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Magical Forest isn’t a very difficult game as long as you understand the basic concepts. The goal is to raise a variety of pets, harvest the goods that they produce in order to sell them and buy more expensive pets. Harvest the more expensive goods, sell them and get even more expensive pets, so on and so forth, until you’ve saved a million gold coins. Once you have a million gold, you can buy back the forest from the Chainmaw Logging company.

You begin in the first area of the forest with 4 Honey Fuzzy pets. Your goals to pass this scene are shown on the right hand side of the menu at the top of the screen. You need to collect 10 resources and 150 gold.

As your pets drop resources, click on them to collect them. When the bubble appears over their heads with the image of berries, click on the animal to feed them. If any monsters arrive on the scene, click on them repeatedly to destroy them. Simple, right? Great. Let’s move on.

As you meet the goals for each level, or scene, you will be able to purchase a new breed of pet. Each new pet will give more expensive resources for you to collect and sell. You can sell any of the pets in your care at any time, however, you may need them later on. Just because there are new pets available does not automatically mean that the earlier pets are not necessary.

Along with the resources dropped by the pets, you can also collect bonus items that come in the shapes of gift boxes and collectible items which will give you “helper” points. The bonus presents can bestow additional food for the pets, gold bonuses and even powerful spells later on in the game. The helper points earned from the collectibles will allow you to purchase and upgrade machines that will help you manage the farm.

NOTE: You can sell any collected resources at any time in the game. Selling resources does not diminish the overall amount of collected resources. You can sell them in the middle of any level in order to upgrade your equipment, spells or purchase more berries for feeding.


Honey Fuzzy – cost 45 gp (gold pieces), resource value – 2 gp

Grass Fuzzy – cost 90 gp, resource value – 5 gp

Water Fuzzy – cost 180 gp, resource value – 7 gp

Leaf Fuzzy – cost 270 gp, resource value – 10 gp

Ice Fuzzy – cost 450 gp, resource value – 18 gp

Rock Fuzzy – cost 675 gp, resource value – 25 gp

Fire Fuzzy – cost 1,800 gp, resource value – 40 gp

Wisp – cost 2,000 gp, resource value – 60 gp

Cerberus – cost 2,025 gp, resource value – 75 gp

Hydra – cost 2,700 gp, resource value – 100 gp

Will-O-The-Wisp – cost 3,600 gp, resource value – 150 gp

Unicorn – cost 4,725 gp, resource value – 200 gp

Phoenix – cost 9,000 gp, resource value – 300 gp

Chimera – cost 10,000 gp, resource value – 320 gp

Pegasus – cost 11,000 gp, resource value – 340 gp

As the goal is simply to earn 1,000,000 gold to buy back the forest from the Chainmaw Logging company, it would seem that getting the most resources from the most expensive pets would do the trick. However, each “level” as a set of goals that must be completed to unlock the next creature and the next level. Oftentimes, the goals for a level require resources from less expensive pets making it important to keep many different creatures on hand at all times.

As you complete goals, tackle enemies and earn experience points, you can upgrade your creatures. Give them bonus experience, increase the amount of time they stay full before needing to be fed or increase the amount of resources they produce (up to 3 per turn).

Upgrading the creatures is very important, as later levels will require a great number of resources and it is much easier to have fewer creatures that produce more than it is to look after a lot of creatures that only produce a few resources.

Try not to buy more pets than you can handle. The screen can get overcrowded very easily! At the same time, don’t sell all of your lower level pets as you may need them for level goals later on.


Each level has a unique set of goals that must be reached before you can progress to the next level and purchase more expensive creatures. Amounts shown are resources needed, not number of creatures. For example – 20 Honey means that you need to collect 20 resources from the Honey Fuzzy creatures, not that you need to own 20 Honey Fuzzies.

Level 1 – 10 Honey Fuzzy resources / 180 gold

Level 2 – 15 Honey Fuzzy resources, 5 Grass Fuzzy resources / 360 gold

Level 3 – 7 Grass Fuzzy resources, 20 Water Fuzzy resources / 400 gold

Level 4 – 25 honey, 10 grass, 20 water, 5 leaf / 750 gold

Level 5 – 20 grass, 50 water, 20 leaf, 35 ice / 1,250 gold

Level 6 – 80 honey, 60 water, 40 leaf, 30 rock / 4,000 gold

Level 7 – 10 grass, 80 leaf, 40 rock, 100 fire / 10,000 gold

Level 8 – 100 ice, 60 rock, 140 fire, 40 wisp / 17,500 gold

Level 9 – 110 water, 160 ice, 65 wisp, 40 cerberus / 35,000 gold

Level 10 – 180 ice, 80 wisp, 60 cerberus, 115 hydra / 60,000 gold

Level 11 – 200 ice, 125 fire, 175 hydra, 50 will-o-wisps / 100,000 gold

Level 12 – 200 rock, 200 fire, 200 will-o-wisps, 250 unicorn / 250,000 gold

Level 13 – 250 leaf, 250 rock, 250 cerberus, 250 unicorn / 400,000 gold

Level 14 – 250 grass, 250 will-o-wisps, 250 chimera, 350 phoenix / 600,000 gold

Level 15 – Earn 1,000,000 gold

You do not need to complete all 15 levels to win the game. If you earn 1,000,000 gold in any level, you automatically win! Keep that in mind if you want to play all the way through level 15 to get to see all of the different creatures.


Within the game, you can purchase a wide variety of weapons and spells to help you achieve your goals and protect your creatures. All spells and weapons can be purchased in the town shop from the mage.


Rusty Dagger – cost 20 gp, 2 hp damage (hit points)

Dagger – cost 50 gp, 3 hp damage

Rusty Sword – cost 75 gp, 4 hp damage

Sword – cost 125 gp, 5 hp damage

Mace – cost 150 gp, 6 hp damage

Magical Dagger – cost 200 gp, 7 hp damage

Magical Sword – cost 275 gp, 8 hp damage

Magical Mace – cost 300 gp, 9 hp damage

Frost Nova Mace – cost 5,000 gp, 10 hp damage

Firebolt Sword – cost 10,000 gp, 11 hp damage


Heal level 1 – +25hp to 1 creature, cost 5 gp per use

Heal level 2 – +150hp to 1 creature, cost 20 gp per use

Heal level 3 – Restore all hp to 1 creature, cost 50 gp per use

Healing Totem – +25hp per second to all creatures within range, cost 200 gp per use

Mass Heal level 1 – +25hp to all creatures on screen, cost 40 gp per use

Mass Heal level 2 – +150hp to all creatures on screen, cost 100 gp per use

Mass Heal level 3 – Restores all hp to all creatures, cost 150 gp per use

Shield Totem – Protects all creatures within range from harm for 20 seconds, cost 200 gp per use

Firebolt level 1 – 25-50hp damage to all enemies in range, cost 15 gp per use

Flame Sphere – 250-300hp damage to all enemies in range, cost 50 gp per use

Fireball – Instantly destroys all enemies in range – cost 500gp per use

Attacking Totem – Attacks all enemies in range for 20 seconds, cost 300 gp per use

Frost Ring – Freezes all enemies in range for 5 seconds, cost 5 gp per use

Circle of Snow – Freezes all enemies in range for 10 seconds, cost 10 gp per use

Frost Nova – Freezes all enemies in range for 20 seconds, cost 30 gp per use

Earthquake Totem – Slows all enemies on screen for 30 seconds, cost 50 gp per use

When you purchase a spell, you’ll see the spell icon on the right hand side of the screen. To use the spell, simply click the icon and then click the area of the screen that you want the spell to take effect.


Along with the spells and weapons, there are three mechanical helpers that you can earn which will aide you in your goals. The helpers are purchased using “helper points’ that are earned by gathering the collectibles that appear on the screen at random times. Each collectible is worth 1 helper point. The collectibles can be hard to spot, so keep your eye out for them! You can earn medals for gathering all of the collectibles. Presents will appear on screen from time to time and give you small bonuses. The presents look like little gift boxes and their color determines the sort of bonus you will receive.


Red Boxes – berries or healing spells

Grey Boxes – experience points

Yellow Boxes – gold

Blue Boxes – 1 powerful spell (offensive or defensive)


Earth Fairy – small green fairy shaped items

Golden Fairy – small yellow fairy shaped items

Dark Fairy – dark greyish / teal fairy shaped items

Black Pearl – large black pearls

White Pearl – large white pearls

Sapphire – large blue gems

Diamond – large white gems

Emerald – large green gems

Ruby – large red gems

Fire Toadstool – large red mushrooms

Magical Bean – small purple beans

Agate – large blue gems


There are three different kinds of helpers you can buy with your helper points. Each helper can be upgraded to level 3 with additional helper points. Once you purchase a helper, it will appear on the screen. To use it, you simply need to keep it wound up by clicking on it periodically. An energy meter shows beside each helper so you can see when it is running out of power and needs to be rewound.

Defender – This helper will attack enemies that approach your pets.

Level 1 costs 1 helper point

Level 2 costs 10 helper points

Level 3 costs 18 helper points

Feeder – This helper will feed your creatures for you.

Level 1 costs 5 helper points

Level 2 costs 15 helper points

Level 3 costs 21 helper points

Collector – This helper will pick up resources from the ground.

Level 1 costs 7 helper points

Level 2 costs 18 helper points

Level 3 costs 25 helper points


At random times, small quests will be available within some of the levels. The quests are small challenges that you can perform to earn extra gold, experience or pets! They come up randomly and change for each game, so you may or may not see all of the quests listed below in your game. There could be other quests and variations on the quests below that did not appear during the times I played through the game.

1) Perfect Health – Do not let any creatures get hurt while the timer is running. Duration – 2:00, Reward – 1,000 experience divided by all pets

2) Small Harvest – Do not pick up more than 20 resources before the timer runs out. Duration 2:00, Reward – 1,000 gold

3) Tiny Harvest – Do not pick up more than 10 resources before the timer runs out. Duration 2:00, Reward – 5,000 gold

4) Christmas Morning – Pick up more than 5 presents or collectibles before the timer runs out. Duration – 2:00, Reward – 1,000 experience.

5) Massive Harvest – Pick up more than 20 (or 50) resources before the timer runs out. Duration – 2:00, Reward – 500 gold

6) Ice Growth Infestation – Burn all the Chainmaw Ice Growths on the screen using fire spells. Reward – one free creature of the last unlocked variety.

There does not seem to be any penalty within the game for not completing these quests, other than not receiving the reward.

1) Do not buy too many pets at once. It can become quite challenging to pick up all of the resources, keep the pets fed and fend off enemies at the same time!

2) Keep an eye on the level goals before selling pets. You may need resources from a less expensive pet later on in the game.

3) Whenever you’re sure that you won’t need a certain pet’s resources again, sell them in the shop. This will keep your forest from becoming overcrowded.

4) Sell your collected resources often! They will still count toward the goal and give you plenty of cash to purchase weapons, spells, berries and new pets.

5) Keep an eye out for the collectibles, they disappear faster than the resources and can be very hard to see.

6) Purchase the helpers (using helper points) as soon as possible. They will really help you keep things running smoothly.

7) Upgrade your pets as soon as possible! Lengthening the time between feedings will help keep food costs down as well as make it easier to focus on collecting resources.

8) Upgrading the creature production levels will make collecting resources a lot faster.

9) Buy new weapons as soon as they’re available. They will help keep the enemies under control.

10) Heal any injured pets as soon as possible. Pets will not drop resources while they are injured.

11) The shield and attack totems will help during the Perfect Health quests.

12) Focus on collecting the resources you need to complete the level goals if you have a lot of pets. Let the collector get the extra resources.

13) Keep your helpers wound up so they will continue to perform their actions.

14) You can sell creatures for cash later on in the game if you’re close to goal. Remember that upgraded creatures sell for more than level 1 creatures.

15) If you want to see all of the creatures, try not to earn 1,000,000 gold before the last level.


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