Mario Kart Tour London Tour: Waluigi (Bus Driver), Daisy (Holiday Cheer), London Loop, and Everything Else New in the Latest Update

By Glen Fox |

Mario Kart Tour’s London Tour is here and with it are two new Spotlight Drivers, Karts, Gliders, the London Loop course, and new challenges and rewards galore. There are new cups too, and you have two weeks to dig into everything before it all changes again.

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Mario Kart Tour London Tour Guide – Everything That’s New

New Spotlight Drivers

Waluigi (Bus Driver)

Daisy (Holiday Cheer)

New Drivers

Red Koopa (Freerunning)

New Karts

Birthday Girl Rosalina


Ribbon Rider


Swift Jack

Red B Dasher

New Gliders

Piston Glider

Glitter Glider

Soaring Jack

New Courses

London Loop

New Challenges

Tour Challenges 1

  • Land 3 hits with Green Shells
  • Land 5 hits with Bob-ombs
  • Collect a total of 200 coins
  • Take out 5 goats
  • Earn a score of 9,000 or higher using a driver with a hat
  • Do a total of 10 Slipstream boosts
  • Earn a score of 7,000 or higher using a baby driver
  • Hit a festive tree with an item 10 times
  • Break 10 barrels

Tour Challenges 2

Tour Challenges 2 will arrive during the second week of the London Tour.

Gold Challenges

  • Do 5 Rocket Starts
  • Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts
  • Get 1st place in a 200cc race 3 times
  • Perform a total of 3 Jump Boosts by bouncing off hot-air balloons
  • Earn a score of 10,000 or higher using a driver with a ribbon
  • Land a hit with a Super Horn
  • Do 3 Slipstream boosts in a single race
  • Collect 50 coins in a single race
  • Take out 3 Thwomps

New Rewards

Free Rewards

Gold Pass Rewards

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