Luck Be A Landlord Strategy Guide

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Struggling to make rent? Well, we can help with that – provided you’re referring to a game and not real life. We’ve put together a Luck Be A Landlord strategy guide to help you during all phases of this challenging roguelike. Whether you’re struggling to scrape together a few coins on the ground floor, or making bank as you get closer to the top, we’ve got the tips that can help you.

Never heard of it? Luck Be A Landlord is a strategy roguelike that challenges you to simply pay rent. However, it’s never quite as simple as that. Here, you have to spin a slots machine, unlocking symbols as you do so that provide you with – or take away – gold. Creating synergies between your symbols is key to progressing long term – but we’ll get onto that shortly.

You can learn more about Luck Be A Landlord on Steam. If you’re just getting started, we recommend checking out our Luck Be A Landlord essences guide too.

Luck Be A Landlord Strategy Guide

We’re going to get straight into the recommendations in this guide. So, read down for top tips and tricks to help you progress to the very end of the game.

You Need To Pay To Spin

The first rule of Luck Be A Landlord is that you need to pay to spin. This is a typical pitfall that new players fall into, as your game can be over before you even have to make one rent payment if you fail to generate gold on a spin.

The first spin is free, so don’t worry about that one. However, each subsequent spin will cost you, so you need to make sure you’re actually earning money to cover the cost of the spin, plus the first rent payment that’s rapidly approaching.

How do you earn money? Well, by picking symbols that have a value.

Picking The Right Symbols

While the early phases of the game might be easy to survive, you really want to actually put some thought into your end game strategy as early as possible. Sure, pretty much any symbol will reward you with gold at this point, but you don’t want to just pick at random.

What you want to do is start thinking ahead where synergies are concerned. What we mean by that, is picking symbols that work well together – paying close attention to modifiers that you can unlock as the rounds progress.

You also want to be wary of symbols that reward you with a lot of currency upfront, but start proving a hinderance later on, like Dwarves, Toddlers, Bounty Hunters, and Bears.

Early Phase

At the beginning of the game, you’ll only be able to access common symbols, which are fine during the beginning, but fade dramatically later on. As such, we recommend picking as few as you can while making your rent payments.

Focus on symbols that generate at least two gold per round, as these will come in handy even during the later stages of the game. Ultimately, remain frugal and avoid going crazy on picking loads of things.

Symbols that vanish after use are particularly great during this phase, like keys and lockboxes. Definitely grab these if you can, as they provide you with a big cash boost while keeping your inventory nice and trim.

Middle Phase

Once your rent payments start approaching 200 per cycle, you’re pretty much in the middle phase of the game. At this point, you want to start solidifying your strategy. What does that mean? Well, we want to start synergising our symbols.

By that, we mean picking symbols that work well together, rather than just whatever looks good at the time. However, the only time that we’ll break this rule is when symbols with a value of three or more appear. These are far too valuable to skip at this point.

You also don’t want to overload yourself with too many synergies at this point. What we mean by this is that you just want to pick a single synergy and work on improving it, reducing the number of symbols you have to create space for improvements.

Finally, keep an eye out for synergies that scale and will help you out in the late game, like Archaeologist, Mrs Fruit, Cleaning Rag, and Fruit Basket.

Late Phase

This is where you focus exclusively on perfecting your synergies, looking for items that will multiply a bunch of your symbols at once. You also want to focus on maintaining as may three or more value symbols as possible, to ensure that you always have the cash flowing.

You also want to keep your inventory lean at this point, removing any items that will consume cash and only adding stuff that will improve your synergies.

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