Magic Farm Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide and tips & tricks for Magic Farm.Magic Farm takes place across four different farms and involves completing a series of tasks or quests in order to progress to the next segment of the game. In this article, I will outline the basic tasks and offer some tips and tricks to help you win the game. THE BASICSThe object of the game is to grow various plants, harvest them and sell the produce or flowers for cash. The cash is then used to hire help from a series of characte…

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Check out our strategy guide and tips & tricks for Magic Farm.

Magic Farm takes place across four different farms and involves completing a series of tasks or quests in order to progress to the next segment of the game. In this article, I will outline the basic tasks and offer some tips and tricks to help you win the game.


  • The object of the game is to grow various plants, harvest them and sell the produce or flowers for cash. The cash is then used to hire help from a series of characters in order to find your missing parents.
  • In each farm, you will be presented with three possible plants to grow. Each plant will produce three tiers of flowers or produce. The first tier will be sell for the least amount of money. As the plant matures, second and third tier flowers will grow and these can be sold at much higher profits. For this reason, it is worth buying several of each plant and keeping them until they are fully matured.
  • You can also buy the plants, allow them to mature and then sell the matured plants for profit. You can generally earn two to three times the cost of the plant this way, but then you will have to replant new ones and start over. This tactic was very useful in the third farm (Hilo Island) but rather impractical for the first two farms.
  • Before you begin a farm, you will be given a small amount of money to start with. You must purchase your initial plants but also purchase water to keep the plants alive. If you do not water them, they will die and you’ll be stuck with no plants and no money. A good rule of thumb at first is to buy at least 2 liters of water for each plant.
  • Buy one or two of the cheapest plants and begin growing those. Slowly, you’ll earn enough money to purchase more expensive plants – just make sure that you buy your water first or you could end up short on cash and lose your plants.
  • There are two ways to sell your flowers and produce at the end of each growing day. You can just sell them all as they are or you can arrange them into more expensive bouquets, greatly increasing your overall profit.
  • To create a bouquet, simply drag a flower from the central basket over to one of the bouquet baskets, matching the flower with the image on the bouquet. Each bouquet consists of three flowers and will change every time you complete one.
  • Although creating the bouquets can be time consuming and lose its charm really quickly, it is the best way to earn the most money fast. The latest version of the game also allows you to place flowers into the bouquet baskets and leave them there while you wait to harvest any other flowers needed to complete that bouquet. You can sell the remaining flowers easily without worrying about accidentally selling the ones you need for the bouquets.

  • By levels here, I’m not referring to the levels of game play, but to the character levels that you can increase during the game. Each time you harvest a plant or kill a pest you will receive experience points. Those points can be used to strengthen your characters abilities (and those of the pet dragon helper), making it easier and faster to harvest the flowers and destroy the pests.
  • Harvesting a plant’s flowers and watering them quickly will gain you additional points. Immediate harvest, very fast harvest, fast harvest, immediate watering, very fast watering and fast watering bonus experience points are earned based on the time it takes you to complete the task. For instance, if you harvest a flower the very second it appears on the plant, you can earn a lot of bonus points for the “Immediate harvest”. You have to be really quick to earn these bonuses, but they add up quickly!

    There are 6 areas to upgrade. Three for your skills and three for the helper’s skills.

  • Attack skill – upgrading this skill will make it easier to destroy the pests that threaten the farm.
  • Growing skill – this skill will help your plants bloom faster and require less water.
  • Trade skill – upgrade this skill to sell your flowers at higher prices and buy items and plants for the farm more cheaply.
  • Helper Attack skill – this will allow Robin the dragon to more easily fight off the pests.
  • Helper Harvest skill – upgrade this skill to have Robin harvest flowers more quickly.
  • Helper Watering skill – (my personal favorite) this skill will allow Robin to water the plants very quickly.

  • Each farm has a selection of upgrades available for purchase. You do not have to buy any of these ever, but they can greatly help you meet your goals.
  • Baskets: Purchase additional baskets to increase your storage space. The more plants you have, the more flowers you can harvest. Having more than one basket ensures that you will be able to sell them all and not waste them because you didn’t have room to collect them. I generally purchased one extra basket per farm, though there are 2 upgrades available.
  • Water Barrels: Each farm begins with one water barrel that just holds enough water for 2-3 plants per day. You can purchase additional barrels to hold more water. This will ensure that you have enough water to keep all of your plants alive. The more plants you have, the more water you’ll need. I bought only one additional barrel in each farm.
  • Well: Buying a well is a great idea, especially if you’ve only upgraded to two water barrels. When your barrels run low, you can click on the well to refill them. If you time it right, you can refill them twice in each day!
  • Additional Planting: You can buy additional places to plant more flowers in each farm. I found that six plants was generally enough to deal with, but if you can handle more, get them. The more plants you can harvest, the more money you’ll earn each day.

    Farm 1 – Rosemont

    Plants available: Chamomile, Cash Tree and Rose

    Pests: Snail, Snail with shell, Wasp

    The chamomile plants are the cheapest plants to purchase, but their flowers also sell for the least amount of money. The cash tree plants are the second cheapest plant and their flowers sell for slightly more than the chamomile flowers. The rose plant is the most expensive but will give you the greatest rewards.

    Quest 1) Earn 50 coins to hire a detective to help locate your missing parents. To solve this quest, simply harvest and sell enough flowers from the farm and deliver the 50 coins to the man in town.

    Quest 2) Earn 400 coins to travel to the port town. Grow and harvest plants in the Rosemont farm and sell them until you’ve earned 400 coins. Give those coins to the man in town to unlock the next area of the game.

    Talk to the people in town after this quest and you will be given a small pet dragon named Robin. Robin will help you harvest flowers, fight pests and water the plants and will stay with you as you travel!

    Quest 3) Earn 1500 coins to buy the farm in Port Arrowhead. You’ll need to continue growing and harvesting plants in the Rosemont farm to earn this cash. Give the coins to the man in Port Arrowhead and then you can begin using that farm.

    Farm 2 – Port Arrowhead

    Plants available: Strawberry, Bellflower, Heart

    Pests: Colorado Beetle, Horned Bug, Caterpillar (hard!)

    The strawberry plant is the cheapest to purchase on this farm, though it also has the lowest priced flowers. The bellflower is the second best plant and the Heart plant is the most expensive and offers the highest priced flowers to sell.

    Quest 4) Earn 800 coins for Mr. Spade to get information. Use the Port Arrowhead or Rosemont farm to earn 800 coins and deliver them to Mr. Spade in Port Arrowhead.

    Quest 5) Earn 5,000 coins for Captain Logue to travel to May Town. Using the Port Arrowhead farm, sell enough flowers to earn 5,000 coins. Deliver them to Captain Logue. (Note, do not bother trying to earn extra cash at this farm before progessing to the next area of the game – you will lose it all in a boat accident anyway!)

    Farm 3 – Hilo Island

    Plants available: Pineapple, Cactus, Nepal

    Pests: Crabs

    This farm requires a bit of strategy. Not only did you lose any money you had saved when the boat crashed on the shore of this island, but the natives don’t have much money to buy produce from the farm, so your selling prices are very low!

    Watering the plants was the largest obstacle at the beginning of this farm, as money is incredibly tight. There are several ways to handle this. You can limit yourself to two plants, you can water the plants very slowly – allowing them to almost die, thereby stretching out the timer and making your water supply last a bit longer, or you can rely on Robin to water them. The last plan worked the best for me. As long as you’ve upgraded Robin’s watering skill, this should work without any trouble at all.

    Quest 6) Deliver 5 pineapples to the chief. Grow pineapples on the farm and bring 5 tier one pineapples to the chief in town as soon as possible. After that, you will be given the farm to use as you see fit.

    Quest 7) Earn 2,000 coins and give them to Captain Rake. After paying him, he will agree to help you find a way to May Town.

    Farm 4 – Shadow Glen

    Plants available: Tigerbloom, Fern, Fire

    Pests: Ghosts, Dark Ghosts, Yetis

    The pests are really challenging in this farm. The ghosts come in two varieties – normal ghosts and then dark ghosts. The dark ghosts are similar to the snails with shells from the first farm. Not only do you have to beat them with the shovel to destroy them once, but just when you think they’re done for, you find you need to beat them all over again! They also move very quickly so be prepared for a LOT of lightning fast clicking!

    For this farm I highly recommend getting at least two of each plant and eventually upgrading the planting locations so you can have three of each. The bouquets will net you a LOT of cash here and should really be taken advantage of. You need to earn a lot of gold for this farm and it will go much faster if you can complete bouquets at the end of each day.

    Quest 8) Earn 3,000 coins to have Reed Moore lead an expedition to find your parents. Sell plants from the farm until you’ve earned 3,000 coins and deliver them to Reed Moore.

    Quest 9) Earn 15,000 coins for the Pirate King – Curt Reaper. Deliver the coins to him to progress to the next area of the game. Work the farm for a few days after paying him and you’ll be reunited with your family!

    Quest 9 marks the official end of the game. However, you can continue and finish a series of bonus quests as well. These include tasks like collecting 20 weights from the ghosts in Shadow Glen, earning 35,000 coins to purchase a boat from Curt Reaper and earning 25,000 to get Curt to help you find Robin (who apparently goes missing!). These quests are not necessary to complete the game, but allow you to continue the fun.


  • Buy at least 2 liters of water for each plant per day.
  • Increasing your trade skill helps you sell flowers at a higher price to meet your goals early.
  • If you are short on water, do not water the plants right away. Let the timer run down and water them only when they turn red but before they die.
  • Increase Robin’s watering skill before traveling to Hilo Island. When Robin waters a plant it does not use the water in your supply!
  • You can grow plants to maturity and sell the plant for more than double the price. This is a great way to earn cash fast when money is tight.
  • Try to get the bonus points from speedy watering and harvesting. These can add up fast and help you gain extra levels sooner.
  • You can sell the plants on the farm before progressing to the next farm for some quick cash, but be careful, you may need them later for the bonus quests!
  • You can stay at your current farm to earn extra cash or experience before progressing to the next area.
  • Don’t hang around in Port Arrowhead for extra cash though, as your boat will crash on Hilo Island and you’ll lose it all anyway.
  • Give Robin a candy treat to get him to move faster! The treat replenishes itself quickly so you can give him frequent bursts of energy. (You’ll see a candy shaped cursor when you move the mouse over him if the candy is available)
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