Make Your Good Players Even Better in Madden Mobile

There are a bunch of nifty new features in the latest season update for Madden Mobile, but only one guarantees to change the way you approach building the best possible team. It used to be that everything you did was …

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There are a bunch of nifty new features in the latest season update for Madden Mobile, but only one guarantees to change the way you approach building the best possible team. It used to be that everything you did was in service of getting the highest rated players: Gold and first, and then Elite when you were able to nab them. If, say, Tom Brady was rated a few points higher than Aaron Rodgers, sorry Aaron, but Tom was going in the lineup.

It’s still true in general that Gold and Elite players are the best in the game, but this season’s update adds a significant new wrinkle. Most players in those two tiers can be trained to have improved ratings compared to what they are when you get them. Over time, that 80-rated Dez Bryant could become a 100 overall, taking him from merely really good to nearly unstoppable.

Naturally, Madden Mobile makes you work quite a bit to get there. Here are the most important things to know about training players.

Once You Start, There’s No Going Back

Madden Mobile

Training a player is a big decision, because once you apply any training points, that player can no longer be sold or auctioned. He can be used to train other players (and we’ll get to that shortly), but you aren’t getting any money for him.

It goes without saying, then, that you should only train players you expect to become a long term part of your squad. While nearly any Gold or Elite player can be trained, don’t waste the resources on those who you don’t think you’ll be counting on. That will give you more options in terms of flipping them for coins or using them to complete sets down the road.

Either Players or Items Can Be Used as Training Material

Seeing as Madden Mobile uses cards to represent NFL players, it was probably just a matter of time before EA got around to using the time-honored method of having some cards make others more powerful. To get started with training, you can either tap the ‘Train Players’ button from the home screen or the smaller button of the same name within the ‘Edit Lineup’ screen under ‘My Team.’

What you’ll see will look like this:

Madden Mobile

That’s a view of all the offensive players you currently own who are eligible to be trained. The ones in your lineup will be marked with a handy ‘On Lineup,’ while others are currently on your bench. Tabs at the top can take you to the Defense and Special (Teams) screens.

If you tap on an eligible player, the next screen you see will look like this:

Madden Mobile

At the bottom of the screen are the players you can use to train the player, as well as the amount of training points they will supply. If you have any training items — found as either rewards for specific Live Events or in certain kinds of card packs — they will show up here as well. The important thing to remember for either cards or items is that once you use them for training, they’re gone for good.

The Cost of Training

Madden Mobile

Every player requires a different number of training points to bump up to the next level, and that cost increases over time. For example, the amount of TP you’ll need to take a player from level 9 to 10 is always going to be more than from level 1 to 2. The bar at the very top of the individual player training screen lets you know exactly how many points are needed for the next level and how many points you’ve already invested toward that goal.

Then you simply drag and drop a player or item, or multiple players or items, as desired. You can hit the green button to apply the points; however, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of coins if the training will advance the player one or more levels.

How many coins? Again, that depends on how rare the player is and what level he would reach. The higher the level, the more coins you’ll have to pay.

In the end, though, it’s worth it. With coins generally more easy to come by in the new Madden Mobile update and plenty of fodder for training even from normal Pro Packs, Gold players, in particular, can be trained up quickly and be much more formidable than their beginning stats would suggest. Elites require a lot more time and investment, but when you finally get that 80 to 100, you’re going to feel like you’ve accomplished something as well as having a really devastating player in that lineup spot.

Bonus tip: Some specific kinds of players have their own unique training items. For example, the Longshot duo of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise can be trained using items you acquire in Longshot mode, and the NFL Kickoff Edition players have some you can find by replaying the NFL Kickoff Live Events. There are sure to be more as the 2017 season unfolds, so if a player seems to have a really high training cost, you might want to keep an eye out for specific training items that help mitigate it.

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