Mashup Hero Strategy Guide – Get Great Power With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Mashup Hero is a game about picking up pieces of a superhero’s armor. You need to get the right equipment, avoid the various obstacles and ensure you’re not strapping a hulking head onto a spider-creature’s body. Ahem. 

The game isn’t without its challenges, which is why we’ve put together this guide. After playing a good chunk of Mashup Hero, we think we’ve discovered several strategies that are going to see you crossing the finish line in the right get up more often than not. 

It’s of little consequence whether you’re suiting up for the first time or you’re an old hand at this – there’s going to be something here to take your game to the next level. Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Mashup Hero. 

Check the picture

Always look at the picture in the top left of the screen. It shows you what pieces you need to pick up and which ones you’ve already got. Pay attention to the missing parts and make the right decisions when you need to pick something up. 

Don’t get the wrong piece

Picking up a piece of armor that doesn’t fit your set will slow you down and cause you problems. It’s usually pretty obvious what you should be avoiding. The pieces of the suit you’re trying to pick up are highlighted with a glow – aim for those ones and avoid all the others. 

Pick up armour when you’re powered up

Even when you’ve got a full suit of armor, you should keep picking up extra pieces of the same set. Why? Because you’ll get extra gems for doing it. You might be as powerful as you can get, but you can still suck up some extra currency, which is always a good thing.

Remember to upgrade

Make sure you spend your gems on upgrading the various stats. You can do it at the start of every level, and you’ll see the options on the right of the screen. Try and upgrade everything at the same pace and don’t focus on just upping one stat. When you don’t have enough gems you can watch a video to upgrade, but it’s probably not worth it. 

Watch out for rockets

When you’re running, there are plenty of obstacles to avoid. Rockets are some of the most difficult to dodge. They swoop in, and while you have time to react, if you turn a corner it can be tricky to get in the right place. Make sure you take stock of a rocket’s trajectory and change your position on the track to avoid it. 

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