LYN: The Lightbringer: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Johnny Peterson |


LYN: The Lightbringer is a new RPG for mobile, asking you to assemble a team of knights and fight evil.

Like any RPG it can seem a bit off-putting at first though. And that girl with the red eyes on the title screen is a bit creepy. But don’t let that throw you off. Just follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be a master battler in no time at all. Trust us…and read on!

  • Fully automatic Battles are the main part of LYN: The Lightbringer so naturally you’ll need to get a handle on them fairly quickly. One way to do this is to engage the auto modes, where the battles are completed either fully (in Full Auto) or in part (in Semi Auto) – these will allow you to learn the ropes and eventually you’ll be able to handle everything yourself. If you want anyway.
  • Bossing it In boss battles the Full Auto mode is best avoided though, largely as these larger foes can cause real damage with certain attacks.
  • Red zone Talking of the bosses, their attacks are fairly easy to avoid if you stay alert. The read areas that appear on the floor are the parts you need to stay clear of. Tapping and holding on the screen then swiping right or left helps you avoid skills.
  • Straight to summon The early stages are worth rushing through if you can, perhaps by using the Full Auto mode (as detailed above). This is because by completing the first five levels you’ll unlock the ability to use summons, which makes the whole experience far more enjoyable.
  • Summon secrecy Many of the heroes in the game can only be unlocked via summons. To do this you’ll need a healthy horde of red and blue diamonds.
  • Diamonds are forever 100 diamonds will get you one hero, and 900 gets you ten. So naturally it’s best to save your diamonds up and use them to get the largest possible amount of heroes.
  • Team up Obviously assembling your team well is essential in doing well in battles. You can tweak who’s in and our via the Team menu.
  • Formation tinkering You can also alter the formation of your members via the menu below, and this is something you’ll want to spend some time over. Making sure certain types of heroes are in the right places – such as attacking characters being at the front – is important to make sure you don’t take unnecessary damage in skirmishes.
  • Achieve everything You can access a list of achievements via an option at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see what you need to do to unlock specific items and heroes – so it’s worth a gander to see how you can bolster your squad.
  • Stoner You’ll collect some Skill Stones during the game, and these can be used to level up your heroes – make sure you use them!
  • Top gear You’ll want to equip your heroes with gears, and you can collect these via crafting or by simply pick up during levels. So make sure you keep your crew updated with the best gears you have available – as the small improvements they make can prove essential in tougher battles.

You can download LYN: The Lightbringer for yourself – and try out the strategies above – via both the App Store and Google Play.

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