Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour Guide: New Drivers, Karts, Gliders, Courses, Rewards, and More

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Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour kicks off on October 22, introducing a ton of spooky content into Nintendo’s mobile kart racer. There’s plenty of non-spooky stuff too, including the long-awaited introduction of Luigi, Waluigi, and Baby Luigi.

But if you’re coming for the Halloween kicks, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are two versions of King Boo on the way, Rosalina in a Halloween costume, and Halloween-themed karts and gliders.

In terms of courses, we’ve got Luigi’s Mansion, Ghost Valley, and Waluigi Pinball. There’s also Time Trials, which provide you with a new type of challenge to beat between cups.

In this guide, we’re going to detail everything that’s new in Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Tour, and provide you with details on how to get everything.

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Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour – Everything New:

New Drivers:


Luigi is making his long-awaited debut in Mario Kart Tour this Halloween season, along with his spooky track from Luigi’s Mansion. Judging from the teaser trailer, he’ll have the Fire Flower power-up, just like Mario.

Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi is also along for the ride, of course, though we’re not sure of his power. We’ll update our big driver’s list tomorrow with his full stats though, so keep an eye out for that.


You can’t have Luigi without his arch-nemesis Waluigi, and Nintendo recognises that, throwing him into the mix too.

King Boo

Nothing screams Halloween quite like ghosts, so Nintendo is taking the opportunity to bring King Boo into the mix this Tour.

New Spotlight Characters:

Rosalina (Halloween)

Rosalina in her awesome Halloween costume is the first of two Spotlight characters in the Halloween Tour. Spotlight characters are only available for a limited time during their specific Tour, though Nintendo has stated that they may return in a future Tour.

King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)

King Boo’s Luigi’s Mansion appearance also makes it into Mario Kart Tour, arriving in the second week of the Tour.

New Karts and Gliders:

There are also a bunch of new karts and gliders, which each have a Halloween theme. These include a pumpkin and a hearse-themed karts, and bat wing and dark cloud gliders.

New Courses:

The new courses include Luigi’s Mansion, Ghost Valley, and Waluigi Pinball.

New Challenge – Time Trials:

Rounding up the new features is the brand new challenge Time Trials. You’ll have to perform a lap as quickly as possible, aiming to beat a set score to get maximum points.

Halloween Tour Gifts:

The Halloween Tour gifts at the free tier include:

  • Parachute glider
  • Super Blooper kart
  • Bowser

While the Gold Pass rewards include:

  • Koopa Clown (Halloween)
  • Peachette
  • Bee Themed Kart

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