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Mall World is a Facebook game developed by 50 Cubes and published by 6 Waves where players can start their own boutique, be creative by decorating it, offer fashionable items to earn a profit, play mini games by assisting customers and shop at other malls to show off their taste for fashion. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Mall World.

Decorating your Store

When you start the game, you’ll have enough money to spend to start buying the necessities. Start off by buying a couple of shelves, racks and displays. Counters, registers, rugs and other decorative items can be bought later in the game. You can opt to spruce up your store a little bit by getting new floors and wall paper but don’t get too creative just yet.

A small steel bar and small wooden shelf can accommodate 3 to 4 items. About 2 of each is enough to start off so you can have a total of 12 to 14 items to sell.

Unlocking Designer Collections

The most basic way of earning mall dollars is to sell items from the catalog. The first few levels will unlock at least one collection for you to offer at your boutique. As expected, these items are cheap which means you earn little profit.

Invest in unlocking more collections per level to give you a wider range to pick. Unlocking collections cost money so check your budget first. A collection can cost from 200 to 2,000 mall dollars and even more as you level up. The higher the cost, the more expensive items are but have higher profit margins.

Mall World

What to Buy from the Catalog

Each player will start off with a random collection but items are mostly inexpensive. You will notice that each level will have about 1-2 locked collections. Once unlocked, items are available for purchase.

It is recommended to buy shoes and bags since they cost more and have a higher profit margin. Some dresses are expensive too but take a look at the individual prices before you purchase them.

Mall World

Squeaky Clean Bonus

You can earn extra money by going to your friend’s store and clean it. Shoppers tend to drop items and it makes stores look unprofessional and cluttered. Help them out by clicking on items on the floor until they are squeaky clean. You are rewarded $20. You can also clean your own store. The more neighbors you have, the more chances you have of getting the bonus.

Mall World

Dressing Room Game

A mini game is available for you to earn money and experience points. While you wait for shoppers to buy your inventory, you can spend a few minutes playing the dressing room game. The objective is to help the customer pick the right combination of clothes and shoes to match the item being shown, which usually is a bag.

You have 30 seconds to pick your items and your guide is the hotness gauge that is found at the left side of the screen. The higher the meter is at, the more coins and experience points you will get. There is a limit of 5 customers per day so make sure you get high on the meter every time.

Mall World

Send and Ask for Gifts from Neighbors

There is another way to get more items into your inventory. Send gifts to your friends and you’ll get into a loop of gift giving which means you’ll have tons of free items to sell in your store. You can check your at your Facebook homepage if there are any requests or gifts given by friends. Another way is to load the game and you’ll see a gift box near your counter. If you click on the box, you’ll be asked to accept it.

Mall World

There is one catch though. When you send the gifts or if you receive them from friends, you need to “Return the Favor” before it goes into your inventory. When you check in again (or refresh the game), you’ll see it in your inventory and can now drag it to one of your racks to sell.

Create a Look for your Neighbors

Do you want to showcase your expertise in fashion? Then create a look for your friends! You can click on a shopper who enters your store and start creating the look you want for your friend or neighbor. You can also visit them at their store and click on their Look Book. Pick an ensemble and send it out with a personal message. Once it has been sent out, your friend can check out her own Look Book.

Mall World

Check if your friends have sent you their version of what you should have in your closet. When you open your own Look Book, you will know who sent it and their suggested ensemble. When you hover your mouse on to the model, you will see the individual pieces, which you can opt to buy for yourself. Take note that you will be buying it at retail price.

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