caused Mr. Darcy to like you more or less. The game will give you a clue that you made the right (or wrong) choice, but you will not know for certain.

Make sure that you meet Mr. Wickeby. You will also want to pursue him to a degree as there is information you need from him. You will use this information when you reject Mr. Darcy’s first proposal.

You will need to be on excellent terms with Charlotte Lucas so that she will invite you to Hunsford in Chapter 10. Be sure to go to Hunsford when you are given the choice. You will also want to be on good terms with Lady Lucas as she will present opportunities that would not otherwise be available. On the other hand, you do not want to be on good terms with Lady Catherine. If Lady Catherine likes you she will not come to visit later in the game and if she does not visit, Mr. Darcy will not return either.

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