Maleficent Free Fall Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Maleficent Free Fall

Maleficent Free Fall is a gem-matching game from Disney. In this game, you match three or more gems of the same color to light up the game board, break away chains, or meet other goals. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you bring light to the evil within.

Tips and Strategies

Maleficent Free Fall

In levels where you need to light up the board, try and start with the sides first – Many levels in Maleficent Free Fall require you to light up the game board by matching gems. In these levels, try and light the sides first (when you still have plenty of moves), and work your way inwards. Matches are much more likely to happen on their own in the middle of the board, where there’s more real estate for gems to move around in. Save your moves for the tight areas that really need your help.

Don’t confuse suggested moves and “free fall” pieces – When you make a match of four, a free fall gem will appear. This special gem is marked by a light that travels across the bauble vertically or horizontally. It’s easy to get these pieces mixed up with the game’s suggested moves, which have light shining around their edges. Be careful!

Read a free fall gem’s light to see how it affects the game board – If the light on a free fall gem slides from side-to-side, it’ll eliminate a horizontal row of gems. If the light slides up and down, it’ll eliminate a vertical row.

Match five gems to make an explosion – Matching up four gems is great, but matching up five is really something. A “cracked” gem will appear, which, when matched up with two or more gems of the same color, causes an explosion. This explosion may set off a chain reaction capable of getting you out of tight spots.

Maleficent Free Fall

You need to complete specific goals to advance to new levels – but a hitting a minimum score is often required, too – It’s usually not enough to complete the indicated goal in each level of Maleficent Free Fall. You also need to meet a minimum point requirement within your allotted number of moves, which makes combos very important.

Wing magic is a good choice for a power-up – Maleficent’s wing magic affects the whole board, making it an effective way to shake up the landscape and get you out of difficult situations. It’s great for levels with a lot of chained gems on them.

Replay previous levels to build up your magic – Nearly out of magic but don’t want to spend money on a refill? Replay previous levels. Getting more stars than you did on your first run will also net you some magic.

Maleficent Free Fall

The better you do on a level, the more your magic recharges – Earning three stars on a level grants you six magic points. Earning two stars gives you three. And one star gives you one magic point.

If you’re only ordered to light up the board, you’re not obligated to break every chain – Pay close attention to each level’s goal. Levels that order to light up each square don’t necessary need every chained gem to be freed – though if the tile underneath the chained gem is unlit, it will indeed need to be unlocked before it can light up.

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