Marvel Future Fight Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You might ask yourself if we really need another mobile game featuring Marvel super heroes, or if it’s possible to feature them in a way that hasn’t already been done. Netmarble is hoping the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” and that it’s embodied by its new dungeon crawler, Marvel Future Fight.

In order to prevent a future in which the bad guys have won, the Avengers have to team up with other heroes and villains alike to unravel a plot that involves alternate reality versions of themselves — not all of them on the up and up. Your job is to assemble the best team of three heroes possible and use their skills, upgradeable gear and the always popular ISO-8 to help set things right.

Though the gameplay is pretty straightforward, there are some subtleties to everything else. That’s why we’ve spent the time putting together these Marvel Future Fight Tips, Cheats and Strategies, because just like the Avengers, we don’t want to let the bad guys win. Unless they’re the ones on our team, of course.

  • There are two ways to play, and you can switch between them as desired. The first is to simply tap or hold down on the screen to move and to tap on targets for basic attacks. The second control scheme features a virtual stick on the left side of the screen and an action button on the right to attack. Touch is simpler but obscures the screen while you play, so choosing between the two is really a matter of personal preference.


  • Regardless of which controls you are using, your hero’s skills are activated by buttons on the right side of the screen. Each active skill has a cooldown timer that lets you know how many seconds it will take until you can use it again. You can get full info on the cooldowns under the Skills tab in a character’s profile.
  • Before heading into each mission, you can select another player’s character to assist you, with a choice of three appearing right below your team on the mission description screen. That character’s head will appear in a square on the right side of the screen, and you simply tap it to summon him or her into battle. You can only use this helper once per mission for a limited time, so it’s a good idea to save it for the boss battle if at all possible.


  • Putting a team together can be as simple as just throwing together three of your favorite characters. However, you might want to use lineups that will give you bonuses in battle. On the My Team screen, if you tap the Team Bonus menu on the right, you can take a look at all the different combinations of characters that will give you bonuses. Helpfully, they’re sorted so that teams you can form with characters you already own are at the top of the list. Plus, some of the team names are just fun: Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Falcon are called “Bird, Bird, Bird,” while Falcon, Winter Soldier and War Machine are called “Sidekick?”
  • Want more characters? You can get them one of two ways. If you’re lucky, you can win them from a Chest in the game’s shop; Chests can be purchased using either Crystals (the game’s hard currency), Assemble Points or gold, though the ones obtained via Crystals give you the best shot at a hero or villain. More commonly, you’ll earn them gradually by collecting Biometrics. Each character takes between 10 and 40 units of Biometrics to summon, and you can see how close you are to finishing off each one by scrolling through the thumbnail pics at the bottom of the My Team page.


  • You also need Biometrics to bump a character up to the next rank. Doing so increases the level cap, as well as giving a boost to all attributes. Once you have the proper number of Biometrics, simply head to the Rank Up tab in the character’s profile, where you’ll be asked to spend a certain amount of gold to rank up.
  • Every character has four pieces of Gear that can be upgraded to increase damage, defense, critical hit rate and more. Doing so requires both gold and items that you’ll find as drops in missions. The game signals you when you have the proper ingredients to perform an upgrade by placing a small dot on the Gear button within a character’s profile.
  • Skills are probably the easiest thing to improve, as it’s simply a matter of spending the right amount of gold. The two starting skills can be leveled up at the same rate as the character’s level, so you should always go in and improve them upon leveling up assuming you have enough gold on hand. Other skills become unlocked as you rank up the character.


  • As in other Marvel mobile games, ISO-8 comes in a rainbow of colors, each of which can grant you different kinds of bonuses. Here’s where you can really tinker with a character to suit your play style. Two things to keep in mind here: one is that individual pieces of ISO-8 can be enhanced by sacrificing lesser ones (and paying some gold, naturally). The other thing is that once you level up enough to be able to equip multiple pieces of ISO-8, certain color combinations will offer you additional set bonuses.
  • New uniforms don’t just make your heroes and villains look cooler, they serve a functional purpose too. At least at launch, each alternate uniform boosts two stats, so there’s really no reason not to equip them unless you simply hate the way they make your characters look. Bonus: equipping Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow with their Avengers: Age of Ultron uniforms will change their appearances during the dialogue portions of the game as well.

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