LUXOR Mahjong Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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The ancient game of Mahjong originated out of China, but don’t tell MumboJumbo. Check out Tips & Tricks for LUXOR Mahjong:

  • Try to work larger tile stacks down first… save easy matches for later.
  • Locate the Golden Ankh Keys as quickly as possible, all remaining tiles at the end of the level score double the points.
  • Use the Single Mode to practice a layout that’s giving you trouble.
  • Save your shuffles until you absolutely need them.
  • If you can’t tell what a partially covered tile is, move the cursor over it and it will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Undo is free, so use it whenever you need to.
  • When using a Horus Transformation power-up, try to change normal tiles into better, multiple match tiles such as flowers or people.
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