Maggie’s Movies Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Maggie’s Movies is a casual time management game that swaps restaurants with movie theaters and plates of pasta for actors and scripts. But don’t be fooled, making it in the movie biz is no picnic. It takes heart, it takes soul, and it takes a ton of well-timed clicks. Use the tips and strategies below to make the most of Maggie’s film and theater career!

Points and Profits

  • Points are your ticket to stars, those coveted badges that show just how awesome you are. The point goals for one, two, and three stars in each level increases the longer you play. It starts off in the hundreds, but before long you’ll have to rake in thousands of points just for the minimum. Every small increase counts, so never pass up an opportunity for more points.
  • The fastest way to earn points is to go for combos. If a customer isn’t in a rush, wait a few moments to see if someone else walks in. Doing the same action several times in a row, such as delivering orders to multiple people or cashing out two or three customers at a time, is well worth a possible lost patience point.\
  • Cashing customers out or punching their tickets to enter the theater are prime areas for scoring combos. Wait for two or three people to line up, then click for a big bonus.
  • Delivering a customer’s entire order in one trip earns you five extra points per person. Unless a customer is about to lose their patience and storm out, don’t bother delivering partial orders.
  • Bringing an order to a customer a few seconds after they arrive is a great way to snag ten extra points. For maximum scorage, try stacking the quick and full order bonuses with everyone who walks in. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and it pays off at the end of the sales day.
  • In stages where you assist with shooting movie scenes, don’t neglect the actors or the director. Not only do you get points for filling their orders, you also get an increasing ten point reward for each scene you successfully complete. That’s ten points for the first scene, 20 for the second, 30 for the third, and so on.
  • Make sure you clean each station before the end of the day. Places like dressing rooms and tables with an exclamation mark over them need your attention, and if everything is clean when the timer runs out, you’ll earn a cool 30 point “all clean” bonus.

Taking Care of Business

  • Maggie receives cash tips for prompt service. To maximize the money she receives, follow the points guide above and your purse will never go empty.
  • Using items a certain number of times will unlock upgrades. Always activate them at the beginning of the next stage, as they offer extra tip money or are faster to use than lower-ranked items.
  • Spend your cash at every opportunity. Check the shop before you start a stage and buy everything you can afford. The bonuses they offer may seem minimal, but they add up to be a huge help in a pinch.

Extra! Extra!

  • There are tons of achievements to unlock in Maggie’s Movies. One of the more secretive ones involves preparing an order before a customer has made up their mind. To get this one early in the game, wait for a client to stand by the wardrobe curtains, then click on the dress right away. Their order will always include a dress, so you’ll unlock the achievement without even trying.
  • You aren’t penalized for failing optional level goals, those little challenges that show up at the top right corner of the screen. It’s worth your time to complete them whenever you can, but don’t let that distract you from your customers.
  • To be a true completionist, watch for the mouse in each level. You’ll hear a quiet squeak during play, at which point you should stop what you’re doing and scour the screen for that smiling gray face. If you miss it the first time, don’t worry, you get a few chances before the end of the day.

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