Line Puzzle: String Art Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Simple puzzle games are the best. Well, usually. That’s the ethos of Line Puzzle: String Art anyway, which – on the surface – is as simple a game as they come.

It basically asks you to copy a combination of strings on a grid by pulling the threads on your own board. The complicated part comes when the strings become so overlapped and muddled that copying the game’s grids can become a real test of patience.

But do not fear. We have a set of tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks to help you have Line Puzzle: String Art tied up in no time.

  • Peg it There’s a general feeling that using too many pegs is bad, but don’t get too hung up on using a load. Many levels require you to cover a large part of the board with them – there are often no simple solutions to a problem.
  • Undo is your friend If you make one wrong move, don’t fret. You can pull a single string back easily enough by pressing the undo button. Under no circumstances don’t get caught up in thinking one misplaced line spells defeat.

  • Look at the dots A pretty simple one this, but the picture at the top you’re copying – pay special attention to where the string is in relation to the dots. Following this and placing pegs exactly shapes have sharp corners can often be a large part to solving many of the puzzles.
  • Hint hint If a puzzle is causing you distress then using the hint function. You have a fair few to use to start with, and you can replenish them fairly easily. May as well too – as you only progress in a linear order through the levels there’s little other way to progress if you’re stumped.

  • Watch those videos If you find yourself using loads of hints there’s an easy way to stock back up on them too, and that’s by watching those video ads. There’s a reminder when you complete each stage, so definitely take up the offer if you find yourself struggling.
  • Learn from it If you end up using hints pay close attention to the solutions too, as you may find many levels have similar solutions regardless of the shape you have to create.
  • Play every day By playing every day you’ll get special rewards. You don’t even have to complete any stages, just load up the game. Who knows, what you end up getting might be something that will help you crack that conundrum you’ve been stuck on for ages.

  • Don’t become discouraged If you do find yourself using a load of tips don’t give up – eventually you’ll pick up on the general way puzzles are solved and start solving them in no time. Probably.
  • Doubleback If you’re banging your head against a metaphorical wall (or physical one – but, you know, don’t do that) trying to solve a specific puzzle, don’t. One solution is to go back through the previous stages, taking an almost running start at the stage you’re stumped by. You might find you fly right through it.
  • Take a break Another solution is an even simpler one, and that’s to take a break from the game. The human mind is an unusual thing, and sometimes unconsciously solves puzzles you’re confused by. Coming back refreshed to a stage can work wonders too of course.

You can use these tips for yourself by downloading Line Puzzle: String Art for yourself now via the App Store and Google Play.

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