Life Quest Walkthrough

The Basics

In this game you will navigate your way through life, trying to complete challenges as you go along. Challenges will be set by former classmates, who graduated from school at the same time as you and will involve things like getting jobs, buying certain upgrades for your house, getting further education etc. To achieve your goals you have to juggle earning money, eating, sleeping and keeping your happiness up.

Main Window

The main window consists of the City Map, which has all the available locations on it. You navigate between them simply by clicking on them. Note that travelling takes time.

Life Quest

To the right of the City Map you will see all your current character info. This consists of your character name and avatar, your happiness and time meters, your current money and love status and various menu buttons as shown in the image below.

Life Quest

Working and Sleeping

You can get jobs at the City Hall. For each job you need to meet specific requirements such as having a specific intelligence, charm or practicality level, or you need to have done certain courses or have previous experience in another job. Requirements you’ve already met are ticked off with a green tic, the ones you still need to meet are marked with a red cross.

Life Quest

To check out your current status, click the stats button in the bottom left of the screen. On the right hand side of the screen you can see how much charm, intelligence and practicality you currently have. You can increase these by doing courses at the College of Knowledge.

Once you’ve selected a job, the place where you have to work will be indicated with a green dollar sign on the City Map. Go to work by clicking on the place where you work and then selecting the “go to work” option. Each time you click on the “work” button you will earn a full wage. However, working takes time and reduces your happiness. Time is indicated with the green bar, happiness with the red bar.

After you’ve worked in a job for a certain amount of time you will become an expert in this job. Having reached expert level means you get a 10% wage increase. When you start a new job, the “go to work” window will show you how many times you have to work before becoming an expert.

When the time in the green bar runs out, you will be taken home to sleep. Sleeping will restore the green bar for the next day. If you decide to go to sleep before the day has officially ended, you will get a time bonus the next day. Doing fitness courses at Flex, the gym, will increase the maximum time in your day.

In addition, if you own pets, sleeping will give you a “pet sleep bonus”, which increases your happiness somewhat each time you sleep.


When you go to sleep at the end of the day, try and have the red happiness bar filled up as much as you can, ideally beyond the white line. Each happiness point that you are below the white line will give you a time unit penalty for the next day, so don’t go to sleep depressed! Keep alternating between working and happiness-increasing activities during the day to avoid the time penalty.

You can increase your happiness in various ways: by eating, by relaxing at home, by shopping and by doing various fun activities. Fun activities are: watching movies at 4Reelz, dancing at Dancy Pants or going out on dates with your love interest.

One of the fastest ways to improve your happiness is to go home and relax. How much happiness you gain from relaxing at home is related to the décor of your house. You can buy items to improve your house at More Décor, the furniture store. Hover your cursor over an item to see how much relaxation bonus it will give you. When you select a new item to buy, the shopping screen will show you how it will look in your current interior.

Life Quest

Each time you buy anything at any of the shop your happiness will increase somewhat. Hovering your cursor over the item you want to buy will tell you the amount of happiness it will give you.

Also, if you’re shopping, look out for sales! There will be a sale on somewhere on most days. A newspaper icon at the bottom of the City Map will tell you about the day’s sales, and the building that has a sale on will be indicated with balloons on your City Map. Although this may not affect your happiness, it may affect your wallet!


Another good way to restore your happiness is by eating. You have to eat once a day, and the Hungry-o-Meter at the top right of your screen (the circle with the knife and fork in it) will show you whether or not you’ve already eaten that day (red means you haven’t, gray means you have).

You can eat at Buccaneer Burgers, the burger bar, and at the Stuffy Truffle, the posh and expensive restaurant. Later on in the game you will be able to buy kitchen equipment so you can start eating at home.

If you do go to bed hungry, you will oversleep the next morning and have less time to spend in that day. So make sure you eat every day! To warn you you’re running out of time before having to go to bed hungry, a bell will ring and the Hungry-o-Meter will flash red. When the bell rings you will usually have just enough time left to go home or to a restaurant to eat, so don’t try and squeeze in another activity before you do!

You can eat at any time during the day, but the most efficient time is to eat at the end of the day, before going to bed, as this allows you to fill up your happiness meter before going to sleep. When it’s time to eat, look at your happiness bar and see how much happiness you need to replenish before going to bed. Then go and eat something with a suitable happiness factor. There is no point in buying an expensive meal at the Stuffy Truffle if your happiness is already at a maximum!

Time Management Strategy

The goal of this game is to complete all the challenges set by your classmates before they do. However, it doesn’t matter much if you don’t as you can just complete the challenge at your own leisure after they’ve pipped you to the post. This walkthrough will help you win all challenges.

Click on the Current Goals button in the main window to keep track of the tasks you have to complete to finish the challenge. The Current Goals menu also shows you your progress bar against the progress of your opponent.

Note that your own progress bar increases in big jumps each time you’ve completed a step while your opponent’s progress bar is more like a timer that gradually fills up. So don’t get too stressed if your opponent appears to be ahead of you, as you may leap ahead of them when you’ve completed one of your tasks.

Instead, simply keep an eye on how far away your opponent is from the finish line: if you’ve already spent 2 days on this challenge, but your opponent is only a third of the way in, this means you will have about 4 more days to complete the challenge.

I strongly recommend using up as much as possible of the time left on your opponent’s progress bar before completing the challenge. When you’ve completed most of the steps required for the challenge, leave one step unfinished and use the remaining time to prepare for the following days. Just keep checking your opponent’s progress so they won’t catch you off guard and beat you to the finish line!

It is up to you how you want to spend your “free” time. I recommend balancing your time between making money (making sure you eat, sleep and relax when required) and doing courses at the College or University. You can also do some classes at Flex to give you more time each day or buy faster vehicles to reduce your travelling times.

Doing courses will allow you to get better jobs and make more money. So whenever you’ve completed a couple of courses, go back to the City Hall to see if new jobs have opened up for you. Doing courses will particularly help you with Challenge 13, which is next to impossible to win if you’ve only done the steps required for winning the previous levels.

Challenger 1: Daphne (Tutorial)

You start by creating your avatar. There are endless options for face shapes and hair styles, both male and female. You can select a style close to your own look or go wild and become a punk chick with pink spiky hair (if you’re not a punk chick with pink spiky hair already).

After you’ve selected a style you can select skin tone and hair, eyes and lip color. You can either choose a preset theme or customize to your own preferences. Finally select a suitable name and you’re ready to start!

In the tutorial, your sister calls to help you get started. First thing you have to do is to buy a new outfit for $20 max. If you’re not playing the tutorial, this step will be skipped.

Hover your cursor over an item to get info on it. It’s a good idea to buy outfits with a high charm level as this can come in useful later on. Once you’ve selected the items, you can change their color. Either use a pre-set color theme, or customize the outfit entirely to your own liking. New items will be worn instantly, but you can go home and change outfits later if you like.

When you’re done shopping, the phone rings. It’s your old school friend Daphne who is setting your first challenge. Your tasks are:

  • Go to the city hall to find a job
  • Save at least $20
  • Visit PETropolis, the local pet store
  • Buy a goldfish

Go to the City Hall and get a job. Jobs that are available to you right now are highlighted in blue. There are only 3 options for you right now. It doesn’t really matter too much in the long run which one you choose. The place where you work is indicated on the City Map with a green dollar sign.

You can take your time on this level to get yourself started. Go to work and work a few rounds, enough to make some money for food at the burger bar. At this level I recommend eating something with a high happiness factor, even if it’s expensive. You have plenty of time to make the money back.

At the end of the day, try to have a little time left to go home and relax, to get your happiness rating up even higher. This helps avoid too severe a time penalty tomorrow.

Do the same thing in the next couple of days. Only when you see that Daphne is nearing the finish line, go to PETropolis and buy a fish. If you can, buy a fish with a high pet sleep bonus. The higher the pet sleep bonus, the more happiness will be restored during the night. Customize its colors to your liking, give it a name and buy the pet. Level complete!

Challenger 2: Vivian

  • Visit the College of Knowledge
  • Enroll in a course and attend classes until you’ve completed the course
  • Visit the City Hall
  • Get a job that pays at least $10

Go to the City Hall first and look at your job options. Look for a job paying more than $10 that is within your reach, and take note of the requirements for this job. If you’re not sure about your current stats, click on the stats button at the bottom of the screen, where you can see how far off you are from achieving the job requirements.

Next go to the College of Knowledge and check out what courses you need to follow to meet the job requirements. Go to work and follow the usual routine of working/eating/relaxing/sleeping until you have earned enough money to enroll in the first course. You only need to pay for a course once, regardless of how many classes it takes to complete.

Now go back to the College and enroll in the course of your choosing by clicking on it. I recommend doing courses that will increase your intelligence first, as a higher intelligence rating will reduce the time required to complete any additional courses. Keep clicking on the course to complete it, making sure to eat when you need to and to leave time for relaxing to keep your happiness level up.

You can tell how many classes are required to complete a course (one click per class) by hovering your cursor over it. You only have to pay the fee once, regardless of the number of classes.

As with the previous level, keep your eye on Vivian’s progress. If she’s still some way away from the finish line, you can go do more courses or earn more money if you like to fill the time. This will help you out later. Finally, when you’re running out of time, go back to the City Hall and select the job you want.

Challenger 3: Reggie

  • Visit the Wheel Deal and buy any vehicle
  • Buy a sofa at More Décor
  • Go home and relax

Visit the Wheel Deal to check out the prices of the vehicles you can buy. The cheapest option is a skateboard, which will cost you $50. You can decide to just be quick and buy the cheapest option, or you can work a little longer and buy something a bit better and faster. You have plenty of time, so I recommend saving up for one of the bikes, as the faster your vehicle, the less time you spend on travelling between locations.

Do the same thing with the sofas: check out the options so you can save up for the one you want. Any item you can buy at More Décor will give you a relaxation bonus. A higher relaxation bonus will restore your happiness more when you relax at home. Keep working/eating/relaxing/sleeping as usual.

When you’ve saved up enough, go buy the sofa of your choice. When you select any item at More Décor, you will be shown how it looks in your current apartment. Customize its colors so it fits your interior and it will be delivered to your house.

At some point during this day your sister will be in touch with you and tell you you need to pay your rent, which currently stands at $50. She will pay it for you this first time, but from now on you will have to pay it yourself.

Keep an eye on the circle on your apartment building as it will tell you how many days are left until your next rent. Each day one of the time blocks will light up yellow until the circle is full. You have to pay on that day, or money will be taken out of your wages until you’ve paid off your rent. You can also check the Rent Status menu on the City Map.

Choose what you want to do with the rest of your time. Earn more money or do more courses. Finally, when you’re running out of time, go home and click “relax” to complete the level.

Challenger 4: Libby

  • Buy a yoga mat at the Kitchen Sink
  • Complete a yoga class at Flex
  • Watch a movie at 4Reelz

Go to the Kitchen Sink to buy a yoga mat for $10. When you first arrive at the Kitchen Sink, you will get the instructions to a Gnome Finding game. Occasionally, when you arrive at a location, you will get a “Gnome Sighting” alert. Find the gnome in the picture and get a $5 bonus.

Then go to Flex and find out how much you have to pay for a yoga class and go earn enough money to enroll (ok I’ll tell you, it’s $150). Classes at Flex will increase the amount of time you have in a day.

It’s up to you to decide what task to complete last – if it’s your last yoga class or going to a movie. But as always, use your remaining time wisely by taking more courses at the college or making more money. Each time you complete a course, also go back to the City Hall to see if any better jobs have come up.

When time is running out on this level, go complete your final task and you’re done!

Challenger 5: Nora

  • Get a job that pays at least $20
  • Dine at the Stuffy Truffle

Go back to the City Hall and look at jobs paying more than $20 that are within your reach. Then go to the College of Knowledge and enroll in the courses that will help you meet the job requirements. You can also buy new clothes to give you a higher charm bonus if necessary. When you meet the requirements, go back to the City Hall and get your new job.

As always, and I can’t stress this enough, fill up the remaining time on the level by earning money and doing courses. You can also do more sports classes at Flex to increase the time you have in each day. When you’re done, go to the Stuffy Truffle and eat.

Challenger 6: Olivia

  • Rent or buy a condo at Tower Terrace
  • Get a cat or dog

The rent on a condo at Tower Terrace is $200 per week. You will need to move to the new condo before you can get another pet. You could go to The Daily News and place a classified ad to sell your fish, if you like, but there really isn’t much point in that.

So basically in this level you just need to work until you have $200 (eating and relaxing as you go, of course) and then go to Tower Terrace to rent your new condo. Then keep working until you can get a new pet. Cats start at $150 and dogs at $1000. Like with the fish, check the pet sleep bonus on each pet before you buy it.

Challenger 7: Brock

  • Spend at least $40 in 8 locations

This level is very straightforward. Just go on a shopping spree, making money as you go along. You can spend money at any of the shops, the restaurants, the cinema, the spa, the gym and even at the college. It’s up to you where you want to spend your money.

Keep doing the usual thing of earning money, doing courses, going to the gym and checking for better jobs as always.

Challenger 8: Greta

  • Purchase a fridge from Sparks
  • Purchase a microwave from Sparks
  • Buy groceries at Grocer Ease

Another straightforward level. The fridge costs $600 and the microwave $200. You can’t actually buy any groceries until you’ve bought both kitchen items. Once you have your fridge and microwave you can food from Grocer Ease. You can buy enough for a day or for a whole week. You can also stock up in advance and buy several weeks worth of food.

You can buy three types of food, the more expensive ones giving you a higher happiness bonus. For the regular food option you will also need to buy an oven. But for now it’s fine just to buy the cheap processed stuff.

Eating at home is cheaper and more efficient than eating out. To eat at home, go home and click the eat button. You will be taken to your kitchen. The food you have available is in your fridge. Just click on the food to eat. But as always, check your happiness bar before eating. If the bar is nearly full you might as well buy a salad at the burger bar for $3 rather than eating high happiness food at home.

Don’t forget to use the remaining time of the level wisely!

Challenger 9: Vijay

Challenger 9: Vijay

  • Buy the biggest TV from Sparks
  • Buy any speakers from Sparks
  • Buy a cable box from Sparks

The biggest TV costs $1200, the cheapest speakers $80 and the cable box $100. Just do the usual thing of working/eating/sleeping/relaxing until you have enough money to buy them all.

Challenger 10: Chloe

  • Spend $300 at Fashion Passion
  • Increase your charm to 400

To increase your charm you can either buy better clothes (which you have to do anyway so that’s convenient) or go to the College to do more charm-related courses. Check your stats screen to see how far off you are from your goal.

When you’re buying clothes, look at the charm bonus it will give you. Strike a balance between getting stuff with a high charm bonus and things that will suit your character’s personality. I think you have to spend the $300 in one day, but I’m not sure.

It is slowly getting more and more urgent that you get more education, as in challenge 13 you need to get a university degree. As soon as Whatsamatta U opens, start doing a couple of electives. Also keep doing courses at the college, focusing on ones that increase your intelligence, as that speeds up the learning process. And don’t forget to keep checking for better jobs, too!

Challenger 11: Ziggy

  • Get a game console from Sparks
  • Get a Buccaneer Burger at the Buccaneer Burger Bar
  • Relax 5x in one day

After all that hard work, it’s time to have some fun! Earn $300 for the games console and then spend a day relaxing at home. Before you go buy the burger, make some more money as you will need lots of money in the next level. And do more courses! If you want to move on from the electives at Whatsamatta U, I recommend doing the Basic Business course rather than the arts or science options, as the business route will get you the better jobs in the long run.

Go eat a burger to complete the challenge.

Challenger 12: Winnie

  • Buy a house in Hilltop Heights
  • Renovate the kitchen

Ok, now it’s time to get serious about your life and get a house. Buying a house costs $3000, so start saving up. As soon as you have $3000, go to Hilltop Heights and buy the house.

To upgrade your kitchen, go home and click on the Home Upgrades button. There are several upgrades you can get, but focus on the kitchen one for now. You can either do it yourself or hire a contractor. Getting a contractor takes less turns to complete, but each turn is much more expensive ($25 to do it yourself and $200 for a contractor – you have to pay for each turn). You have plenty of time, so I recommend doing it yourself. However, you can change between the two options at any time. The higher your practicality level, the faster it is to do it yourself.

Maybe you should also start thinking about dating in this level. To get a date, you can either go to The Daily News to place a personal ad, or go dancing in the Dancy Pants club. A personal ad costs $25 and you can select two things you like to do that will go in the ad. The day after you’ve placed the ad you will start getting phone calls from people responding to the ad. You usually get 2 responses. You can still change to the second even if you’re dating the first, but you can’t go back!

When you go dancing you can select one of 6 dance partners. Make sure you have your most charming clothes on! If you’re lucky, the person you’re dancing with will like you enough to start dating you.

Once you’re dating, check out the Love-o-Meter in the bottom right of the screen. Hover your mouse over it to see how much your date currently likes you. If it drops to 0, you will need to go and find yourself a new date.

To keep the love alive, you can go on dates once a day. To go on date, click on the Family Status button and select one of the dating options. Each kind of date will give you a different increase on your Love-o-Meter. It’s often a good idea to combine your meal time with a date at one of the restaurants. However, make sure you have enough money for two meals if you go and eat out, because your date won’t like it if they have to cough up the bill themselves! You can also get your date a new outfit, if you like.

Complete your kitchen renovations to finish the challenge.

Challenger 13: Chet

  • Earn a degree at Whatsamatta U

This is a big level! I hope you’ve been following my advice and have been taking classes and doing university courses! To get a degree, you will first have to complete any 2 electives, then a basic study, an advanced study and finally your degree. If you’re starting from scratch at the university at this level, it is next to impossible to beat Chet.

Like I mentioned before, I recommend going for the business option rather than arts or sciences, especially if this is your first time playing, as this gives you the best job opportunities later.

Challenger 14: Amir

  • Start a family

To start a family you need to find a date, get married and have a baby. You can complete this level and beat Amir even if you weren’t dating already. See challenge 12 to get dating tips.

You need to have dated for a minimum of 7 days before you can propose. To propose, go into your Family Status menu and select “propose”. I don’t know if you need a minimum Love-o-Meter reading for them to accept, but if you’ve been going out on dates on most days, you should be at about 75%, and this is well enough for them to accept your proposal.

You have to be married for a minimum of 3 days before you can have a baby. As with getting married, go to the Family Status menu and select “have a baby”. You can have more babies later if you like, but there have to be 14 days between them.

Don’t forget to keep going on dates, even if you’re married!

Challenger 15: Dora

  • Buy a stereo from Sparks
  • Buy the biggest speakers from Sparks
  • Complete the music course at the College of Knowledge
  • Become an expert DJ at Dancy Pants

The stereo costs $400 and the biggest speakers are $2000. To complete the music course, you need to own an instrument. You can buy these from the Kitchen Sink, and it doesn’t matter which instrument you choose – whether it’s an accordion or triangle!

In addition to all of the above, you need to have 500 charm to get the job as a DJ at Dancy Pants. So do more courses at the College or University and get nicer clothes until you have your 500 charm. Then go back to the City Hall, get the DJ job and work at Dancy Pants until you’re an expert. The good thing about working at Dancy Pants is that it doesn’t decrease your happiness at all!

Challenger 16: Kat

  • Write reviews for 9 movies

This is a simple challenge: just go to 4Reelz and select the “Review a Movie” button at the bottom. You will even get paid to do them! Once you’ve reviewed one movie, you will get a status bar for each movie to show how good it is. This will help you get a better Love-o-Meter bonus when you go out on dates.

If you didn’t review any movies before this level, you will need to do nothing but review movies for a while to beat Kat.

Challenger 17: Ryan

  • Reach 100% practicality
  • Make an improvement to your house

To reach 100% practicality you will need to do all courses that are related to practicality at the College, and do the Psychology and Robotics electives at the University. Once you’ve reached your 100% practicality, go home and choose any of the renovation options.

Challenger 18: Sam

  • Reach 100% intelligence
  • Get a PhD from the University

To reach 100% intelligence, you need to do all the intelligence-related courses at the college and the math and accounting electives at the University. For your PhD you will also get a masters degree from the University. These are expensive, so make sure you’re on the highest possible paying job!

Challenger 19: Mike

  • Own a Mansion in Hilltop Heights
  • Purchase the chariot from The Wheel Deal

To turn your house into a mansion you will need to complete all home renovations, including building 3 additional rooms. This will unlock the mansion upgrade.

The chariot costs $10,000 so make sure you have the best possible job! If you got the business degrees, you can start working toward getting the highest paying job through middle management and vice presidency.

Once you’ve completed this challenge you will have completed the challenges and you will get the end credits. However, after the game you can keep playing for as long as you like. Do more courses, buy more things, improve your house – whatever you like!

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