Legends ReWritten Best Blessing – Plus, Alternatives!

Our Legends ReWritten Best Blessing guide can help you decide which blessing you should focus on obtaining in the anime-inspired game!

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Speculating about the Legends ReWritten best blessing? It’s purely subjective, but there are some methods to the madness. Strength, abilities, and overall power are taken into account when deciding which blessing is the best out of all of them!

Legends ReWritten is an action-packed Roblox RPG that sees you battling against a wide range of enemies across an impressively huge map. You’ll need to collect seasonal artifacts to discover brand-new magical abilities, as well as mine for resources that can be used to craft stronger weapons and armor pieces – this’ll prepare you for the challenging boss fights that await you.

For more information about Legends ReWritten, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. Make sure to also check out our Legends ReWritten tier list that ranks all in-game blessings too and our general Legends ReWritten Blessings guide! While you’re here, take a look at our GPO True Demon Baal Drops.

Legends ReWritten Best Blessing

So, which blessing do we think is the best in the entire game? This might change over time when new blessings are added to the game, but for now, here’s the top blessing!

Six Eyes

The reason why I’ve gone with Six Eyes is because of what it can do to the Limitless Magic in the game. Overall, you get an extremely powerful buff by just having the Six Eyes blessing active – which is an 85% magic damage boost and a reduced mana cost of 1/8.

While Limitless magic is a pretty rare drop from the Limitless Sorcerer boss fight, it requires the Six Eyes blessing to reach its full power. Due to the strength of Limitless, the Six Eyes blessing is an absolute must for those who want to be a lethal opponent on the battlefield.

The blessing itself grants a huge boost to your damage and provides you with a set of new Limitless skills! Plus, Six Eyes extends the duration of stun attacks and you can also deal damage to enemies while Infinite Void is active.

Alternative Blessings

If you don’t manage to obtain the Six Eyes blessing, these blessings are well worth focusing on instead!

Za Warudo (The World)

This blessing allows you to literally stop time mid-fight – which is always a useful tool to have! With abilities that stop enemies in their place for a duration of time, it’s the perfect way to protect yourself from additional damage. You can also deal a great amount of damage using the Road Roller as your opponent is stunned. To top it all off, there’s a teleportation ability, which can be used to catch your enemies by surprise.

Rinnegan (V2)

I’ve chosen this blessing as a great alternative because of the powerful AOE attacks that come with it. When surrounded by multiple enemies, having an AOE ability is a fantastic way to knock them back whilst also dealing high amounts of damage. Also, the Special Ability for Rinnegan (V2) is pretty cool, as you summon a black hole and crush your opponent with boulders!

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