MargaritaVille Online Walkthrough

Welcome to MargaritaVille Online, a beach resort simulation based on the Jimmy Buffet song of the same name. In the game you will be completing quests, playing mini-games, and exploring the surprisingly large island while restoring a beach-side bar known as The Oasis. This guide will help familiarize yourself with the island and all its locations as well as give you tips on getting started.

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MargaritaVille Online – Game Introduction

Welcome to MargaritaVille Online, a beach resort simulation based on the Jimmy Buffet song of the same name. In the game you will be completing quests, playing mini-games, and exploring the surprisingly large island while restoring a beach-side bar known as The Oasis. This guide will help familiarize yourself with the island and all its locations as well as give you tips on getting started.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

MargaritaVille Online

Navigating the Screen

MargaritaVille Online
  • The top of the screen is where you will find the balances for your coins, beach bucks, level, experience, and energy. You will also find your inventory, map, settings, and options.
  • Under the options setting you will find your shops, mini-games, achievements, gifts, jukebox, collections, coupons, and friends.
  • On the left side of the screen you will find your current quests.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will find your friends that are also playing MargaritaVille Online.


  • Coins: coins are the currency in MargaritaVille Online. Coins are used to purchase items, complete quests, buy new looks for your avatar, and upgrade items.
  • Beach bucks: beach bucks are the premium currency in MargaritaVille Online. Beach bucks can be used to skip part of all of a quest, unlock new content early, or purchase premium items. Beach bucks cannot be acquired through gameplay and must be purchased or earned by completing offers.
  • Experience: experience is earned by completing quests, playing mini-games, and various other tasks in the game. Once you have earned enough experience you will level up and unlock new game content.
  • Energy: your energy determines how many actions you can take. Things like playing games, fishing or netting, and smashing crates use a certain amount of energy. If you run out of energy you will either need to wait for it to replenish or eat a food item that will replenish your energy.
MargaritaVille Online

,MargaritaVille Online

  • Food: food items can be eaten to replenish your energy. Coconuts can be found around the island and shot down using your slingshot. Other food items can be earned through quests or gifted to you from friends.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Tools: you will need numerous tools to open chests and barrels, cut through bamboo, and venture out to sea. You will unlock new tools as you progress through the game and complete quests.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Parts: parts are collected from crates, barrels, chests, and sheds. They are used to repair bridges and upgrade items like your boat.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Crates, barrels, chests, and sheds: these items are scattered all over the item. Once you have the ball pein hammer you can break them open. Each one requires a certain number of hits to break open. They can contain parts, coins, collection items, and/or records.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Fishing: once you have acquired a fishing pole you can take to the waters and go fishing.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Netting: there are numerous crates and barrels lost at sea in MargaritaVille Online. To collect the items in them you will need to go netting in your boat and pull them to the surface.
  • Boat: your boat will allow you to go out to sea and go netting and fishing. Upgrading your boat will unlock new locations to visit.
  • Map: your map displays all the locations you have unlocked and allows you to quick travel between them. You have two different maps, one for land locations and one for sea locations. The sea map can only be accessed when you go to your boat.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Shops: there are numerous shops in MargaritaVille Online. Each shop offers different items, most of which will need to be unlocked by completing a quest.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Mini-games: mini-games are scattered throughout the island. Completing mini-games can earn you experience, coins, and unlock new quests.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Achievements: you can earn various achievements as you play MargaritaVille Online. To view all the achievements, click on the options button at the top of the screen and then click on achievements in the pull down menu.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Gifts: you can send and receive gifts from your friends.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Jukebox: your jukebox contains songs that you can listen to. You must unlock these songs by completing quests to find records scattered around the island.
  • Records: used to unlock songs in your jukebox. They can be found hidden in crates, barrels, and chests.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Collections: sometimes you will find collection items hidden in crates and barrels. Once you have completed a collection you can trade it in for a nice bonus. Collections can be completed more than once.
  • Coupons: this is where you can input a coupon code for the game.
  • Quests: completing quests will unlock new tools, earn you coins and experience, and unlock new areas of the map.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Info booth: the info booth can provide with help on your quests, giving you advice on where to look for quest items.

Customizing Your Avatar

MargaritaVille Online
  • You will get to create your avatar at the beginning of the game, but since you will have limited coins at this point you will not be able to edit them much.
  • The easiest way to return to the avatar creation window is to click on the options button at the top of the screen and then select shops. From there, click on Coconut’s Clothing Emporium. This will open the avatar creation screen.
  • Once you have opened the avatar creation screen you will be able to change your hair, eyes, mouth, clothes, and fashion items.
  • You will need coins to go shopping and certain items require beach bucks to purchase.
  • Once you are happy with the way your avatar looks, click the OK button to exit the screen.

Navigating the Island

The island is very large and you will be exploring it quite a bit. When you begin playing you will only have access to a few areas. You will need to find new tools, complete quests, build bridges, and hack through bamboo forests to unlock new locations. This section will give you tips on navigating the map, and what you will find in the main areas of the island.

  • You can navigate the island on foot or you can use your map to fast travel to locations you’ve already unlocked.
  • To access your map, click on the map button at the top of your screen. This will open your map window.
  • There will be several red dots on the map. Click on them to see what location they relate to.
  • Once you have clicked on a location you can click on the travel button to be taken to that location.
  • Fast travel can cost you an energy point while traveling on foot will not use any energy.


  • Puerto Mi Casa: this is where you will begin every time you start the game. Here you will find your bar (The Oasis), a nice stretch of beach, and a couple mini-games. This is also where you can access your boat to go fishing or netting.
  • Western jungle: the western jungle is exactly what it sounds like, a jungle for you to explore. Here you will find plenty of chests, crates, and barrels to smash. Also, keep your eyes out for coconut trees to raid for extra energy.
  • Northern jungle: the northern jungle features more jungle in addition to some old ruins, bamboo mazes, as well as a few hungry crocodiles (easily subdued using your slingshot).
  • Over Yonder Flats: a private beach where you can go fishing, hunt for treasure, and collect coconuts.
  • Margaritaville: The heart of the island. This is where all the shops are located as well as several mini-games. The shops are listed below:
MargaritaVille Online
  • Captain Frank’s Boats & Planes: here you will find everything boat related.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Joe Merchant’s Trading Post: this is where you will be able to unlock new tools.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Coconut’s Clothing Emporium: purchase new clothes and change your avatar’s appearance.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Tully’s Bait & Tackle: unlock bait and tackle for use when fishing.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Margaritaville Café: purchase and unlock new food items to replenish your energy.
  • You can access all the stores via Margaritaville or you can click on the options button and select the shops to visit them quickly.

Out to Sea

  • Once you have progressed a bit in the game you will unlock a boat. This will allow you to go out to sea and go netting. Eventually you will also acquire a fishing pole which will allow you to go fishing.
  • To begin either of these activities you will need to go to Puerto Mi Casa and walk down the pier from The Oasis. Click on the boat sign to open the boat menu.
  • Here you will be able to choose between going netting, fishing, traveling to new islands, or customizing your boat.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Once you have made your choice you will be taken to the appropriate screen.
  • Netting will allow you to drag crates and barrels up from the bottom of the sea.
  • Some quest items can only be found in special red or green crates that are found in the water after beating the pirate shooter game.
  • To net an item all you need to do is guide the boat over to the barrel or crate and then click on it. The item will be pulled up and you will be able to discover its contents.
  • When you are done netting, click on the exit button to be taken back to Puerto Mi Casa.
  • To go fishing, select the fishing option from the boat menu. This will take you out to the fishing hole.
MargaritaVille Online
  • The first thing you will need to do is select your bait. Each piece of bait will attract certain fish. When you begin the game you will only have one or two options, don’t worry though, you can unlock more options at the tackle shop by completing quests.
  • Once you’ve selected your bait, steer your boat over to an area with some fish.
  • Click on the cast button to cast your line. Then click on a location in the water to cast into.
  • If you do not get a bite, you will reel your line back in and you can try again. If you do you get a bit you will need to reel the fish in by clicking and holding on the reel.
  • Be careful not to let the line get too tight though, or the line will break and the fish will make off with your lure.
  • To keep the line from breaking, when the line gets tight, let go of the mouse button. Click it again when the line returns to green.
  • Once you’ve caught a fish you can find it in your inventory under the fishing tab.


  • There are several mini-games scattered around the island. You can access them around the island or via the games button under options. Please note that it appears that if you want in-game benefits from playing the mini-games (i.e. red and green crates dropped from pirate shooter) you will need to access them in the game world and not from the mini-game button.
  • You can compete with your friends to get the top scores in the games.
  • The games you can play and tips for playing them are below:
MargaritaVille Online
  • Hammocktime: this game is similar in style to Bejeweled. You need to get three or more matching tiles in a row by swapping adjacent tiles. Remove as many tiles as you can in the time allotted and try to get the high score.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Pirate shooter: shoot pirates with your slingshot. Hitting them in various areas will score you extra points, for example hitting them in the torso will earn 250 points while a headshot will earn you 500 points. Try not to let any of the pirates reach the island! Once you have completed pirate shooter you will be able to find new crates and barrels to net. There are two locations to play pirate shooter, Puerto Mi Casa and Beyond Yonder Flats. The crates will appear in whichever location you played the game in.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Limbo: how low can you go? In this game you will need to click your mouse when the indicator reaches the green section of the screen. The closer to the center of the green section, the higher your score will be. The longer you play the faster the indicator will get.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Steel drum star: repeat the colors in the correct order to replicate the song played. The faster you can do this, the higher your score will be.
MargaritaVille Online
  • Tile puzzle: you will need to complete this puzzle to advance through the ruins and enter the bamboo mazes. The tile puzzle is a matching game. Flip over the cards and try to make a match. Try to complete it in the fastest amount of time to earn a high score.

Maximizing Energy

  • You will need energy to play mini-games, fast travel, fish, net, smash crates and chests, and complete other actions.
  • Once you have depleted your energy you will need to wait for it to replenish or eat some food to earn bonus energy.
  • Every time you level up your energy will be refilled and your energy pool will grow.
  • To get food you will need to shoot down coconuts from trees.
  • There are numerous trees that grow coconuts around the island. Visit each location and look for trees bearing coconuts.
  • Click on them to shoot the coconuts down with your slingshot.
  • Shooting down coconuts costs two energy points and each coconut will give you one point. However, some trees contain numerous coconuts (they all come down with one shot).
  • To eat a coconut go to your inventory and click on the food tab. Click on the coconuts to eat them.
  • Once you have collected coconuts from all the trees you will need to wait for them to grow back.
  • You can also receive food from your friends as gifts.

Maximizing Coins

  • You will earn coins by completing quests and breaking open crates, barrels, chests and sheds.
  • Coins are used to customize your avatar, boat and bar, as well as to complete bridges and other upgrades.
  • You can also purchase coins using beach bucks.


You have completed the quick start guide for MargaritaVille Online by Exploding Barrel Games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.