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Game Introduction – Living Classics

Living Classics, developed by Amazon Game Studios, is a fast paced game that allows you to play through seven classic stories by locating any moving objects you see in beautifully illustrated active scenes. Find the moving objects as fast as you can to earn coins and complete quests. You will also have to locate the five foxes that are lost within the pages of the books and bring them all together again. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Living Classics can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.

Living Classics

  • Brief tutorial – There is a brief introductory tutorial when you start the game the first time. You will notice the first book you will work out of is “Alice in Wonderland” you will learn to complete a quest and take care of the foxes as well as locate them in the active scenes. This guide will give you a more detailed look at the game and help you get better scores.

Living Classics

Game setting controls -To access the game settings menu click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the game screen here you can control the volume of the sound effects as well as the background music.

  • Full screen feature – Above the gear icon for settings you will find the full screen icon. The game will automatically go into full screen every time you play a scene. This makes it much easier to play the game.
  • Note – There is also a settings control area at the bottom right of every active scene. These allow you to return home, adjust the sounds, and toggle to full screen or window mode.

Living Classics
Game Currency

  • Classic coins -These are the basic game currency used to unlock three of four scenes in your current book you will start the game with 500 classic coins.
  • Classic Cash – This is the premium virtual currency that allows you to purchase privileges in the game such as power ups, extra energy, and the ability to purchase the unlocking of the fourth scene in your current book. This is considered a premium level. When you start the game you are given six classic cash and you can earn more by completing quests and finding all the foxes in the book.
  • Purchasing additional currency – You have the ability to purchase additional classic coins and currency by clicking on the “Add coins and cash” tab at the top of the page or on the “+” sign next to the currency indicator along the top of the page.

Classic Books

  • There are seven classic books you will have the ability to play through as you gain enough coins through playing scenes and completing quests to unlock more scenes.
  • The novels included in the game are:
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pirate Adventures
  • King Arthur
  • Haunted House
  • Ancient Greece
  • Wild West Tales
  • Wizard of Oz
  • It is likely more classic books will be added in future game updates.

Living Classics

Unlocking Book Pictures

  • Opening pictures in a book – Click on the “Play” button to open the book and you will see that there are four pages in the book and they must be unlocked before you can play them. You can use classic coins to purchase the unlocking of the pages or you can use classic cash to unlock any page early.
  • Third Picture – The third picture can only be unlocked by completing a quest and spending a heart point. (See “Visiting your neighbor’s libraries” below) You can use classic cash to purchase completion of the tasks in the quest if you do not want to do them.
  • Fourth Picture – The fourth page of every book is a premium page that can only be unlocked with classic cash.

Living Classics

Solving Pictures

  • Once you unlock a page click on the “Play” button and you will be taken to the picture in full screen mode.
  • Objective – Your objective is to click on absolutely anything that moves in the picture. You will see once you click on a moving object it will freeze and highlight in blue. You want to click on the moving objects as fast as possible as this will multiply your score and earn you a time bonus.
  • Indicator Panel – Along the top of the screen you will see many useful things. First of all each time you click on a moving item the number at the top of the screen increases. The faster you go and the less time in between finding moving objects the higher your score. If you stop for a few seconds you will notice this number goes down. You don’t want it to go down so you need to move fast or use a power up which you can purchase in the store for classic cash. Each time you find a moving item you will see a purple dot at the top of the indicator panel. The lighted white dots indicate how many items are currently moving on the screen. It is helpful to sometimes glance up at the panel to see how many items are moving if you are stuck.
  • Scoring – Your score is shown at the end of every movement hunting session. If you are fast enough you will earn a time bonus in addition to a multiplier bonus.

Living Classics

  • Summary screen – Once you have your score you will be taken to a screen that shows your ranking among other Living Classics players on the same book page session. You can invite these players to be your neighbors by clicking on the little blue man symbol or you can send them a free gift of energy in hopes they will return the favor.

Living Classics

Finding and Tending to Foxes

  • As you solve the active screens you will sometimes see a fox or part of a fox somewhere in the scene near the end. You will need to quickly click on the fox to officially find him. In each book there are five foxes that are lost. You will see on the main page pictures of the five lost foxes and each time you find one you earn coins and the other foxes become happy. You will be notified if you find a fox.
  • Tending to your foxes – Each day you will need to feed your foxes cookies or other available treats to keep them happy and in place once you find them. If you do not play the game for several days you will see the foxes in uncompleted collections will become sad and go back into the book and become lost again and you will have to play the scenes again to find them.
  • Giving a fox a cookie makes them happy and increases the odds you will find them in the active scene when you are searching.

Living Classics

  • Completing a fox collection – Each time you find all the foxes they will be shown on the cover of the book as a group and very happy. They will never become sad once on the cover of the book and will always stay there.
  • Any foxes you have found in an uncompleted collection may become sad and return to the book and become lost. Be sure to tend to them each day so this doesn’t’ happen. Your neighbors can also tend to your foxes to keep them happy for you and you can tend to theirs. (See “Visiting your Neighbors” below)
  • Each book has a different collection of foxes and you will need to tend to all of the collections daily. When you tend to the foxes you have found, you will keep them happy and you can also make them happy by finding more foxes in the other books.

Living Classics


  • You must pay six energy points each time you play a page.
  • You have a maximum of thirty two energy points available to you when you start the game and you can play until you run out.
  • Energy indicator – Along the top of the home screen you will see how many energy points you have. Note the clock under the indicator this is counting down at all times as the energy regenerates at the rate of one point every ten minutes.
  • How to get more energy – There are a few ways to get more energy once you run out. You can purchase it by clicking on the “+” sign next to the energy indicator and purchase it with real currency, or you can have friends gift energy packs to you, or simply wait for it to regenerate.
  • Each time you level up in the game, the energy meter automatically fills up to its maximum.

Living Classics

Experience Points

  • Experience points or (XP) are points earned as you play pages in the book. These points accumulate and help you to level up in the game. Look for the star at the top left of the game screen and you will see your current level. As this meter fills up you reach the next level and will be rewarded and your energy meter will be instantly refilled to maximum capacity.

Living Classics

Mastery Crowns

  • Each time you play an active scene in a book the points you earn allow you to earn mastery crowns which are shown on the book page around the “Play” button. They are hollow at first and fill up with gold as you play the scene more and more. You can earn crowns as part of a quest completion and when you earn all four you will have complete mastery. As you fill up more crowns you will unlock special animations you haven’t seen before.

Living Classics

Game Store/Inventory

  • Click on the large bag at the top right of the home screen to access the game store. Here you can purchase additional energy, power ups to help you with your movement hunts and premium pictures which you can play for larger rewards.
  • Inventory – You can also click on this area to see your inventory of power ups in case you win any in a quest or purchase them.
  • Expect new items to be added to the store with future game updates.

Living Classics


  • Along the far left of the screen you will see icons which represent the many quests of the game. Each book has several quests associated with it.
  • You can either complete the quest or use classic cash to purchase instant completion of the task.
  • Each quest can have multiple tasks for you to complete.
  • You can win classic coins and sometimes classic cash each time you complete a quest. The reward is shown along the bottom of the quest screen. You can complete quests in any order you wish as long as that page in the book is unlocked.

Living Classics

Power Ups

  • Power ups can be purchased in the game store and are available for classic cash right away and later on for classic coins once you level up high enough to unlock the ability to purchase them this way. These items will help you quite a bit when you are searching for moving items on a page and increase your overall scores.
  • Flash – This is the camera power up which will flash on a moving object in the scene. You have to click on the icon at the bottom of the screen to activate it. This item costs two classic cash or 2000 classic coins if you have unlocked the ability to purchase it this way.
  • Magnifying glass – This power up will cause one of the moving objects to become instantly larger for a few seconds. Be sure to watch for this as it does not last long. You can purchase this for four classic cash or 5000 classic coins once you have unlocked the ability to purchase it this way.
  • Reading light – This power up will allow you to see several moving items at once. You can purchase it for three classic cash or 7000 classic coins once you have unlocked the ability to purchase it this way.
  • Espresso – This power up makes several moving objects move very fast for a few seconds making it easier to see them. This is the most expensive power up costing five classic cash or 9999 classic coins once you have unlocked the ability to purchase it this way.
  • Note – When you purchase power ups you will not just get one you will get a few of them. You will see a number under the graphics along the bottom of the active screen showing you how many you have of each power up. Simply click on it to use it.


Visiting Neighbor’s Libraries

  • Once you have a few neighbors you will be able to click on their pictures at the bottom of the home screen and visit their library. Here you will be able to tend to their foxes just as you do your own. This will keep them happy for a longer time and decrease the chance they will get lost in the book again. This will also encourage your neighbor to return the favor and help you out as well.
  • How to help a neighbor – Click on each of the fox pictures along the right of the screen to give them a cookie or other treat.
  • You will earn coins for each one you tend to as well as one heart point.
  • You can only visit your neighbor once every 24 hours.

Living Classics


  • Each time you visit a neighbor’s library and tend to their foxes you will earn one heart point which is shown at the center of your home screen.
  • You will need these points to complete the quest to open the third picture in each book.
  • The more neighbors you have the faster you can complete a book and find all the foxes in a collection.
  • Click on the invitation buttons whenever the game is prompting you to assure you have as many neighbors as possible.

Living Classics


  • The small envelope at the bottom left of the home screen opens your inbox. You will also see your inbox each time you load the game.
  • Here you will see invitations from others to be your neighbor and you will see the gifts sent to you by your friends.
  • Click on the accept button if you want this person to be your neighbor. If not click on the “X” to delete them from the inbox.

Living Classics

Sending Gifts

  • You can send one gift per 24 hours to your neighbors. Currently the gift is a two point energy pack which they can keep in their inventory and redeem when they are low on energy.
  • Sending gifts is a great way to get more energy for yourself as most people tend to send energy back to you if you send it to them.
  • Click on the pink gift box at the bottom left of the game screen to activate the gifting menu or click on the gift box in the high score menu next to a neighbor’s name.

Tips and Tricks

  • When looking at the active screen keep an eye on the indicator at the top of the screen. Try to keep the number moving up fast by finding moving objects in the scene quickly. If you slow down the number will go down. This number is a multiplier for points and if you are fast you will also earn a time bonus.
  • It seems to help find items if you try to not look in one general area. Try to hold your eyes still on the scene and let the movements jump out to you.
  • Be sure to send out daily gifts to your neighbor so they will return the favor.
  • Tend to your foxes daily and don’t let them get lost again as this will cost you money down the line.
  • Visit all of your neighbors every day for maximum hearts to spend on the third page quest requirement.


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Living Classics by Amazon Game Studios. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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