LEGO Bricktopia Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for LEGO Bricktopia:

  • Click to bump the ball with your paddle. This will speed up the ball and help you knock out more blocks with each bounce. However, a faster moving ball is also more difficult to keep in play, so bump wisely.

  • Each Super Paddle Bump will earn you five easy points. Super paddle bump by charging the paddle before you hit the ball. Just click the mouse and hold it for a few seconds before you release it.
  • Remember to right click and store your bricks once in a while. Not only does it protect you from losing those bricks (if you were to miss a ball), but you also get shields whenever you store 3 or more at once. Each shield will repel one ball. The more LEGO bricks you store at once, the more shields you’ll get, so you are better off saving them up on your paddle as long as you can.
  • Any LEGO bricks that are stacked on your paddle at the end of a level will earn you 100 points each. This is a reward for those players who choose not to “cash in” their caught bricks for shields, and it’s a great way for advanced players to boost their score.
  • The Bonus Builder mode provides a way to earn extra points, additional lives, and perhaps most importantly, to boost the strength of your power-ups. You can also unlock 15 special bonus levels by matching patterns in Bonus Builder mode.
  • Always go for the ball before you go for a brick. If you miss a ball, you will lose your bricks anyway.
  • If you have a projectile power-up, such as the Fireworks or the Arctic Blast, be sure to keep the ball moving slowly so you have more time to aim and shoot. In other words, avoid paddle-bumping the ball at these times.
  • If you stack the LEGO bricks high enough on your paddle, you can use the stack to knock out blocks remaining on the level.
  • Sometimes you can use a power-down item to your advantage. For example, try using the Tiny-ball to get into tight places.
  • The red glowing bricks will always activate something if you hit them with the ball. Try to get to these first to make the level easier to beat.
  • Build a wide paddle by catching LEGO bricks on the ends of your paddle. Not only will you earn a point bonus for doing so, but it will make it easier to keep the balls in play.
  • Remember that you can earn bonus points for making shapes on your paddle with LEGO bricks. There are over 50 special bonus shapes to create, including pyramids, stair-steps, letters, boxes, and more. Experiment and try to find them all.
  • And finally, Blitz Mode is incredibly fun. Beat all 150 levels of the normal mode to unlock it. You won’t be disappointed.
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