Mario Kart Tour Mario Bros. Tour Guide: Mario & Luigi (Classic), RMX Mario Circuit 1, and Everything Else is New

By Glen Fox |

Mario Kart Tour just received its latest tour, and it celebrates the history of the Mario franchise. The aptly-titled Mario Bros. Tour features Mario (Classic) as this week’s Spotlight Character and Luigi (Classic) will arrive next week. Meanwhile, there is a bevvy of new karts, gliders, courses, rewards, challenges, and more.

That’s what we are going to highlight in this guide: all of the new stuff that you can expect to see as part of the new update. That way you can decide whether or not it’s worth your time. If it’s something else you’re looking for though, go ahead and check out our Complete Guide to Mario Kart Tour right now.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Bros. Tour Guide

Spotlight Characters

Mario (Classic)

Luigi (Classic)


Red Kiddie Kart

Super 1

Dasher II


8-Bit Jumping Mario

? Block


RMX Mario Circuit 1


Tour Challenges 1

  • Do 50 Mini-Turbo boosts
  • Land 3 hits with Red Shells
  • Land 5 hits with Bob-ombs
  • Get 1st place in a 100cc or higher race 3 times
  • Earn a score of 9,000 or higher using a driver with a hat
  • Glide a total distance of 5,000
  • Land a hit with a fireball
  • Do 3 Slipstream boosts in a single race
  • Do 100 Jump Boosts in courses with Mario in the name. (Excludes bonus challenges.)

Gold Challenges

  • Do 5 Rocket Starts
  • Land 20 hits with Bananas
  • Do 20 Jump Boosts
  • Pick up a dropped Mushroom for a burst of speed
  • Land 5 hits with Bob-ombs in a single race using a driver with a hat
  • Get a combo count of x30 or higher
  • Earn a score 7,000 or higher using a baby driver
  • Take out 3 pipes
  • Land 5 hits with fireballs


Standard Rewards

  • BBIA Parafoil
  • Landship
  • Dry Bones

Gold Rewards

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Gold Glider

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