Lies of P Quartz Locations – And How To Get Them

Unsure where the quartz is hiding in Lies of P? Our guide has the whereabouts of all the quartz and how you obtain it.

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Unsure where all the Lies of P Quartz Locations are? We are here to help! Within this guide, we will take you through all the locations where quartz is hiding, and how you can uncover it as you progress the game.

Lies of P takes you to the disturbed city of Krat. You awaken as a puppet created by Geppetto to the bloodthirst of unimaginable monsters and madness that plague the city. This game takes the childlike story of Pinocchio and completely flips it on its head, with a dark yet elegant tale, and visuals to match. This gore-fest invites you to untangle secrets, adapt yourself to weapons, and face the unfathomable horrors.

If you want to know more about this grimdark tale, head to the Official Website for more information on the game. Fan of the gore genre? Why not try our Mortal Kombat 1 Krypt Guide, or Mortal Kombat 1 How Many Chapters Is There? If you fancy trying something new entirely, we also covered an Ever Legion Tier List.

Lies of P – Quartz Locations

Where is it hiding?

Where Is The Quartz?

  • Workshop Union Entrance

    • Dropped by the Puppet of the Future Boss.
  • Workshop Union Culvert

    • Using a Trinity Key to unlock the green door beyond the Stargazer, a safe within the room will have Quartz.
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

    •  Dispel the Decay at the foundation of the tower, and find the cell doll that can be opened. Defeat the enemy that appears within the chamber.
  • Elysion Boulevard

    • Enter the underground chamber on the ground floor of St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel and grab the Crafted Cryptic Vessel. Head back to Hotel Krat and speak to Venigini about decrypting the Cryptic Vessel. You will be assigned a task to do, and after this, you will get a second clue. The second clue contains a letter with the refugee’s address and a photograph of the location. Back at Krat City, by the House on Elysion Boulevard. Cross the platform nearby and enter a room on the right to find the Quartz.
  • Malum District

    • Quartz can be found within a chest of the building surrounded by crates.
  • Malum District Town Hall

    • Can be found in the hideout behind the counter after defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit.
  • Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

    • In the sewers at Stargazer find the fork, drop into the hole beneath, and follow the pipe until you reach a chest that contains the Quartz.
  • Hotel Krat

    • Use the Sturdy Krat Supply Box to expand Polendina’s shop as a result, Quartz can now be purchased.
  • Estella Opera House Entrance

    • The quartz is found in a room with a hanging chandelier.
  • Barren Swamp

    • Quartz can be found by performing the gestures that the Broken asked for at the Stargazer. As well as two Puppet of the Future bosses which will also drop Quartz.
  • Krat Central Station Platform

    • Head to Stargazer, turn left and drop into the decayed area to find the chest.
  • Barren Swamp Bridge (Hermit’s Cave)

    • Complete the quest set by Hugo near the gate to obtain the first Quartz. More Quartz is also found within a safe at the end of the cave.
  • Krat Central Station Street

    • Defeat Corrupted Parade Master which drops Quartz.
  • Relic of Trismegistus Entrance

    • Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood which drops Quartz once defeated.
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall

    • Upon discovering the final Trinity Sanctum you will obtain the last Trinity Key. You need to talk to Arlecchino and answer with either a Lie or Truth to get Quartz.
  • Arche Abbey Broken Rift

    • Defeat the wooden Pinocchio along the path who drops Quartz.
  • Abandoned Apartment

    • At the Arche Abbey Broken Rift, there will be a foggy area with a ladder nearby. At the top of the ladder is a harlequin enemy which you need to defeat. Go straight ahead afterward and then turn left to find a new enemy guarding a chest. Within the chest is a Cryptic Vessel which you should return to Hotel Krat. Give the item to Venigni and head to the Abandoned Apartment’s Stargazer. Here you will need to find the Wandering Merchant, but be sure to have the Frozen Feast weapon equipped beforehand!
  • Ascension Bridge

    • Quartz is found within a treasure chest near the screaming enemy.
  • Arche Abbey (Internal Bridge)

    • Quartz is dropped by the Disruption enemy.

What Is Quartz Used For?

Quartz is used at the P-Organ to improve Pinocchio’s abilities. This in turn gives you a fighting chance against the intense bosses, and elite enemies later in the game.

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