Market Street Walkthrough

Market Street – Game Introduction

Market Street is a Facebook application game developed by Playdom (or shall we call it, Disney?) Get ready for some fun as this game allows you to build and have your own dream business. Player starts with a small store with one stand and one display that you can eventually expand and add along the way. Unleash your creativeness in decorating your own store! Decorations are offered and vary to suits your taste. Use your managerial skills to earn more coins, crowns, experience points and store happiness. This guide will help you out in playing Market Street.

Creating displays

Before selling your products, you need to have stands and displays first so you will have a place for your out merchandises. To put a display in your store simply click the ­­­­­­”Registers and Displays” button. Grab a display and drag it to your store. You may rearrange it by clicking again the Registers and Displays” button. Level up or expand to increase the allowed number of your displays for your store.

Market Street

Adding products to displays

In the tutorial, items are readily available that you just need to drag them in your displays and click the check button. Click the “Stockroom” button to see the available items for your store and drag them to your displays so shoppers can see and buy it. To order of items, click “Orders” button and then “Click to order”. You can order items as many as you want but just be reminded that one display can only accommodate one order only. A product catalog will appear in your screen upon clicking giving you the selections of items you can order. You need to level up first to unlock different items. In the catalog you will see how much the cost of the item is, how much is your profit in that item and what is the waiting time before the item will be delivered in your stockroom. In the product catalog you can choose from three product selections you will see at the top right of the game screen. After clicking, select the product you want and the cost will be automatically deducted in your coins. Wait until the item is available in your stockroom. Note that each item has expiration time. It will vanish once you did not put it in your display.

Market Street

Decorating your store

Purchasing decors adds up experience points at same time putting decorations in your store adds up happiness. To purchase decors, click the “Decoration” button. There are five selections you can choose from. You can change your floor, door and put frames, windows and plants in your store. Each decor can be purchase using coins or crowns. Also, each décor has a corresponding experience points. The higher the cost of your décor is, the more experience points you will get.

Market Street

Managing Tasks

Aside from your usual order-sell-clean routine in your store, you also have some task that once you completed you will be given a reward. You can see all available tasks by clicking the “Manage Clipboard” button located at the left side of the game screen. A “To Do’s” clipboard will prompt you of all the tasks you can do like purchasing two decorations, etc. You will be notified that you finished a certain task when the clipboard is blinking. Click the clipboard and you will see that the completed task is blue highlighted. Click the “Get Reward” button and you will get your reward. Reward varies, sometimes it is coins and sometimes it is crowns.

Market Street

Tracking the status of your store

Take notice of the smiley icon located at the left side of your game screen. That icon shows the happiness status of your store. You may also know the status of your store by the digits on the right side of the smiley icon. Once the digit hit 100, it means that your customers are fully satisfied with your products and store. Mouse over your cursor on the smiley and you will see the things you can still do for your store to make it a happy environment for everyone and as well as what is the rate of your store when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Market Street

Personalizing your store

You can actually change the name of your store to make it more yours. To do this, click the “My Store” button located at the left upper side of your game screen. Type in the name you want for your store and click any where. To change the shirt of your cashier, mouse over your cursor to your cashier and click the “Change Color”. A selection of colors will appear, click your desired color and click the check button. You can have two or more cashier upon reaching certain level. You can also fire your current cashier and choose another.

Market Street

Inviting neighbors

There will be great fun in your store if you have neighbors. Adding neighbors will also adds up experience points in you once you help them in their store. Adding neighbors will also allow you to expand your store because that is once major requirement when expanding.

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