Lies of P Wine Location – Side Quest Resolution

Our Lies of P wine guide contains all you need to know about the side quest and where to find the bottle of wine.

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Not sure where the Lies of P Wine Location is? Read on to find out where to find the wine bottle that you need to collect for the woman behind the window!

Lies of P takes you to the disturbed city of Krat. You awaken as a puppet created by Geppetto to the bloodthirst of unimaginable monsters and madness that plague the city. This game takes the childlike story of Pinocchio and completely flips it on its head, with a dark yet elegant tale, and visuals to match. This gore-fest invites you to untangle secrets, adapt yourself to weapons, and face the unfathomable horrors.

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Lies of P Wine Location

So, you’re looking for the wine to complete a certain side quest?

Lies of P Wine Side Quest

If you’re on this guide, you’ve probably already picked up the side quest. However, if you haven’t, we’ll quickly summarise it!

As you’re exploring the map, you’ll come across Rosa Isabelle Street. Soon enough, you’ll start to hear the sound of someone coughing. Naturally, you’ll want to search for the source of the sound. You’ll first hear the coughing noise once you’ve walked down the stairs by the Stargazer on Rosa Isabelle Street. There will be Puppets to defeat first before you can find the source. Next, head up the staircase to the left and walk behind the building that you can see on the left.

This is where you’ll spot a window that has the silhouette of a woman sitting inside. Walk over to the window and talk to the woman! She’ll tell you that she is suffering from the Petrification disease and will ask you to fetch her a bottle of wine.

Wine Location

You won’t be able to find the bottle of wine straight away, so you’ll have to progress through the game a little bit first – specifically when you reach the Lorenzini Arcade level! To unlock this level, you’ll need to complete the Rosa Isabelle Street level and beat the King of Puppets boss.

Once you find yourself in the Lorenzini Arcade level, you’ll be led to an area where talented alchemists are trying to create a cure for the Petrification disease – useful! Keep progressing through this level until you find the Wine Cellar, however, there will be a mini-boss to defeat here. After beating the mini-boss, a door will be unlocked. Open the door and head inside – you’ll spot a bottle of wine on a shelf to the left!

Next, make your way back to the coughing woman behind the window, and give her the bottle of wine. For completing this side quest, you’ll be rewarded with a Venigni Commemorative Coin.

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