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Major Magnet is a platforming game developed by PagodaWest Games where you try to use your variety of movement tools to get the highest score and reach the end of each level in the quickest time possible. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download the game, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once downloaded, click the “play” button
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start the game!

How to Play

Major Magnet

  • Magnets, How Do They Work:  If you couldn’t tell from the title, Major Magnet, is a game where magnets play a prominent role in the game and the main avenues of transport in the game.  The concept is pretty simple, though in practice it will take a lot of timing and skill to get good at working the magnets in your favor.  The main thrust is this: touch the magnet, and your character will then gravitate and swing around the magnet.  From there, there should be another magnet that you can tap and gravitate towards—rinse and repeat until the end of the level.  However, the skill comes into play into timing these jumps so you actually are within range of the magnets when you touch them.  The game is fairly forgiving, but if a magnet is up and to the right of your current position, you’ll have to think logically about how physics works and time the jump when you’re near the bottom right of your current magnet and on the upswing to be thrusted towards the magnet in question.

Major Magnet

  • Scoring:  One of the main ways to pick up points in the game is by touching the “bignorbs” to get “magnorbs” to appear.  These will be grabbed typically on your trapezes around the magnets, so these aren’t typically something that you have to think about terribly.  The more that you receive, the higher score you’ll get, and at the end of each level you’ll receive a score.  Like most other games of this type, there are four tiers of success—getting to the end of the level, bronze, silver and gold. 

Major Magnet

  • Movement, Part Two: Within the first few levels you’ll be introduced to a new method of transportation—boosting.   There will be moments where there is not a magnet immediately available to you to swing to.  In those moments, you’ll be met by the icon in the above screenshot showing that you can boost.  Other clues will be a straight line of “magnorbs” that will point you in the direction of where you need to be.  Boosts are also a good idea if you mistimed a jump and need to boost up or over to a magnet to keep yourself from falling off the level and having to restart.

Major Magnet

  • Movement, the Exciting Trilogy’s Conclusion: The last movement tool at your disposal is your “super boost” button.  In the above screenshot it is bottom left-hand of the screen.  When touched, this suspends Major in the air and allows you the time to wait and see where you would like to boost him too.  These “super boosts” are bought in the game’s store, and if you run out will have to buy more.   The good news, however, is if you use them in a level and then die—they are given back to you, so it doesn’t add any pressure if you mess up—you get to use them successfully.

Major Magnet

  • Gus’s Goods: While along your trails of swinging from magnets to magnets, all the magnorbs that you collect are being tabulated and can be spent in the game’s store.  You can buy everything from level skips to the aforementioned super boost packs.  Of course, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of playing the game and collecting magnorbs, you can spend some of your real world cash, get some magnorbs and buy your items from the store that way.

Major Magnet

  • Level Breakdown: The game is broke down much like many other games of this type.  You have “levels” and within them, you have a number of stages.  Levels of the game are hidden from your until you reach a certain “bake” count.
  • Bakes: Bakes are a gigantic gold coin that is hidden within every stage of the game.  Most require you to go out of your way to collect them and aren’t going to be collected on your typical path to the end of the level.  My advice is to finish the levels first and then go through each of the levels one by way to collect the bake until the next set of levels are unlocked—and rinse and repeat until you’ve finished the game.  This allows you to see all that the game has to offer first and then from there you can decide how much of a completionist and perfectionist you are from there.  Additionally, as you play through additional levels, there will be new obstacles that will give you insights in how to best tackle previous obstacles, so taking a break and getting a fresh view never hurt matters.

Major Magnet

  • Achievements: Much like you will see on an Xbox or PlayStation game, Major Magnet has its own set of achievements for you to complete.  These are just tasks that will either be completed in the course of the game, or special achievements where you have to change up your game style to complete.  If you get into the game and want to be a completionist, look at the achievement lists for new tasks to complete.

Major Magnet

  • Leaderboards: Major Magnet boasts Facebook support.  If you have a friend that logs in through Facebook into the game (done at the start of a level in the top right—it asks you to join the “MagnetNetwork”—simply log-in to Facebook and you can see your score compared to any friends that might be playing the game as well and have connected the game to their Facebook account. A great way to extend the game’s life and foster some rivalries with your friends!


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Major Magnet! You should be all set on your way to play your best game! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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