Lemmings Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Lemmings is the latest game in the Lemmings series, a mobile puzzle-platformer published by Sad Puppy Limited. Like its predecessors, players are tasked with guiding the Lemmings through a series of lethal obstacles to the end of the level. Only a certain number of Lemmings can die during the level before players have to restart, but you do lose all the energy used during the attempt. Beat levels and save Lemmings with these tips, cheats and strategies.

Place Your Solution in Advance

When beginning a level, the game only gives the player about three seconds before the Lemmings start marching. Three seconds isn’t much time to figure out a solution. Therefore, a good way to go about it is to place your solution as you follow the Lemmings’ path. Of course, don’t wait for the Lemmings to catch up, as that can take forever. Instead, place as much of your solution as you can and make any necessary adjustments as the Lemmings progress through the level.

lemmings mobile game tips

Use Boosters

They do cost coins, which aren’t infinite, but use boosters during the levels when possible. One of my favorites is the Trap Disable, which will remove one random trap from the level. Although it’s random, one less trap can make a big difference since they can easily kill enough Lemmings at once for an automatic loss. Another booster will add more Lemmings to level, so the player has more room for error.

Try Everything

For each level, there’s only a bonus if all of the Lemmings survive. There aren’t extra points or perks if you use a minimum number of energies or complete it within a certain amount of time. Therefore, there’s no harm in placing possible solutions. Umbrellas, stairs etc. can be cleared and returned to your resource pool if they haven’t been used yet. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t cost anything to retry except the energy spent. However, the attempt provides information so you can ensure their next attempt is more successful.

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