Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Magic Flute from LabLike is a puzzle game inspired by Mozart’s 1791 opera of the same name. With a rich storyline and beautiful music, the game features simple mechanics to solve some surprisingly difficult puzzles. To progress through a level, you must manipulate a pathway to find the fastest way to an exit. Swiping will move modular components of the environment including tiles, blocks, crates, and lifts. To unlock checkpoints and open up later levels, you’ll need to earn as many points as possible within each puzzle. Our Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you advance and earn those points as you lead our hero Tamino and his companion Papageno in their quest to aid The Queen of the Night.

Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Points and Checkpoints

When you complete a level, a flute will appear with opened and closed holes denoting how many points out of three you’ve earned. Each level can be finished in a variety of ways, so points are earned solely based on your speed of level completion. You’ll earn one point for completing the level in any amount of time, and subsequent points for working more quickly. However, there is no timer in the level and you’ll only know how long the level took you after you’ve completed it. Because of this, if you are trying to earn more points you’ll simply need to be as fast as possible.

You’ll be able to progress if you’ve earned at least one point per level until you hit a checkpoint. Your first checkpoint appears after Level 9 and requires 18 out of a possible 27 points from all previous levels to unlock. The second and third checkpoints appear after level 20 and 31, respectively; both require 24 out of a possible 33 points to unlock.

Speed and Space

In each puzzle you’ll face different combinations of modular components you’ll need to manipulate to get to the exit. Knowing how these components work and what you can do with them will help you shave crucial seconds off of your time.


If you have set up a ladder to ascend or descend, you do not have to wait to for your character to get to the top or bottom before moving something else. A ladder will expand to the tallest block in front of it, as long as that block can be walked on. However, a ladder can expand across an immovable or untraversable block which can be a helpful way to get an obstacle out of your way.

Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Crates and boxes can move around in space on a grid without touching other elements. Immediately test a crate to see how high you’ll be able to move it; in some cases you’ll be able to move it much higher than the existing structure. Crates can be moved up, down, forward and back, but they cannot move around a corner; i.e. move from the x-axis to the y-axis. Look for the “L”-shaped blocks to help bridge gaps.

Cracked Blocks

Entering levels with cracked blocks means you’ll have to plan your exit very well; you can only cross a cracked block once because it will crumble, possibly leaving you stranded. Sandwich cracked blocks between whole blocks to cover the most distance and ensure you have a safe place to rest. Be sure not to put a cracked block directly next to an exit because you’ll fall through before you can leave.

Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Lifts and Buttons

Once you start playing with both Tamino and Papageno, you’ll encounter sets of buttons and lifts that each can trigger. You’ll need to move between characters deftly to trigger and utilize lifts, while not abandoning one character without a means to ascend or descend. You cannot operate a lift if the other character is standing on a button already, so be sure you’ve remembered to move them off before switching characters. If a lift is going too high and passing the block you need it to reach, move a crate above the lift where you want it to stop; when you trigger the lift, it will stop below the crate which you can then move out of your way.

Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Before you start moving in a new level, find the exit. Keep in mind that some exits may be hidden behind crates or other environmental elements. Rotating the scene will help you see this. Once you’ve determined where the exit is, reverse engineer the path to the exit and set up as much as you can before you start moving. In some cases you won’t have enough pieces to get to the exit without reusing a component, but setting up your path backwards from the exit will help you see what you’re lacking.

If you are working with two characters, the moment one goes through the exit, you’ll begin controlling the second character. If you are trying to avoid falling through a gap or triggering a lift, you’ll need to move your second character to a neutral space before letting your first character exit.

Magic Flute Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Try, Try Again

While all of these tips will help you move more quickly and efficiently within each level, ultimately, you can take all the time you need to solve a puzzle. Any level can be replayed immediately after you’ve finished with no energy or respawning delays. Therefore, you can take your time to slowly unravel a puzzle and commit the moves to memory once you know what to do. While you may want to just keep going, be warned that as you move forward, the solutions you’ve figured out will be clouded by similar levels and mechanics. So if you’ve only earned one or two points, take advantage of the level being fresh in your mind and replay it immediately to earn the maximum points.

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