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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Little Shop of Treasures. Warning: Spoiler’s Alert.

Little Shop of Treasures is all about a fast eye and patience. On every level there are items that are hidden sometimes in plain sight, sometimes not. It’s difficult to give tips on how to find items, but here is what I found playing through this game.

A lot of the time, items will be of a solid color. An example would be the red coffee cup in the Diner level. These items can be hidden in areas that are of the same color. In this case, the red coffee cup is hidden inside the red wall to the right of the jukebox. It can be hard to see.

There are twelve stages in the game. You will play through each one several times. Items will be repeated sometimes, so is you have a good memory, try and make note of everything you see in a stage. Chances are you’ll be coming back to it later.

Look for the question marks. There are always some on every level. Try and use your hints less then or equal to the amount of marks you find. That way, you’ll never run out.

I like to hold off on using hints until there is only one minutes left in the stage. This keeps you from using too many of them, and it also makes sure the hints are used on the more difficult to find items. The difficult ones tend to hang around until the end.

When you use a hint, note the colors of each item. Sometimes it’s easier to find an item if you look for the specific color instead of the item itself.


The following is a list of each of the twelve stages in Little Shop of Treasures. Each one will have a description of the stage, some hints, and the locations of, what are in my opinion, the five most difficult to find items of each level. If you do not wish to have these locations spoiled, read no further. You’ve been warned!


The diner is an easy stage. A lot of the items tend to be where you would think they would be in a diner. Some are cleverly hidden. Keep mental note of every coffee mug you find, those tend to pop up a lot. There are five in the stage.

  • Red Coffee mug: Red wall to the right of the Jukebox
  • Mushroom: On top of the pie in the poster just behind the blender.
  • Waffle: Under the same pie as above.
  • Potato Tots: on top of the bowl of Chili on the right side of the counter
  • Ice Cream Scoop: Right in front of the Coffee pitchers behind the counter
  • Garden Shop

    The garden shop is a particularly difficult level in my opinion. Many of the items look alike and have similar colors. Best way to get good at this level is to try it over and over to get used to where everything is. Also remember there is a difference between a cricket and a grasshopper. They both appear in this level.

    • Poinsettia: It’s the red flower in the upper right hand corner.
  • Daisy: Up in the picture above the tools on the left half of the screen.
  • Brass Spigot: Just underneath the edge of the countertop
  • Dragonfly: There are several, but one on top of the cash register is especially difficult
  • Flypaper: In front of the wind chime next to the center column
  • Magic Shop

    This is a pretty easy level. Just keep an eye on every card you see. There are queens, kings, and jacks hidden everywhere.

    • Matchstick: At the owl’s feet on the left side.
  • Spying eye: on the right side on the top of the purple box.
  • Fish: It’s purple and blends in with the purple tablecloth.
  • Doves: Two are easy to find on the left and right sides, but one is actually hidden in the store sign on top too
  • Monkey: he is peaking out from behind the two boxes on the bottom left side.
  • Antique Store

    This is a scary looking level, but most of the things are fairly easy to find.

    • Rock Hammer: In the upper left hand corner next to the trombone
  • Eskimo: Sitting in a pot to the left of the dog
  • Argyle Socks: Laying on the ground next to the dog’s head
  • Bones: The skull and crossbones sign in the upper right corner
  • Black bell: hanging from the ceiling at the top center
  • Farmers market

    I like this level because there aren’t too many difficult items to find. Keep an eye on the honey bears you find, there are six in total.

    • Tin can: In the scarecrow’s hand
  • Spare Tire: Below the center of the tractor
  • Eggplant: Right above the corn husk dolls to the right of the Tossed Cookies sign
  • Milk Can: Inside the barn next to the tractor and above the pumpkins
  • Garlic press: Along the edge of the car directly above the front wheel
  • Sporting goods

    A lot of people have trouble with this level for some reason. One thing to keep in mind is the bear in the center of the room. He has a lot of things on him and around him. Make note of it all.

    • Canoe: It’s small and inside the poster on the back wall above the tent.
  • Swiss Army Knife: In the middle of the fishing lure right below the Sporting Goods sign.
  • Football: I don’t know why but everyone I have talked to has had a lot of trouble finding the football. It’s in the bear’s hand.
  • Propeller: On the back of the hang-glider in the center of the room.
  • Hunting bow: In the corner triangle below the moose head.
  • Music store

    There are a lot of good jokes in this level if you can catch them. A lot of the difficulty in this level is just knowing what some objects are called. Save your hints for items whose name you don’t recognize.

    • Harp: On the side of the wooden box in the center
  • Alpenhorn: Below the CD rack and behind the wooden box in the center
  • Earphones: Around Mozart’s neck on the left side
  • Pan Flute: On the trumpet in the center
  • Cowbell: One of the cowbells is difficult to recognize. It’s hanging in front of the CD rack and has flowers on it. You can always use more…
  • Garage Sale

    This level can be tricky. There are a lot of objects that are hidden inside similar colors. Use the hints wisely.

    • Fllipper: On the back fender of the truck
  • Spoon: Just below the handlebars on the bike
  • Wood Horse: In the car poster up above the blue shelves
  • Wrench: There are a few wrenchs, but most people have a hard time seeing the one in the cartoon man’s hand on the back wall on the left side.
  • Nametag: The same man as above has the nametag on him
  • General Store

    Pretty much everything in this level is on the shelves. There are many things here that have multiples, which make the level fairly easy. Just make mental notes of everything you see.

    • Wooden Comb: Way in the upper right corner
  • Pocket watch: The upper right corner in the middle of the rotary telephone dial
  • Striped Feather: Up in the right corner along the edge of the basket
  • Spoon: Next to the handle of the white vase on the left side
  • Rock Hammer: In the center of the screen at the very top
  • Party Supply

    This is a fun level to explore. It’s pretty straightforward, except a lot of the items you need to find are just face drawings. Like the monkey balloon or zebra. You’ll find them all over.

    • Red Grad Cap: On the Donkey’s head
  • Banana Split: near the middle next to the two American hats
  • Wedding bells: At the very top in the center
  • Hot Dog: Up in the left hand corner
  • Champaign cork: On the left side in front of the cake and on top of the yellow roll
  • Toy store

    This is a particularly difficult level. A lot of things blend in with each other and it makes it difficult to pick certain things out. Just be sure to take your time and be patient. It may take a few tries to get everything.

    • Maraca: On the left wall in the middle next to the cat and top
  • Funny teeth: There are two, the more difficult is on the front of the fire truck on the right side.
  • Boomerang: Above the poster between the two shelves. It’s blue.
  • Pinwheel: Just to the right of the Toy Store sign at the top
  • Viking Helmet: Next to the sailboat, just to the right of the poster between the shelves in the middle
  • Your Shop

    This level will change often. There are a lot of big things that appear that aren’t items you can pick. These just distract you. There are some very cleverly hidden items in this one. Also, some of the items appear in more then one place, so keep your eyes peeled.

    • Bat: Not a baseball bat like the other levels, it’s hidden in the top left corner under the “I” in “Imports”
  • Human Skull: On the top of the rug in the top center of the screen
  • Jade Elephant: Sometimes he is on the shelf on the right side, but it’s more difficult to see him when he is hidden in the plant in the very center.
  • Coins: The coins are hidden, where else, but the cash register!
  • Shell: Underneath the green statue of a woman near the center
  • Now this isn’t close to all the items. There are over 1200 of them to find! If you cannot find an item, feel free to post about it below, someone will probably be able to share. Good luck!


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