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By Joel Brodie |

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Check out our tips & tricks for Little Shop – Big City, which includes a walkthrough with screenshots guiding you to all of the sock monkey and pigeon locations.


  • There are 23 trophies in all, which are awarded for a variety of things from finishing a level in a certain amount of time, to finding all the items in a round without clicking on any incorrect items. To learn what you need to do to obtain each trophy, visit the Trophy Room from the main menu and roll over each trophy with your mouse to read its description.
  • If you want to obtain the best possible scores in Blitz Mode (where you have to find all of the items in a shop in the shortest amount of time possible), it is best to play the same shop one after another so that the location of the items are fresh in your memory.When you are done playing Blitz you can check your scores against other players.
  • In order to finish a round successfully you have to find 10 of the 15 items that are asked of you. If you find all 15 items you will earn a gold star and you will be able to play a bonus round in which you will have to find 1 cleverly hidden item in the location that you just played.
  • You will have to find the bonus item with whatever time you have left on the clock from your current game. However, if you only have a few seconds left( about 20 or less) before your bonus round begins, the game will bump your time up to about 30 seconds. If you complete all the bonus rounds for a unique location, you will earn a trophy for each location that you complete.
  • If you’ve finished a round and you did not find all 15 items, a menu will appear at the end of the game and it will ask you if you want to replay the level or continue on to the next round. Press ‘replay’ so you can have a second chance at finding all of the 15 items so you can play the bonus round. If you do not wish to replay at that time press calendar and you will move on to the next round, you can always go back and replay a level at any time by pressing the back arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  • You start the game with 3 hints and you can earn an additional 60 hints when you can find 60 question marks that are hidden throughout all 12 locations. Each unique location contains 5 hidden question marks. Some question marks will be easy to find while others are very well hidden. In order to find them you have to look in every possible corner, wall, attached to something else etc.
  • 60 hints may sound like an awful lot, but remember that they have to last you through the whole game. It is a good idea to pace yourself when it comes to using the hints, try to leave them for the last possible moment. I preferred to use them for the bonus round, since a new item is added to the game just for the bonus round.
  • The hint system in this game is different than most of the hints in the majority of hidden object games. Instead of it pinpointing out one item for you, it will show you pictures of all the items that are at the bottom of the screen. At times you would probably prefer for it to show you where an item is, but being able to see what color and shape the items are can help you find multiple objects at once.
  • Another nice way to get some extra hints in this game is by finding hidden thermometers that are scattered throughout the scene. Once you find and click on a thermometer, you will notice that each persons speech bubble will either have icicles or flames around it. Once you see the flames appear it means that you are close to that particular item, the higher the flames, the closer you are. The same goes for the icicles, the further away you are from an object, the longer the icicles become.
  • There will be times when you see more than one item showing flames, when that happens click on the first item you locate and then stay in the vicinity so you can find the next item quickly. I like to keep my eyes on the speech bubble at all times and just move my mouse without looking at the screen, when I see that the flames are high, I just click it and move on to the next item. If you’re able to find all 5 items while they are showing hot or cold you will earn a trophy for that in your collection.
  • While you’re playing a round you can see if you still have any question marks left to find by simply looking at the question mark that is on the top right side of the screen, next to the hint button. If the question mark is white, it means that there are still hints left to be found. If the question mark is dark, it means that there are no more hints to be found in that location.
  • Each of the 12 unique locations also has 1 sock monkey and 5 pigeons to find. When you locate all of the sock monkeys and pigeons you will earn an award for each one of those tasks you complete. The sock monkey is always dressed in a different outfit – it could be in a dress, or it could be a painting instead of a stuffed animal that you have to find.
  • The pigeons are much harder to find than the sock monkeys since they are not colorful and they can blend pretty well into the background. The pigeons will sometimes be in flight and other times they will be in a resting position.
  • Once you find the sock monkeys and the pigeons in one location, you will not have to find them again once you replay that particular scene. You can look at the bottom right corner of the calendar and it will tell you how many question marks, pigeons and monkeys you still need to find.


Here is a written description and screenshots of all the sock monkeys and pigeons that can be found in all 12 locations. The sock monkeys and pigeons are always inside of a square. I have also included the location of the majority of the question marks, I have 56 out of the 60 that need to be found, those are always circled.



Sock Monkey: Upper right corner dressed with a purple bow.


Top left corner, above the tent.

Top middle of the scene, above the sign that says FUNLAND.

Top right side of the scene, next to the red sign that reads AMUSEMENT.

Lower right side, on the right side of the clown.

Lower right side, under the lion.



Sock Monkey: Left side of the scene, closer to the middle, it is holding a sword.


Left side of the scene, on the shelf.

Lower left side, on the floor, by the circus sign.

Middle of the scene, on the counter,

Top right side, above the rotisserie chicken.

Right side, on top of the wooden crate.



Sock Monkey: Left middle side of the screen, it is wearing a striped shirt and is playing a bass.


Top left side, the pigeon is in flight.

Left side, middle of the scene, to the left of the sock monkey.

Left side, on the table.

Right side, towards the middle of the screen, on the lower part of the shelf.

Lower right side, next to the red coffee canister.



Sock Monkey: Top left side, hanging from the wooden beam.


Top middle, under the wood beam.

Lower right side.

Very tiny pigeon on the right side of the floor, by the clay vase.

Lower left corner, above the first speech bubble.

Lower left side, on the floor.



Sock Monkey: Top right side, it is a picture of 4 sock monkeys.


Top right corner

Lower right corner, on the wooden chair.

Middle of the screen, on top of the blue armoire.

By the large back window, on top of the couch.

On the floor, in the middle of the screen.



Sock Monkey: Dressed in a beige coat, left corner of the screen.


Left Corner, under the “Gadget” sign.

Left middle of the scene,above the orange chair.

Lower right side, above the green chair.

Top right side, against the yellow wall.

Top middle side, to the left of the “Home electronics” sign.



Sock Monkey: It is wrapped up like a mummy, on the lower right side.


Lower right side, n the ground, above the third and fourth speech bubble.

Lower middle of the screen, by the blue plate that is on the wall.

Top middle of the scene, close to the Dinosaur’s head.

Top right, on top of the Dinosaur’s head.

Top right side, above the globe.



Sock Monkey: Small sock monkey on the lower right side, under the fish bowl.


Middle left side, above the counter.

Lower right corner.

Top right corner, by the railings.

Pigeon in flight, left side, by the red phone booth.

Brown pigeon, across from the red phone booth, it blends in with the color of the wood.



Sock Monkey: Is holding a sign that says “Will work 4 bananas”, on the left side of the ground.


Left side, on top of the hot dog cart.

Lower left side, in front of the “Weekly” newspaper dispenser.

Lower left side, on the ground, next to the sock monkey.

Middle right side of the screen, above the magazines.

Middle right side, above the red gumball dispenser.



Sock Monkey: Is sleeping on the park bench.


Lower left side, on the ground.

Lower right side.

Middle of the scene, in between the bicycle wheels.

Above the bunch of bicycles, in the middle.

Above the park bench on the left side.



Sock Monkey: In a purple dress with makeup, lower right side.


Top right corner.

Top left corner.

Lower left corner.

Top left side, above the blue wall unit.

Inside the blue wall unit, lower left side, above the red chair.



Sock Monkey: Dressed in white, looking like Elvis, middle of the scene, under the hanging white suit.


Left corner, by the boots that are on the shelf.

Top middle of the scene, in flight.

Lower right side, above the fourth speech bubble.

lower right side, brown pigeon, above the round table.

On the left lower side of the screen, under the sock monkey.


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