Marvel: War of Heroes Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes is a card battle game from Mobage, in which you must build a deck full of super heroes from the lore of Marvel. You’ll be battling against other Marvel characters, so you’ll need to make sure your deck is up to par. With Gamezebo’s quick start guide, you’ll have all of the tips, tricks and walkthroughs necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Marvel: War of Heroes is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • You will need an internet connection in order to start playing. Once the game has loaded up, you will be asked to login using your Mobage credentials. If you do not have a Mobage account, you can sign up for one from within the game.

Marvel: War of Heroes Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Upon signing in, you will be shown a short introduction video that shows you some of the characters you can interact with. Black Widow will also appear and tell you a bit about the story involving the Marvel Heroes.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • After talking with Black Widow for a bit, she will give you a “Rally Card Pack” so you can get started. Tap on the Draw button to get going.
  • You’ll then be shown one of the cards inside your starter deck, and forced to use it in a short battle. Follow the prompts to continue.

Marvel: War of Heroes Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Next, the fuse mechanic will be shown where you can actually fuse together two similar cards creating one super card that has extra powers the individual cards don’t.
  • When fusing a card, it will become more rare and have much better stats.


  • In order to keep the flow of the game going, you will need to complete various tasks given to you as you progress. Doing these missions will earn you XP that you can use to make your deck even more powerful.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • From the main menu screen of the game, go ahead and tap on the “Mission” button. This takes you to a list of available missions that you can complete. When you complete a mission, you will receive XP and Silver awards.
  • In order to complete missions however, you will need to spend energy to do so. If you don’t have enough to complete a mission just yet, you can just wait it out until you do. Most missions only require a few energy so it shouldn’t take long.
  • When you decide you’d like to work on a particular mission, tap on the “Proceed” button within it. You’ll then be taken to the battle screen, where all you need to do is press the “Attack” button to unleash an attack on any of the enemies on screen.

Marvel: War of Heroes 

  • Keep pushing Attack until you have completed the mission (denoted by the progress bar just above the attack button), and you will receive your rewards for doing so.
  • Some mission rewards can even be new cards. In the example seen above, I earned a Sandman card.
  • Once you have fully completed a mission, you will unlock the next mission in the series. You can then complete a higher-level mission that has a greater risk, but also better rewards for a successful completion.

Battling Opponents

  • What good would a card battle game be if it didn’t have opponents for you to battle against? In this game, just select the “Battle” option in the main menu to get started.
  • Now, you can see a list of available opponents for you to face. These opponents can be a bit higher or lower level than you, which you can take into account for an advantage if you wish.
  • Obviously, an opponent that is lower level than you tends to have a disadvantage than one that is the same or higher level. You can take out them for the easy kill, or pick on someone your own size if you want to try for a much better reward.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Once you’ve decided on an opponent, tap on their name. You’ll now be taken to the deck selection screen where you can decide which of your heroes you’d like to bring along with you.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Select your deck from the drop down menu, then you can scroll down and tap “Start Battle”. The battle will then commence until a winner is crowned.
  • Once the battle finishes, you can view the result. Win or lose, you will come away knowing that you can probably do even better next time. Experimenting with different decks and hero cards is a great way to improve your stance in the battleground.

Boosting and Fusing Cards

  • One way to get better cards is to use duplicates or lesser cards to boost some of your powerful cards.

Marvel: War of Heroes Marvel: War of Heroes

  • From the “Boost” screen, you can select cards to boost and then other cards to use that will boost that one card. This is especially useful if you have multiples of cards in your inventory.
  • An alternative to boosting your cards is the ability to fuse cards under the “Fusion” menu.
  • Here, you can fuse two cards that are the same to make that card more powerful just as you can with boosting. Although, fusing two of the same cards will make a more powerful card than the Boost option.

Friends and Referral Rewards

  • You can play with your friends if you give them your referral code, and even earn some bonus items in the meantime.
  • To access your referral code, tap on “Home”, then on “Invite your Friends!” which is about halfway down the page.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Once there, tap on the “Get a “Referral Code”” button to see your code. Copy this code down and send it to your friends so they can become your friends, and so you can earn extra rewards.

Marvel: War of Heroes

  • Some of the rewards you can earn by inviting friends are a Black Widow card, silver and more. Your friends will also receive bonuses by entering in your code.


  • You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Marvel: War of Heroes. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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