Mahjong Roadshow Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Mahjong Roadshow is a complex game in which you must match tiles and chose the most valued treasures. In the end, you may feel like Nicolas Cage with all these treasures surrounding you, but without the bad guys. Here are some tips that can help you achieve the best collection possible.


  • Try to match the pairs of tiles in the set box. You will earn more points this way. By matching four of the same tile will earn you the most points. Matches can also be made by selecting two pairs of the same group. An example of this would be selecting two blue truck tiles and two grey car tiles. Another way that matches can be made is by choosing three or four tiles of the same group. You could select four different works of art to make matches. I tend to stay away from this method, due to the fact that you may get stuck near the end of the stage. There will be no more matches to be made and you will have to restart the level.
  • If your unsure about a treasure, buy the appraisal hint for $30. This can give you a good description about the treasure. This can help you decide what treasure is more valuable when there are two treasures on the board. By selecting the most valued treasure will greatly improve your score.
  • Try to select the treasure tiles while leaving extra tiles on the board. More cash will be given out to the the remaining unused tiles.
  • As you progress in the game, package tiles will appear. These are tiles from uncle Henry, and if matched, you can buy the package for $100.
  • Sometimes you get a gift worth more than $100, and at times, it will be under $100. In some instances, a valued treasure will show up, ranging from $1,000 – $2,500. There is really no positive or negative advantage in selecting the package. The valued treasures you do acquire, are not that valuable.
  • Treasures can also be obtained through the speed auctions. You have to win the auction to obtain the treasure tile. To win the auction, simply select all the corresponding tiles as they roll out on the bottom of the screen. This must be done within the time limits of sixty seconds. A $1 million treasure can be won later in the game.
  • As you accumulate treasures, they will show up as your collected items. You then can select the treasures you want to add to the auction collection.

  • If you need more boxes for your treasures, they can be purchased. The first box will only be $50, and the last box will be $7,500. You don’t want to purchase a $5,000 box and put a $1,000 treasure in it. This will cause you to lose $4,000.
  • Try to arrange your treasure collection with the most valuable treasure first and work your way down. This way your collection is organized and you can maximize your score. Diamonds will appear on the treasures, three diamonds will be on the most valuable ones. Less valued treasures will have one diamond. If you forget the total value of the treasure, click the magnify icon, and then select the treasure.
  • It is very important to collect all the items of a particular set. Examples of sets include stamps, masks, paintings,etc. You can increase a treasure’s value from $10,000 to over $700,000 by selecting all items of that set into your collection.
  • If you don’t see a particular treasure tile your looking for, simply restart the level. The most valuable treasures appear after level 42. They appear in a random order and you may not see the most valued ones. By restarting the levels until they arrive, will maximize your total score. To achieve the best score possible, your collection must contain the twelve most valued treasures.
  • Your collection starts out as a rank of a junk collection. There are twenty ranks in the game. A master collection, which is the highest rank, can be obtained once your treasure collection is worth more than $4 million.

    The following information lists the dollar amounts of certain treasures. Each game is different and the treasures may or may not appear each time. Here are some treasures that i have encountered.


    -Stolen Icon

    $75 TREASURE

    -Replica Bracket Clock

    $500 TREASURES

    -Chalk Pastel

    -Ruby Brooch

    -Wood Bear

    -Toy Train

    -Ruby Earrings

    -Damaged Cronograph

    $750 TREASURE

    -Toy Soldier

    $1,000 TREASURES

    -Imitation Ottoman Rug

    -Pearl Earrings

    -TV Armchair



    -8mm Camera

    -8mm Projector

    -Silver Ingot

    -Drum Microscope

    -Forged Violin

    -Antique Trunk

    $1,500 TREASURES

    -Doctor’s Bag

    -Briarwood Pipe



    -Antique Wall Telephone

    -Desk Bell

    -Antique Dining Chair

    $2,000 TREASURES

    -Victorian Rocking Chair

    -Console Radio

    $2,500 TREASURES

    -Plate Camera

    -Chinese Armchair


    -Toy Airplane

    -Japanese Teapot

    -Agate Cameo

    -Brass Spittoon

    $3,500 TREASURES

    -Wooden Wall Telephone

    -Cash Register

    -Library Chair

    $5,000 TREASURES

    -Opera Glasses

    -Toy Car

    -Weight Sculpture

    -Folk Doll

    -Toy Train

    -Roman Coin

    -Bracket Clock

    -Mesh Purse

    -Ulmer Pipe

    -Silver Samovar

    $7,500 TREASURE

    -American Armchair

    $10,000 TREASURES

    -Silver Dollar

    -Wooden Bust

    -Diving Helmet

    -Manuscript Sheet Music

    -Antique Ruby Brooch


    -Mantle Clock


    -Anchor Light

    -Calabash Pipe

    -Spanish Guitar

    -Italian Postage Stamp

    $15,000 TREASURE

    -Japanese Tetsubin

    $20,000 TREASURES

    -Cowboy Hat

    -Ivory Netsuke

    -Brown Teddy Bear

    -Chinese Armchair

    $25,000 TREASURES


    -Inlay Cabinet

    -Scientific Volume

    -Lilly Table Lamp

    $30,000 TREASURE

    -Demo Recording

    $50,000 TREASURES

    -(2) Russian Dolls

    -George Bracket Clock

    -Gilt Elbow Chair

    -Black Penny Postage Stamp

    -Golden Teapot

    $75,000 TREASURE


    $100,000 TREASURES

    -Loon Decoy


    -Fine Ottoman Rug

    -Black Teddy Bear

    $150,000 TREASURE

    -King James Bible

    $200,000 TREASURE


    $250,000 TREASURES

    -Fine Persian Rug

    -Pearl Ring

    -Ormolu Vase

    -St. Spyridon Icon

    $500,000 TREASURES

    -Papyrus Script


    -Corinthian Oenochoe

    -Padlock Sculpture

    $750,000 TREASURE

    -Stained Sheet Music


    -Swiss Cronograph

    -Europe’s First Fork


    -Queen Victoria Stamp


    -Golden George Candlestick


    -Jamon Clay Pitcher


    -Lost Oil Painting


    -Pharaoh’s Mask


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