Madagascar — Join the Circus! Walkthrough

Madagascar – Join the Circus is a circus building sim developed by D3PA. Build your very own circus with the cast of the motion picture hit Madagascar and travel from Rome to New York! Play mini games in the big top to earn tickets you can reinvest in your circus. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Madagascar – Join the Circus

Madagascar – Join the Circus is a circus building sim developed by D3PA. Build your very own circus with the cast of the motion picture hit Madagascar and travel from Rome to New York! Play mini games in the big top to earn tickets you can reinvest in your circus. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • “Madagascar – Join the Circus” is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page or by searching for it in the iTunes store.
  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are set at the beginning of the game and can be turned on or off and adjusted in the games settings menu by tapping on the gear button at the top right of the game screen. You can also go into the settings area of your device if you would like to change notification permissions.
  • Game Center – If you have a game center account you will find the game is associated and you will be able to add friends, look up achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.
  • Facebook – In the settings menu you have the option to log into Facebook. Once you give permission to Facebook notifications and achievements will be posted on your Facebook page. You will have the option to choose if these are posted beforehand.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency used in the game.
  • Tickets – These are the basic game currency used to purchase most items and what is rewarded to you when you collect rent from an attraction, store, act, or mini game.
  • Bananas – is the secondary high end currency in the game. These are used to speed up process, unlock items early instead of waiting to reach a certain game level, or to purchase stores, attractions, or acts that yield a much higher number of tickets in a shorter span of time
  • .How to purchase additional currency – You have the option to purchase bananas or tickets by tapping on the
    “”+” sign at the top of the screen where you will find the currency indicators.
  • You can purchase 200 tickets for 2 bananas by tapping on the option in the currency menu which is found at the bottom of the store menu.
  • You can purchase bananas in bundles starting at 99 cents up to $99.99. The more you purchase the better deal you get and these purchases are charged to your iTunes account as an “in app” purchase.
  • If you do not want your child making purchases you can go into your device to stop this feature.

Game Elements

  • Experience Points (XP) – You need XP in order to level up in the game. Your XP meter and level indicator is shown at the top left of the game screen next to the gold star which is your level indicator. As the meter fills up you are closer to the next level.
  • Every task you complete, and building you tap on to collect tickets awards you with a certain number of XP. The more expensive the attraction, or store the more XP you will earn when you collect from it.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Game setting controls – Tap on the gear icon at the top right of the game screen and when it expands you will need to tap on the double gear icon that appears in the menu. Here you can toggle the audio settings, notifications and sign into Facebook.
  • Tap on the “!” button to see the game credits.
  • Tap on the envelope button to contact the developer.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Odd Jobs

  • Odd jobs are shown as icons along the left side of the screen and will help you complete quests that keep your circus in an organized manner while earning tickets, bananas and XP to level up faster.
  • Tap on an icon along the left side of the screen and read the short story that appears. Next you will see a list of odd jobs that you will need to complete along with the rewards you will earn for completing them.
  • You can tap on an odd job at any time to see its progress and a progress button appears any time you make progress toward completing a goal.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • You can earn bananas, tickets, and XP when you complete an odd job and a notification message will appear when this happens.
  • A new odd job will appear once you complete an earlier one.

How to add Attractions, Décor, and Stores to your Circus

Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • To add items to your land tap on the “Shop” button at the bottom right which opens the game store menu.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Along the left of the screen you will see the various categories. Tap on the ones you wish to purchase from. Note some will be locked until you reach certain levels.
  • The items in the store will either be available for purchase with tickets or bananas. Items purchased with bananas are higher end items and if they produce XP or tickets for collections they will yield higher amounts than those items purchased only with tickets.
  • Tap on the category you wish to purchase from then use your finger to scroll through them. Along the bottom you will see the cost. Tap on the items you wish to purchase and you will be taken back to your land.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Now you will see your item on the land. Take your finger and guide it to a clear patch of land until the bottom of the item turns green. Red means you can’t place it in that location. Once you have the item where you want it, tap on the “Save” button at the bottom left of the screen. If you change your mind you can tap on the “Cancel” button and you can also rotate the item if you wish.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Once you place an item it will be under construction and you will see a hammer icon over it for a while. If you tap on it in this condition an indicator will appear at the bottom left telling you how much time until the building is complete.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Instant Completion or “Hurry Button” – You have the option to spend bananas at any time to speed up the construction of any building, act, or décor item. Tap on the building and when the menu appears tap on the “Hurry” button that appears asking you if you wish to instant complete the construction. The number of bananas required will be listed on the button and it is usually two bananas but increases as you level up with higher end items. If you choose to wait you will be notified by push notification when the building is ready for use if you are not in the game at the time.
  • Décor items – Decorations will earn you XP only when you purchase and place them but will not earn you any tickets as the other items will. It is best to place decorations last once you have your circus established.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Re-Design Mode

  • Tap on the hammer icon at the bottom right side of the screen to enter re-design mode.
  • This mode allows you to move, rotate, or sell any item on your circus land.
  • Once in the mode you will see a message at the top left of the game screen.
  • Tap on the item you wish to affect and at the bottom left you will see the option to “Save”, “Rotate” or “Sell” Tap on the option you want to use.
  • Move – Use your finger on attractions, shops or décor items to move them then tap on save to lock in the changes.
  • Rotate- Tap on the building then on the rotate button to change its direction on the land.
  • Selling items – If you choose to sell an item note you will only get about one third of what you purchased it for. If you used bananas to purchase an item you will only get tickets when you sell it back this is equivalent to about one third of the original value.
  • When finished tap on “Done” at the upper left to close this mode.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Collecting Tickets from Attractions and Acts

  • Attractions and acts will earn you tickets and XP at varying intervals as well as increase the number of visitors walking around the grounds of your circus. Those attractions or acts purchased with bananas will earn you higher numbers of tickets.
  • Once you complete an attraction or act just wait and when you see the ticket collection icon over it simply tap on it to collect and the process starts again. You will see tickets and/or XP stars come from a building when you tap to collect. These will add to your overall totals in your indicators at the top of the game screen in a few seconds.
  • Note – You can tap on an attraction or act at any time to see how many minutes until you can collect again.

Stocking and Collecting from Shops

  • When you place a shop in your circus you will have to stock it by investing in tickets then wait over time to earn your profits which are larger amounts of tickets. You can also use bananas here for large amounts of tickets over shorter times.
  • If you watch the ticket indicator at the top of the screen you will see it is constantly counting up. This is because you are earning tickets from your shops at all times as long as you have tasks assigned to them. This is why it is important to keep restocking your shops and keep them working for you.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • When you see an empty box icon over a shop tap on it and a menu will appear with several options for you to choose from. These options include spending a certain number of tickets, waiting, and then earning a much larger amount for a return on your investment. Wait times could be as little as one minute or as long as a day. Simply tap on the option you wish to complete.
  • Note – If you tap on a shop while in the process of earning tickets you will see the menu with a green progress bar. When this bar fills up it will be time to restock the shop and start over again.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Closed Box Icons – When you see a closed box icon over a shop you will need to tap on it to deliver your completed item sold in your shop. Tap on the closed box to deliver items and collect XP stars. Be sure to tap on these frequently as it can slow down your ticket earning progress if you just let them sit in this mode.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Collecting Tickets on the Ground

  • As you play you will notice what looks like small balls of paper on the ground. These are tickets that have been dropped.
  • Tap on the tickets before they disappear and you will add three tickets to your total each time.
  • These appear frequently and if you spend a little time just watching for them you can earn quite a few free tickets.
  • Tickets are also constantly being earned in the game from your shops which is why you see the ticket counter constantly moving up in totals.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Expanding your Circus

  • The highlighted land is the area you can build on. Along the edges you will see darker land and text that says, “Expand” Tap on this area to bring up the expand option.
  • Each expansion is progressively more expensive than the one before.
  • You can purchase an expansion with tickets or bananas. Tap on the one you wish to use.
  • There is no wait time for expansions. Once you purchase them the land will immediately highlight and you will be able to build on it.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Big Top Mini Games

  • As you play the game you will unlock mini games which are accessed by tapping on the big top tent in the center of your land.
  • Marty’s Striped Cannonball Act – This is the first available mini game. There are six levels to the game and you can play all six any time one after another. You will earn additional tickets and XP for each mini game you complete.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • How to play – You are given one minute to play the game as many times as you can during a level.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Marty the zebra will be shot from inside the cannon and there are several multi colored balloons at the top of the tent. Each balloon Marty pops as he flies through the air earns you points.
  • Green balloons – Five points
  • Red balloons – Ten points
  • Gold Balloons – Twenty five points.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • There are yellow bouncers similar to a pinball game effect that will quickly bounce him in different directions. These are positioned differently in each level. The upper levels have other obstacles such as a hot air balloon and a tight rope walker to make it harder for Marty to reach the balloons at the top of the tent.
  • You will be in control of a trampoline at the bottom of the screen that you control with your fingertip.
  • Once Marty bounces to the bottom you must have the trampoline in the correct position so he can bounce off of it and back to the top to pop more balloons.
  • If you miss the game resets again with a three second countdown. You will keep playing over and over until the minute runs out. There is a timer at the top right of the screen.
Madagascar -- Join the Circus!
  • Note – If you are still in the air when time runs out a snapshot will be taken of Marty at the end of the game which you can add to Facebook if you wish along with a posting of your score.
  • As you level up in the game you will unlock other mini games which are added to menu. You can tap on the game you wish to play.
  • You will not be able to add another game until you reach level
    Madagascar -- Join the Circus!

Snap Shots

  • Tap on the camera icon at the far left of the game screen to take a snap shot of your circus.
  • If you tap on the “Save” button it will save to your device.
  • If you tap on the “Share” button you can post it to your Facebook page.


You have completed the basic game play guide for Madagascar – Join the Circus. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!