Many Years Ago Walkthrough

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The game Many Years Ago might be compared to Virtual Villagers and My Tribe. However, the game is easier to understand, tasks are finished much quicker (such as building and gathering resources) and the game does not go on when you exit. Help your tribe to improve their settlement. This guide is basically divided into three parts, namely general tips, a walkthrough and the mini-games. We hope that it will be a helpful reference for you.


  • In the profile of any tribe member you can change the name. The circle indicates the age of the tribe member. When it is full, your tribe member dies.
  • Babies distract your adult tribe members from working, so you should always direct them to the kindergarten when they left it by accident.
  • Your tribe members have four basic needs: Hunger, which can be satisfied by eating at the food storage (Fish, Coconuts, Fruits, Bread and Eggs), thirst, which can be satisfied at the river or at the springs later on, sleep, which can be satisfied at the houses/main house and Family, which can be satisfied by communication.
  • When babies grow up they are not adults immediately. In this interphase they can only forage and fish.
  • The Chief of your tribe is indicated by a mask in his profile. Do not forget to improve the skills of your tribe members by using the experience points in their profile:

  • Pick up coins in nests whenever you see one, because they offer additional XP-points. There are three nests scattered throughout the islands. By the way, the birds that are flying around the island occasionally drop these coins into the nests (they are especially easy to be seen from the map. Check the nests by using the map regularly):

  • Select your Chief and click on the longevity flower which is indicated on the screenshot below to make him younger again. Only your Chief is able to eat this flower:

  • If and which fruit a tree is offering can be seen below any tree. In the example on the following screenshot it is a coconut tree:


  • If a tribe member is sick, there are two indicators – firstly this person will refuse to work, secondly there will be a sign above its head in the menu as you can see below:

  • Pick up gems whenever possible and wherever you can reach them:

  • Right-click on foundations of future buildings to see what it will be.
  • On the screenshot below you can see numbers assigned to all the buildings, the legend below the screenshot explains which number stands for which building. Only the houses are not listed, because you decide for yourself where you build them.


  • 1= Main House
  • 2= Food Storage
  • 3= Material Storage
  • 4= Kindergarten
  • 5= First Totem
  • 6= Mill
  • 7= First Spring
  • 8= Stable
  • 9= Oven
  • 10= Second Totem
  • 11= Water Tower
  • 12= Third Totem
  • 13= Bridge
  • 14= Second Spring
  • 15= Ship
  • a= Camp
  • b= Cornfield
  • c= Cornfield
  • d= Cornfield



  • Pick up the hammer.

Task 1 – Build the Main House:

  • Just assign both of your tribe members to the foundation of the Main House to finish it. You already have enough materials:

Task 2 – Gather 30 Fruit:

  • Pick up the basket near your Main House:

  • Assign one of your tribe members to a fruit tree and another one to a palm with coconuts. Wait until they have gathered the required 50 fruits.

Task 3 – Build Kindergarten:

  • To finish this task you need to cut new wood and to break stones, because your current materials do not suffice for this new building. Therefore you also need two new tools. You can find those near your Main House immediately after finishing the second task:

  • After collecting the tools assign two tribe members to cut wood, and one tribe member to break stone:

  • When you have gathered enough materials, assign your tribe’s Chief to build the Kindergarten:


  • When you have finished the construction you can send all the children to the Kindergarten.

Task 4 – Build your First Totem:

  • To be able to construct this Totem you need three gems. They can be found in the Northern part of your current island. Two of those gems are displayed on the screenshots below:

  • When you have found enough gems you can build the Totem:


  • This totem gives to your tribe the knowledge of fire and it unlocks a match-3-mini-game. Look at the mini-game section of this strategy guide to get more information about it.

Task 5 – Build the Camp:

  • To build the Camp you need a lot of materials, namely 40 stone and 80 wood. Continue to gather those resources.
  • When you have the required amounts of wood and stone assign one of your tribe members to build the camp:

  • The Camp enables your people to dry magical flowers.

Task 6 – Kindle the Firewood:

  • Only one of your tribe members can perform this task, and it’s likely that this is your Chief. Select the Chief, click on the firewood at the Camp, and you have finished this task. Dried magical flowers are needed to cure sick tribe members.

Task 7 – Gather 2 magical flowers:

  • Look at the screenshot below to see a possible locations of magical flowers. When you have gathered them, this task is finished, too.

Task 8 – Build a Swing:

  • You need 80 wood, 20 stone and 1 hide to build the Swing.
  • Open the "Build"-Menu, select the Swing and drag it to the Kindergarten:

Task 9 – Build a Water Tower:

  • To construct the Water Tower you have to gather 100 wood and 100 stone. The Water Tower is required to create additional sources for water.
  • When you have enough resources, select your most experienced builder and click on the following foundation:

Task 10 – Build a Spring:

  • The construction of a Spring requires 30 wood and 30 stone. 
  • When you have built the spring your tribe members can also drink pure water from this additional source, instead out of the river.


Task 11 – Build a House:

  • To build the House you need 100 wood, 40 stone and 2 hides.
  • You can build it wherever you want to, and you have choose the house from the "Build"-menu, as you did with the Swing. I chose to build it here:

  • When the house is ready two new people will join your tribe. While your four first members should be specialised in either foraging, gathering stone, cutting wood or building, these newcomers should to whatever is needed currently.

Task 12 – Build the Food Storage:

  • This construction requires 100 wood, 100 stone and 15 hides.
  • Assign your builder to the place where you currently store your fruit:

  • When the construction is finished your people are able to store more food than before (previously you could only store 50 pieces of each sort of food)

Task 13 – Build the Material Storage:

  • Not surprisingly, this task is very similar to the previous one. Again you need 100 wood, 100 stone and 15 hides to construct this building.
  • Assign your builder to the place where you currently store the materials:

  • Right after this construction you are able to store more materials than before.

Task 14 – Build at least two more Houses:

  • The construction requires at least 200 wood, 80 stone and 4 hides.
  • Construct the houses wherever you want to.
  • After the construction of your third House two more people will join your tribe. You should assign them to gather fruits, because with the new size of your tribe you need more food to keep everyone satisfied.

Task 15 – Get 10 Fish:

  • At first you have to find the Fishing Tool:

  • Then, depending on how quickly you want to finish this task, select one or two tribe members and click the river to spear the fish:


Task 16 – Build the second Totem:

  • The creation of this Totem requires six gems. See the screenshots below for some probable locations of gems:

  • When you have collected six gems, assign your builder to this foundation:

  • After the construction your people will gain agricultural knowledge.

Task 17 – Build three Cornfields:

  • You need 90 wood to build these Cornfields.
  • See the positions of these Fields below:

Task 18 – Build the Mill:

  • The construction of this building requires 300 wood, 300 stone and 25 hides.
  • The Mill enables you to produce flour.
  • The construction also requires to play a mini-game. See the solution in the mini-game section of this strategy guide.
  • See the location of this building on the screenshot below:

Task 19 – Harvest the corn:

  • To be able to harvest you first need to find the appropriate tool. Look at the screenshot below to see its locations:

  • Now you can harvest the corn from the three fields.

Task 20 – Build the Oven:

  • You need 100 stone to construct this building.
  • The Oven enables you to bake bread.
  • Here is the position of the Oven’s foundation:

Task 21 – Bake 10 loaves:

  • Select any tribe member, click on the Mill, and he/she will automatically carry the "Breadstuff" (probably just the flour) from there to the Oven.

Task 22 – Build a Bridge:

  • To build a Bridge you need a massive amount of materials, namely 600 wood and 400 stone.
  • Build the Bridge here:

  • When the construction is finished you are finally able to reach the other island.

Task 23 – Build the Stable:

  • To construct this building requires 300 wood.
  • The construction of this building also requires to play a mini-game. See the solution in the mini-game section of this strategy guide.
  • Look at the screenshot below to see its position:

  • The Stable allows you to lure in Dinosaurs that will provide your tribe with eggs.

Task 24 – Gather 10 eggs:

  • To finish this task you first need to find a new tool, the rope. See its position below:

  • Then select a tribe member and click on the rope at the Stable:

  • When a dinosaur has been successfully lured into the Stable just click on the egg to collect it:

  • After that you should be able to play a five-in-a-row game. Look for the solution in the mini-game section of this strategy guide.

Task 25 – Build the third Totem:

  • The creation of the your last Totem requires five gems. See the positions of those on the screenshots below:

  • See the position of the third Totem below. This Totem will also unlock another mini-game. Look for it in the mini-game section of this strategy guide.

Task 26 – Build a second Spring:

  • Again this construction requires 30 wood and 30 stone.
  • Look at the screenshot below for the position of the Spring:

Task 27 – Mega Task:

  • Collect the following resources:
  • 150 fruits, 150 fish, 30 eggs, 1200 stone, 150 coconuts, 30 breads, 1500 wood, 80 hides.
  • At first you should concentrate solely on gathering materials, because your tribe members will keep eating. To store this huge amount of wood and stone you also have to build a second Material Storage. You can do this from the "Build"-Menu. Ideally you should build it between a stone source and some trees to keep the carrying tracks short.

Task 28 – Build the Ship:

  • The construction of the ship requires 400 stones, 1000 wood and 40 hides.
  • Due to the previous task you should already have the required materials.
  • Before you can actually build the ship you have to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Look at the end of the mini-game chapter for the solution.
  • See the position of the ship on the screenshot below:

After the ship’s completion your tribe can leave the island. Congratulations, you have mastered the game.


Match-3 mini-game:

  • Here you have to clear the indicated path between the tiger and the treasure chest on the grid to win each level. Later on you will also have to break stone tiles to win the mini-game. Each level offers you additional resources if you are able to beat it:

The Flower Mini-Game (Second Totem):

  • The second Totem also unlocks a second mini-game. Direct one of your tribe members to the Totem to play it. In this game you to rotate the different tiles so that the flower can find a way out of the earth and bloom. On its way you can earn resources and XP-points.
  • Level 1:


  • Level 2:

  • Level 3:

  • Level 4:

  • Level 5:

  • Level 6:

  • Level 7:

  • Level 8:

  • Level 9:

  • Level 10:

  • Level 11:

  • Level 12:

  • Level 13:

  • Level 14:

  • Level 15:

  • Level 16:

  • Level 17:

  • Level 18:

  • Level 19:

  • Level 20:

  • Level 21:

  • Level 22:

  • Level 23:

  • Level 24:

  • Level 25:

  • Level 26:

  • Level 27:

  • Level 28:

  • Level 28:

  • Level 30:

  • Level 31:

  • Level 32:

  • Level 33:

  • Level 34:

  • Level 35:

  • Level 36:

  • Level 37:

  • Level 38:

  • Level 39:

  • Level 40:

  • Level 41:

  • Level 42:

  • Level 43:

  • Level 44:

  • Level 45:

  • Level 46:

  • Level 47:

  • Level 48:

  • Level 49:

The Mill-Creation mini-game:

  • Here you have to move the tiles to build a square. Use the central gap to rearrange those tiles:

  • The solution provides you with 50 XP-points.

The Stable-creation mini-game:

  • In this game you have to figure out which footprint-tiles belong to which animal.
  • Tiles can only be swapped with neighboring tiles.
  • See the solution below:

  • You will also earn 50 XP-points by solving this puzzle.

5-in-a-row mini game:

  • Choose the color of your eggs.
  • You are allowed to begin in the game.
  • The screenshot below displays a possible order to win:

  • Just keep creating 5-in-a-row of your eggs. Depending on your performance you will be awarded with a varying amount of eggs.

Paint Tribal Art mini-game:

  • Turn stone tablets to find identical images, thus getting additional resources.
  • All in all there are twenty levels of this mini-game. To play a new level click the stone tablet with the chalk on it.
  • The mini-game is just a sort of classical memory game. Try to remove those stones which cover other parts at first to not get stuck.
  • If two identical pairs are matched, they are removed.

Jigsaw mini-game:

  • Rotate the pieces and put them together.
  • Look at the screenshot below for the solution:


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