Mae Q`West and the Sign of the Stars Tips Walkthrough

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  • The object of this game is to help Mae follow her journey to find out what happened to her husband who was thought to have drowned when his boat sank.
  • There are 2 different types of gameplay for this game. The first is called "Shopping List Gameplay" and the other is called "Differences Gameplay". There are also bonus levels where you have the opportunity to get additional stars.
  • The "Shopping List Gameplay" gives you a list of items to locate in the scene. For each item you find, you are awarded money. Additionally, each level has one "key" item that has to be found in order to solve the level and advance to the next level. The key item will always be marked with stars on the shopping list. Each level has a specific number of items that you have to find before you can solve the level. There will always be additional items in each level to find. If you find 100% of the items, then you will be awarded extra money. If you are attempting this and haven’t achieved 100% at the end of the level, then chances are there is a bonus item somewhere in the level. But if you are having trouble with a level then you can click on the "Solve" button after you have found the required number of items as well as the "key" item. You won’t be awarded any extra money but you will be able to move on to the next level of the game.
  • The "Differences Gameplay" gives you 2 pictures of the same location. Your objective it to find the differences between the 2 pictures. Each difference you find awards you money. Again you are given a required number of items and "key" item to find before you can solve the level and continue on to the next one. There will also be additional items that you can locate for extra money in these levels. On these levels you aren’t given a double cursor. Therefore when you find an item in 1 picture that isn’t in the other picture, you have to actually click on the item.
  • The "World Map" shows you Mae’s progress on her journey. The available locations will be shown by floating level nameplates. Simply click on the nameplate to go to that location to play the level. Areas that appear gray on the map are areas that haven’t been unlocked or discovered yet.
  • From starting with the second level, Mae will start getting text messages. These messages will either contain useful hints about the current level or just information about her journey. You will be alerted of a new text message by a flashing envelope located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. In order to read the messages, you have to click on the message button. The message button is located on the bottom to the right of the hint button.
  • In this game, hints are unlimited. Money will be deducted from your total for each hint used. Money is also deducted for each misclick that you make.
  • You will start to be able to collect "Zodiac Stars" in the third level of the game. From here on out each level will have 3 zodiac stars to find.
  • The first bonus level that appears is the "Wonder Words Minigame". The object of this level is to unlock a secret horoscope message that can help Mae on her journey. To do this you have to figure out the missing word in four horoscopes shown. Each correct missing word that you figure out will be notated with a red check mark. If you get stuck on one of the missing words, you can use the hint button to reveal 1 of the missing letters in that word. After you find all 4 missing words, Mae’s horoscope will appear at the bottom of the page. After this level, "The Zodiac Map" will become available.
  • From "The Zodiac Map" you will be able to use any earned money and zodiac stars you have to buy constellations. These constellations represent trophies showing your progress in the game. The price of each one is a combonation of money and zodiac stars. Only the constellations that you have enough money and stars to purchase will be shown. The other constellations will remain dim until you have enough of both to purchase them. If you purchase all 12 constellations, then a bonus level will become available at the end of the game.
  • Starting with the "Old Barn" level, a new bonus level, "Leapfrog Board" will be available. Solving this bonus level earns you additional zodiac stars. Before you can play this bonus level you have to find the "Leapfrog Board" which is located somewhere in the scene. A minigame, "Leapfrog", will automatically appear on the screen after you find the "Leapfrog Board". It appears radomly in future levels, so don’t forget to look for it.
  • The object of the "Leapfrog" minigame is to remove all of the blue gems from the board, leaving only the yellow gem. To do this you have to jump over one gem with another to remove it from the board. To jump over a gem, you first click on the gem you are jumping with and then click on an empty space on the other side of the gem you are jumping over. You can use either the yellow gem or one of the blue gems to jump over the gem you want to remove.
  • Starting with either the "Mike’s Shack" or "Salvage Yard" level the last new bous level, "Game Buddy", becomes available. Solving this bonus level earns you additional zodiac stars. The "Game Buddy" is a portable video game system. As with the "Leapfrog Board", you have to find the "Game Buddy" somewhere in the scene before you can play the bonus level. It also appears randomly in future levels of the game, so don’t forget to look for it. A match 3 minigame will automatically appear on the screen after you find the "Game Buddy".
  • The object of the minigame is to remove the highlighted boxes on the screen of the "Game Buddy" by making matches of 3 or more over them. Matches can only be made horizontally or vertically. This minigame game plays like a standard match 3 game.

In the following screenshots:

  • "Key" items are circled in green.
  • "Zodiac Stars" are circled in red.
  • "Leapfrog Board" and "Game Buddy" are circled in yellow.

Kid’s Bedroom – Note: A "drum stick" is a chicken leg in this level only.

Grocery Store

Antique Store

Wonder Words Minigame #1

Old Barn

Old Barn – Mini-game

Prize Tent

Wonder Words Minigame #2_

Mike’s Shack

Salvage Yard

Wonder Words Minigame #3

Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Restaurant – Mini-game

Donut Shop

Donut Shop – Mini-game

Wonder Words Minigame #4

Music Museum

Album Covers

Wonder Words Minigame #5

Seattle Street

Underground Saloon

Underground Saloon – Mini-game

Wonder Words Minigame #6

Public Records

Clerk’s Office


Wonder Words Minigame #7

Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly Exhibit – Mini-game

Primate Cages


Aviary – Mini-game

Wonder Words Minigame #8

Wrecked Boat

The Bridge

The Bridge – Mini-game

Jack’s Cabin

Jack’s Cabin – mini-game

Wonder Words Minigame #9

Wine Cellar

Chowder House

Capri’s Cabin

Wonder Words Minigame #10

The Dock

The Dock – Mini-game

Ferry Engine

Wonder Words Minigame #11

Italian Grocery

Fishmonger’s Stand

Produce Tables

Produce Tables – Mini-game

Wonder Words Minigame #12

Jack’s Study


Wonder Words Minigame #13

Fortune Teller

Coffee Shop


Content writer

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