Make ‘Em Strategy Guide – Make Them With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Make ‘Em is a game about contorting various body parts in order to make people perform actions. That can be as simple as making them smile or as complex as making them play a game of tennis. 

When the game gets tricky you’re going to need some help, which is where this guide comes in. We’ve played the game and uncovered all of the strategies that you’re going to need to make sure you’re completing every level.

Even if you’ve already played a good chunk of the experience, you’re going to find something here to help you out. These are, even if we do say so ourselves, the best hints, tips and cheats for Make ‘Em.

You can only move one thing at once

You can only manipulate one of the circles at once, so don’t try and move multiple parts of the person at once. This can be a bit counter-intuitive on certain levels, but you’re going to have to move gradually instead of doing everything at the same time. So long as you’re progressing in the right direction, you’re good.

Check what you’re supposed to do

Always read the hint at the top of the screen to make sure you’re doing what you need to do. Most of the time it’s pretty obvious from where the circles are, but it’s always best to check and make sure, otherwise you might be doing something that isn’t going to help you finish the level.

Look for the green circle

When a circle turns green, that means it’s in the right place. Leave it where it is, even if your character is in an uncomfortable position, and move on to the next one. When that one turns green, rinse and repeat. Once all of the circles are green you’re going to have completed the challenge.

Play the VIP levels

The VIP levels add extra layers to the experience, so it’s worth watching the video to unlock them once you’ve filled up the bar. We wouldn’t recommend watching the ads to speed up the process, but it’s definitely worth your while taking on the challenges when they’re ready and available.

Sometimes there are multiple steps

On some later levels you need to do more than one thing. For example, you might have to sit down and then take a drink, or pick a flower then switch characters and accept it. Keep an eye on what the game is asking you to do, and don’t think you’re done just because you’ve completed the first task. 

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