Mah-Jomino Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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It only seemed a matter of time before they’d combine the two most popular tile games of the centuries, Mahjong and Dominos, together. Check out our Tips & Tricks for Mah-Jomino.

  • In Quest Mode, the “MAH” and “JOMINO” tiles are usually buried and the bottom of big stacks. Try to guess where they might be and use the surrounding dominoes to uncover them.
  • The score you get for matching dominoes depends on the number value of the matched dominoes. For example matching two 5 dominoes will give you 50 Points.
  • Match the same number value consecutively to earn a X2 Bonus. For example match two 5 dominoes then match another set of 5 dominoes and they’ll be worth 100 points.
  • Get rid of double dominoes (same number on both sides) as soon as possible, they can become troublesome when you’re close to finishing the board.
  • Use your Swaps wisely. When nearing the end of a level Swaps become invaluable.
  • Don’t forget to go after the Gems. Not only do they give you massive bonus points but they also add precious time to the clock. Match all the Gems in a level to earn a special Gem Stone level marker upon completing the level. If you manage to complete the entire game and get all the Gem Stones not only will your maps look very pretty you’ll have some pretty serious bragging rights.
  • You have unlimited undos so go ahead and use them. Even if you find yourself in an impossible bind you’re usually only a few steps back from correcting the problem.
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